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Photographies  |  2020-4-7 16:41 TECNO CA8 4400

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michaelpears 5 #

Everyone should understand how important is to learn all the necessary information about your prts. You must know what should their food product list contain and what vaccines they should have. When I bought my bluebay shepherd I had to read a lot of articles about them. A good one was worlddogfinder.com. There is all information you need to know about them. There is also information about different breeds.
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Dr.Dremble 4 #

I usually feed my dogs natural food and combine it with special dog food with supplements and vitamins. When I got the dogs and started feeding them and taking care of them, I started having problems. My dogs got allergic and I immediately went to the vet. I'll be honest, I was just scared and really worried about the dogs. The vet was a very good specialist and he immediately realized that the problem was in the food and gave advice to combine natural food with special food and even gave this site petsmatters.net . Porridge and special food for dogs helped and the allergy was gone:)
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fb230508522409 3 #

how do you feed your dog?
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Mustafa10750 2 #

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