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CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-4-22 09:08 TECNO CD7 264750

TECNO Mobile's CAMON 15 series smartphone (www.TECNOMobile.com) has started its official sale, which means it's time to delve deeper into this device we have heard so much about.  In addition to its ultra-high resolution 64 megapixel camera, what are the characteristics that make this phone an engine of telephony?

When we talk about the CAMON 15, we must first mention the two technologies that place it at the forefront of the market with its quad-camera smartphone technology: Ultra HD and Super Night Mode.  Powered by a Sony 64MP Ultra HD camera, the smartphone offers next generation resolution performance, images you can enlarge and zoom without sacrificing clarity.  Also, Super Night Mode has everything you need to achieve this level of clarity even after dark.  TAIVOS ™ technology solves the difficulties that night photos have traditionally been for smartphone users, reducing noise and optimizing exposure levels with a 15-image synthesizer.

6.6'FHD + Real Fullview, real big screen

While most competitors are equipped with 6.2 inch or 6.5 "screens, the TECNO CAMON 15 Premier has a perfect full screen of 6.6", giving you a wider, clearer and more colorful viewing experience.  The super 91.2% ratio and the monocoque pop-up camera make it possible to realize the dream of an immersive cinematic experience.  Users can enjoy a truly limitless screen.

128 GB ROM + 6 GB RAM, long-lasting battery, powerful performance

TECNO CAMON 15 Premier is armed with 128 GB of ROM + 6 GB of RAM and a long-lasting battery.

128 GB ROM provides more space to store your data and relieves users of the need to clean frequently to get more storage.  6 GB of RAM provides stable and very efficient performance.  Multitasking and games have become faster and smoother.  The powerful 4000 mAh battery satisfies users' need for a stable power supply in work and everyday life.  The Camon 15 version will be 64GB of ROM and 4 GB of RAM and a 5000 mAH battery.
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nice phone guys
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How much in Dirham?
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May Best Phone
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How much in shillings
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how much
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