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Say HELLO to TECNO Official team! Speak out your thoughts!

Feedback  |  2020-4-29 02:02 1275576

Dear T-fans,

We Hope you are all are doing great❤


We are delighted to announce that our TECNO Official Team is here at T-spot! To share and to listen.❤❤❤

Speak out your thoughts and follow them on T-spot to learn about hidden features that only phone masters  will know,   latest information on product news and unlimited activities!

HiOS Team:
HiOS Logo.png
Account name:
HiOS Official Account
HiOS Official NG

HiTheme Team:
HiTheme logo.png
Account name:

CAMON Series Product Manager:
Account name: ts18312568113

Pouvoir Series Product Manager:

Account name: WatsonYOU

Aha Games Team:
AHA logo.png
Account name: Aha Games

Software Product Planning:
Account name: ts17721198903

Don't hesitate to give us suggestions and advises.
YOU make the community better!
Together we grow!❤❤❤


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260963971610 54 #

2020-5-14 03:55 Like(0)

260527172945 53 #

Hello. How genuine is the competition going on Facebook where people are said to be winning TECNO phones direct from Manufacturer. The name of the competition is called TECNO dash out?
2020-5-13 05:35 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : I would confirm this for you but it may be a Scam, so keep away from it.

    2020-5-15 01:17

260692375061 52 #

hello I need help how can I get a screen for my tecno camon 11an how much in South Africa
2020-5-13 01:56 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Download the Carlcare app for more information or visit Carlcare for assistance

    2020-5-13 02:50

ts09061778807 51 #

My tecno ka7 stopped updating since last year
2020-5-12 22:19 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : I solved your issue on the main page

    2020-5-15 01:18

LembaElvis 50 #

2020-5-12 14:46 Like(0)

Rakesh arodiya 49 #

techno spark power 70 app install slow work
2020-5-12 14:37 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Delete the unused apps and clear your home screen. Clear cache and data and restart your phone

    2020-5-13 02:51

728883090 48 #

I am using camon12.on the desktop at the bottom is keeping on saying NETWORK ERROR,what might be the problem
2020-5-12 13:45 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Make sure you are having a good network

    2020-5-13 02:52

260466310222 47 #

my battery is no longer last  how can I improve my battery performance
2020-5-12 05:59 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Follow my profile and read about solutions to battery problems

    2020-5-13 02:53

0785369734 46 #

2020-5-11 04:26 Like(0)

259663606039 45 #

2020-5-11 00:44 Like(0)



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