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Unboxing and First Impressions

General  |  2020-4-27 02:26 9256

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Hello Tecno Fanatics,

If you are crazy about unboxing or first impressions about mobile phones, then this here is for you. Now how do we define unboxing?

Unboxing is the act of documenting oneself, mostly on video, of opening a packaged product from a box and displaying, reviewing, and showing off its contents.

Unbox Therapy is the world's most influential tech youtube channel. It is a Canadian unboxing and technology youtube channel produced by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann. The channel has 16 million subscribers and its videos have received over three billion views.

Hilsenteger and Jack McCann created the unboxing YouTube channel Unbox Therapy in December 2010. Hilsenteger decided to create the channel after discovering he enjoyed watching unboxing videos. Unbox Therapy allows viewers to experience the pleasure of opening the newest technological items and not having to spend money on purchasing those items. Two items he unboxed were a breathalyzer that integrated with a smartphone and an "unspillable cup" that he tried to push down. Unbox Therapy uploads several videos per week. The channel's videos routinely get a million views each. The average view of his videos is around 3.7 million as of March 2020. The channel's total number of views has exceeded one billion.


Unbox Therapy has a lot of groundbreaking achievement but for one or two reasons I wouldn't like to discuss them here. You could click here to get well informed or click on this youtube link to watch awesome unboxing experiences.

Surprisingly, they also do giveaways and all you need to do is to follow and retweet. They recently unbox the Infinix Note 7, please click here to watch.

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Mustafa10750 7 #

2020-4-27 09:02 Like(1)

Hoilakes 6 #

ohhhh! thanks for d info sir
2020-4-27 06:31 Like(0)

Patterns 5 #

Looking to watching these guys unbox a Tecno product. That would give TECNO a higher status and world recognition.
2020-4-27 05:28 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : So true, you can always recommend a Tecno product to them. They are the best of the best.

    2020-4-27 05:40

Patterns 4 #

I thought they unboxed the TECNO Camon 15
2020-4-27 05:27 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Nope, I haven't taken notice yet

    2020-4-27 05:41

Tanvir 3 #

nice share
2020-4-27 04:02 Like(1)

Zelio Soly 2 #

2020-4-27 02:56 Like(1)



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