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Pop-up Camera Phones: All You Need to Know Excellent

CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-4-7 05:16 585655

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The bezel is that space bordered around your smartphone screen where the camera, phone sensor, home button, etc. are located. A notch is that small space on the screen where the camera, sensor and the phone speaker is located.

These days in the race of bigger bezel-less screens, phone companies have been continuously innovating their smartphones and some go a ‘notch’ further and remove the notch altogether. One may wonder if the phone has a bezel-less screen, where does the camera go? How does it work?

Say hello to the pop-up camera, Tecno Camon 15 Premier and Pro!!!

Back in the day, the camera, memory, RAM management, screen material used, the micro-chip, processor speed, battery backup, brand, etc were considered to be important factors for a person to consider while buying a smartphone.

But with the introduction of Tecno Mobile, smartphones are now slimmer, slicker and it's improves screen-to-body ratio should be one of the reasons you should get a smartphone.

Below are  reasons why pop-up camera phones are awesome:

1. The cool feel: Pop-up sliders are cool and attractive. It shows how revolutionary and transformative technology has become.

2. More display area: One good benefit of the pop-up feature on any smartphone is that it gives room for a bigger display, also hides your camera in such a way that your screen is at the full display which is the perfect view to watch all your favorite movies and play video games.

3. No requirement of notch screen giving an elusive and cool impression: In this type of display, a place where the camera is placed is blank for the camera, making it look good as compared to the notch display

4. They also have a futuristic vibe and give users concerned with privacy peace of mind, as the front-facing camera isn’t staring at them the whole time.

PS: Every phone needs a gentle touch and since Pros goes with Cons, I would edge you to treat your phone like a diamond, however, if you turn out to be careless, Carlcare would be ready to assist.

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32411322 32 #

I like that phone
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501080640 31 #

how mach this phone
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    2020-12-22 07:18

30263736 30 #

kana ka
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ts796041544 29 #

so nice
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Nomiiii 28 #

I like display of this device I Want to buy this device in Pakistan in installment
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270931299666 27 #

techno Canon 15 price
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    2020-7-2 13:26

270931299666 26 #

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270706233671 25 #

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jaba 24 #

how much for camon 15 in sierra Leone?
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    2020-5-4 21:28



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