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TAIVOS™: TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution. Excellent

General  |  2020-4-4 18:37 213177


By now, I believe a lot of us are familiar with the term "TAIVOS" which came into existence with the birth of Camon 15 in Tecno's effort of pushing technological innovations to a whole new level.
TAIVOS™ is a signal processing technology. In other words, it’s a dedicated microprocessor that works together with AI algorithms to do one job: significantly enhance night-time photography, optimizing processes and renderings by making images clearer, enhancing night shots, and overall improvement through high-performance imaging algorithm capabilities.
I don't own the device yet but a few who do have said that TAIVOS™ enables up to 15-frame synth with an imaging time of just 4.68 seconds while most other smartphones only achieves this in 5.5 seconds or even 7 seconds. That means that the photographs shot with TAIVOS™ are built from a composite of 15 image frames that can be analyzed and recombined pixel-for-pixel, vividly capturing each element in your scenes with optimal contrast. This technology really pays off for all-day photo-taking lovers including night shots, since evening shades naturally tend to run together and darken after nightfall. Consumers are likely to be dazzled by these great photos since TAIVOS™ is able to filter out image noise and optimize image clarity to deliver clear, balanced, vivid photographs even in low- to lower-light conditions.
This is just one out of the loads of technological richness packed on this device. Visit Tecno's official website to place an order and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.

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252406818516 10 #

2020-4-8 13:23 Like(1)

Emmanuel Osakwe 9 #

Wow interesting!

but I have one question though, is the FRS (Face Recognition System) optimized for other options eg world wide web search for picture?
2020-4-8 11:51 Like(1)

245816264075 8 #

I like this phone
2020-4-8 07:16 Like(1)

Delano 7 #

nous sommes impatient de l avoir au Cameroun
2020-4-7 15:53 Like(0)

daddy g 6 #

2020-4-7 09:00 Like(2)

246619426488 5 #

When will they release it in Ghana
2020-4-7 08:29 Like(2)

Segxyvalentino 4 #

Wow I love it
2020-4-7 05:04 Like(2)

Chop Beta 3 #

that's so cool
2020-4-7 04:50 Like(2)

251799941977 2 #

2020-4-6 05:05 Like(3)


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