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Yes yes yes, Tecno Camon 15. The device we've all been waiting for finally launched yesterday. And for those who don't know, the Tecno man you were asked to guess was revealed yesterday and it turns out to be none other than  Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. Our very own STARBOY A.K.A WIZKID.


Though on the show yesterday, it wasn't much of a surprise for fans, as those of us who are followers of wizkid on twitter noticed recently he was twitting via android and yes we guessed it right, he is the Tecno man/Tecno ambassador. Tecno also made its way into Guiness Book of Record on 20th March 2020 for achieving the largest flip book which adds to a new era marked by the device, Tecno Camon 15.


A few other things went down yesterday which you know of already but let's get down to other things having to do with the launch of the device.

(1) MISINFORMATION ON PRICE: Yesterday, Tecno officially announced the price of the amazing Tecno Camon 15 but immidiately after the show ended somewhere, somehow, somebody looked at his telly and was like "Nooooo man, we need to change this price from this


to this"


. This fake price withing minutes started making rounds on social media and it made me feel like the guy whose television is faulty because what I saw on telly was totally different from what is been circulated round. Quick enough Tecno made a post about it on facebook and that was put to rest.


(2) VARIANTS: At the moment, I only know of four variants of the device Tecno Camon 15 as shown below.


We only know of two of which prices were announced, I really would have loved them all to be talked about at the event and pricing announced because with the misinformation that went on immediately after the show ended on something so obvious that millions of people saw on telly, live streamed, what would now happen to the remaining not talked about with an absence of price tag? We are dealing with the corona virus pandemic at the moment and with the lockdown, prices of things have been inflated and I personally feel this leaves a window for that. I would have loved the names and official price of all to be displayed at the launch and not just two.

(3) PRO & PREMIER: Ok guys both are not the same, I had to argue with a few people yesterday over this. The premiere comes with 64mp ultra quad camera while the pro comes with 48mp. For now I don't own the device so this is all I can tell you but seriously both are not the same. Some people who agreed to this that they are not the same though thinks the price displayed yesterday of 95k and 62500K is for that of the premier and pro. Well no guys, that's not true. If you take a look at the picture posted by Tecno yesterday via facebook shown below,


you would notice that of 62500k has a punch hole camera/dot in display. This I believe should be the normal camon 15 or the air version and not the pro. Both premier and pro houses a pop up camera and not a punch hole/dot display camera.

Let us know your thoughts on this with regards to the launch yesterday in the comment section and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.
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AiRDEM 10 #

camera monster
2020-4-3 15:57 Like(0)

248699055708 9 #

My son is a YouTube tech reviewer, can he get a Camon 15 premier unit to unbox and do a review with
2020-4-3 13:59 Like(0)

Idealx 8 #

it does not have its finger print scanner on the screen
2020-4-3 13:59 Like(0)

Idealx 7 #

but I thought like All features are suppose to be better than the former
2020-4-3 13:58 Like(0)

KelvinDoyin 6 #

my problem for 95k no type c cable, no AMOLED display
2020-4-3 13:30 Like(0)

focuseke 5 #

I really appreciate this clarity on this.I just taught the will give more information about they phone processor for gaming purposes .game like pubg because am a tecno fan and I will playing pubg but it those not run very well on my camon11pro . I just hope it will this one will do better because I really want to stay with tecno and I need more information about they camonceo.
2020-4-3 13:16 Like(0)
  • KelvinDoyin : pubg runs smoothly on 11pro but not the ordinary 11

    2020-4-3 13:31

7033806314 4 #

Why are they still using Micro USB @ this age?
2020-4-3 11:33 Like(0)

229912841804 3 #

I heard this phone comes with android 10 out of the box but what about your other devices that you released last year, when are they going to get the update
2020-4-3 11:15 Like(0)

7033806314 2 #

My issue is in regards to the fingerprint. I wished it was the on-screen fingerprint.
2020-4-3 09:32 Like(0)


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