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Say HELLO to TECNO Official team! Speak out your thoughts!

Feedback  |  2020-4-29 02:02 1275573

Dear T-fans,

We Hope you are all are doing great❤


We are delighted to announce that our TECNO Official Team is here at T-spot! To share and to listen.❤❤❤

Speak out your thoughts and follow them on T-spot to learn about hidden features that only phone masters  will know,   latest information on product news and unlimited activities!

HiOS Team:
HiOS Logo.png
Account name:
HiOS Official Account
HiOS Official NG

HiTheme Team:
HiTheme logo.png
Account name:

CAMON Series Product Manager:
Account name: ts18312568113

Pouvoir Series Product Manager:

Account name: WatsonYOU

Aha Games Team:
AHA logo.png
Account name: Aha Games

Software Product Planning:
Account name: ts17721198903

Don't hesitate to give us suggestions and advises.
YOU make the community better!
Together we grow!❤❤❤


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262001612471 64 #

camera is not working In Techno IN2
2020-5-18 00:56 Like(1)
  • ahiadzro : Clear cache and data of your camera app and clean your lens. Visit Carlcare for assistance if it still persists.

    2020-5-18 14:24

leruso John 63 #

2020-5-17 17:05 Like(0)

260106985427 62 #

I want to swap my Tecno spark 4
2020-5-17 06:42 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Visit Carlcare for assistance

    2020-5-18 14:26

Dinesh Kumar 61 #

2020-5-17 04:53 Like(0)

261635091425 60 #

my notification bar is not coming down while using any app
2020-5-17 02:15 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : What device are you using? Please try this, Settings > system > reset options > reset all system settings but before that, make sure you swap from up to down even if your phone is slanted.

    2020-5-18 16:00

261635091425 59 #

hello please help me
2020-5-17 02:14 Like(0)

261635091425 58 #

notification bar is not coming down while using any app
2020-5-16 14:00 Like(0)

261513672610 57 #

2020-5-16 06:14 Like(0)

261217069540 56 #

Hello. why is it when I try downloading another YouTube app it fails
2020-5-15 03:49 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Why would you want to download another youtube app apart from what you already have on your phone? If it is conflicting it would not download but try clearing cache and data and uninstall updates

    2020-5-18 16:08

260135772944 55 #

please when will camon 12 pro Android 10 update be available
2020-5-14 19:36 Like(1)



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