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Say HELLO to TECNO Official team! Speak out your thoughts!

Feedback  |  2020-4-29 02:02 1275578

Dear T-fans,

We Hope you are all are doing great❤


We are delighted to announce that our TECNO Official Team is here at T-spot! To share and to listen.❤❤❤

Speak out your thoughts and follow them on T-spot to learn about hidden features that only phone masters  will know,   latest information on product news and unlimited activities!

HiOS Team:
HiOS Logo.png
Account name:
HiOS Official Account
HiOS Official NG

HiTheme Team:
HiTheme logo.png
Account name:

CAMON Series Product Manager:
Account name: ts18312568113

Pouvoir Series Product Manager:

Account name: WatsonYOU

Aha Games Team:
AHA logo.png
Account name: Aha Games

Software Product Planning:
Account name: ts17721198903

Don't hesitate to give us suggestions and advises.
YOU make the community better!
Together we grow!❤❤❤


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Amitgodara902 84 #

I have tecno camon in5. the mobile is on 7version when was the next version come
2020-5-22 04:38 Like(0)
  • ts0790181010 : Hellow i just want to know how i will updte my phone

    2020-5-24 02:57

262861090495 83 #

why is my phone showing network error
2020-5-21 08:16 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Make sure you have a stable network and no other app is running in the background. This might also solve your network issues, settings > system > reset options > reset mobile, WiFi and Bluetooth

    2020-5-25 06:15

DialloTecno 82 #

2020-5-21 08:04 Like(0)

A K 81 #

why not there is #TecnoCamonIN5 Device option in the Forum, and in the Divives ?
2020-5-20 18:58 Like(0)

7033806314 80 #

When are we going to receive HiOS 6.0 upgrade on last year's devices?
2020-5-20 13:38 Like(0)

262054459842 79 #

interested in and changing your life now ...join the channel now and  promise you will thank me later ????????⚾  ..join me on telegram. at. Betika agent????????????:
2020-5-20 04:28 Like(0)

262480343591 78 #

2020-5-19 22:25 Like(0)

248341918117 77 #

عاوزين تحديث جديد لتليفون تكنو سبارك k7
2020-5-19 20:46 Like(1)

262449820665 76 #

Husseeinahmed cali
2020-5-19 18:38 Like(0)

262449820665 75 #

Husseeinahmed cali
2020-5-19 18:38 Like(0)



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