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[Others] HiOS Launcher; SEARCH BAR: All you need to know.

HiOS  |  2020-4-25 00:47 3113

HiOS Launcher is made to be Simple, Smooth and Stabilize!
It is further packed with some features ranging from theming, fonts, A-Z App Drawer, beautiful wallpapers and the SEARCH BAR.


The SEARCH BAR is found in the top of the home screen. It made to make your usage more easier for you by letting you carry out some tasks without leaving the home screen. The features includes;

1. Web Search: this works more like the Google search bar, it allows you to search the web without opening the Google app. Why fill up your home screen with two search widgets when you can also do other things with the HiOS search bar?
2. App Search: are you a type that installs numerous apps on your device? Most times it feels awkward to start scrolling through the app drawer just to launch an app. But with HiOS Search Bar, you can quickly type in the name of the app and tap to launch it. That saves time right ?????
3. Contacts Search: this allows you to quickly dial, send SMS or even Whatsapp a contact directly from your home screen. Just type the contact name and then click on either dial, SMS or Whatsapp to get in touch with the person.
4. Audio Search: you can quickly search for a music file without opening the player app.5Document Search: this saves your from going through a long way just to open a document. You can easily search for a document that exist on your storage and launch it directly without any problem.
5. Settings Search and Suggestion: this allows you to search some of the device setting without opening the Settings app. It also works for the Launcher's Settings too
6. Theme: apart from going to Hi Theme, you can quickly search for a theme and click to open the theme directly.

How to activate and make it work perfectly;
The SEARCH BAR I activated initially but if you've removed it from the home screen, you can actually revive it by;

1. Long press the home screen
2. Click on Desktop Settings
3. Click on Other Settings
4. Toggle to enable the search bar and you can also choose to enable "Hot search" to keep you updated on what's going around you.

How to enable all of the features above;
At default, some of the factures may not be enabled due to some privacy reasons. You can choose to enable what you want by;

1. Long press the home screen
2. Clickon Desktop Settings
3. Clickon Other Settings
4. Click on Search settings and toggle anything you need from there.
More so, don't forget to grant HiOS Launcher the required permission to enable her work perfectly.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to
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