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Say HELLO to TECNO Official team! Speak out your thoughts!

Feedback  |  2020-4-29 02:02 1275579

Dear T-fans,

We Hope you are all are doing great❤


We are delighted to announce that our TECNO Official Team is here at T-spot! To share and to listen.❤❤❤

Speak out your thoughts and follow them on T-spot to learn about hidden features that only phone masters  will know,   latest information on product news and unlimited activities!

HiOS Team:
HiOS Logo.png
Account name:
HiOS Official Account
HiOS Official NG

HiTheme Team:
HiTheme logo.png
Account name:

CAMON Series Product Manager:
Account name: ts18312568113

Pouvoir Series Product Manager:

Account name: WatsonYOU

Aha Games Team:
AHA logo.png
Account name: Aha Games

Software Product Planning:
Account name: ts17721198903

Don't hesitate to give us suggestions and advises.
YOU make the community better!
Together we grow!❤❤❤


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258352865102 34 #

2020-5-3 17:11 Like(0)

Temiloluwaoti 33 #


please I have a question...
When I order the tecno camon15 how do I get access to the phone.. Will it be delivered to me... And can I get an approximate time it will be delivered
2020-5-2 15:40 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Check your local Tecno accredited shops or online shops near you for the best price and delivery packages.

    2020-5-3 00:35

  • Temiloluwaoti : please help.. I want to order.. but I need those questions answered b4 I can get funds to order

    2020-5-2 15:42

258069617215 32 #

2020-5-2 12:37 Like(0)

user255754528999 31 #

2020-5-2 05:15 Like(0)

67622456964 30 #

which tecno mobile is best in under 10000 rupees
2020-5-2 03:20 Like(0)

ts543177271 29 #

Hello I think Tecno will be very exciting when it support Google camera
2020-5-1 19:26 Like(0)

kingriches2005 28 #

last system update messed up my phone,it just developed proximity sensor issue,how do I downgrade it or return it back to the original system software.using spark 4,Android 9?
2020-5-1 18:30 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Factory reset your device or visit Carlcare for assistance

    2020-5-3 00:38

Kofi Brainy 27 #

Hello tecno please when will camon 12 users receive android 10 update ???
2020-5-1 16:09 Like(0)
  • victor-orabz : it appears those fools will never give camon 12 users an Android 10 update

    2020-5-19 11:09

kojongua 26 #

hello pls I have forgotten my password. what do I do
2020-5-1 05:32 Like(0)

nwills 25 #

Hello, product manager for the camon series..
I want to know if there's a beta testing team for Android 9 or 10 upgrade for camon x ca7, I'll love to be a part of it. Quite frankly I'm tired of this 8.1 and the last system update has messed up the phone. Please respond
2020-5-1 00:07 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : I doubt that, how about you get Camon 15

    2020-5-1 04:14



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