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TECNO CAMON 15 Premier Broke A New Guinness World Record ™ Title of Largest Flip Book Excellent

CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-4-8 23:09 261732

Recently, TECNO released its new camera phone, the CAMON 15 series through an online launch event. This is Africa’s first online product launch, and TECNO unveiled its brand-new CAMON 15 series with a SONY camera and the trademarked TAIVOS™ technology.
In this launch, TECNO debuted the largest flipbook Guinness World Records™ Title, entirely composed of photos shot on the TECNO CAMON 15 Premier. The flipbook covers an area of 299.26 square meters in total, with 4.676 square meters for a single page, which is the newest Guinness World Records title of the largest flipbook. Although the photos are shot by a smartphone camera of TECNO CAMON 15 Premier, the details of the images are very vivid and clear even in such a gigantic flipbook, as beautiful as photos shot by professional photographers.


TheCAMON 15 is equipped with a powerful 64MP SONY camera, which is the leading global mobile photography trend. With the 64MP SONY camera, even after zooming in on a picture with 8x zoom, every detail is perfectly captured and shown. The vividness of photography has upgraded by 68% from past models. Click the shutter to capture beautiful views and unforgettable memories, you will find that every detail is displayed purely and clearly. The four pixels were combined into a 1.6micron megapixel to create high-quality night shots. The large 1/2” sensor captures more light at night, producing a photo that is brighter with less visual noise.


When you put this technical foundation together with a super-wide angle 115-degree field of vision and algorithms that reduce noise and boost clarity, you have a mobile camera you can count on for crystal-clear images that can scale to extreme dimensions without compromising detail – Guinness World Records  Title-breaking dimensions, in fact.
People were surprised at the near-cinematic display when TECNO’s next-gen photographic capabilities came to life on 2.17*2.15 meters pages. However, you will be even more impressed by what you discover right on the CAMON 15Premier’s 6.6-inch tempered-glass screen.

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257465841641 27 #

2020-4-29 22:45 Like(0)

Z.Sujon 26 #

Great news
2020-4-18 14:31 Like(0)

fb253890733335 25 #

Une photo prise au lendemain de la fête de tabaski 2019
J'utilise Samsung j2core
Et conte participer au challenge camon15
2020-4-14 16:41 Like(0)

979318899 24 #

how much is tecno camon 15 premier in zambia
2020-4-14 02:32 Like(0)

245661500856 23 #

Am a fan of product and can't wait to have this elegantly design Camon 15 Premier phone. How much does it cost?
2020-4-13 15:12 Like(0)

E. B. MANFUL 22 #

How much is the price anticipated for this item (TECNO CAMON 15 PREMIER) in Ghana ?????????
2020-4-12 05:20 Like(0)

E. B. MANFUL 21 #

Great ???? ✨
2020-4-12 05:18 Like(0)

253165346944 20 #

Please how much is camon 15
2020-4-11 15:14 Like(0)

100281573165 19 #

I'm no longer seeing some of the features I used to enjoy with my camon xpro in spite of having the latest update of 5th March 2020.?
2020-4-11 04:34 Like(0)



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