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[May Photography Contest] [Monthly Theme Photography Contest #1] Activity Rules

TECNO Gallery  |  2020-4-30 05:55 5547096

Hi dear T-fans,
This time we are preparing something new and interesting for you, we challenge you to create some mind-blowing photos to show off your talent.
With quarantine happening worldwide, share your best creations with us and let us see what's in your creative mind. Looking forward to seeing your work!

1.Stay at home genius
2.Find spring through TECNO phones
3.Snap a happy moment
4.Ultra night
Activity rule-pic.jpg
(Check out more ideas at HiTheme-Wallpaper)


May 1st - May 31st

June 3rd - June 7th

TECNO Fans choice prize (worth of $100)
Photographer of the month certificate
Work to be exhibited at TECNO SPOT homepage

1.Follow TECNO Gallery and post in this forum.Put 1 of topics as title when you post.
2. Photos submitted for the challenge must be taken by TECNO Smartphones.
3. The size of the photo should be 1080*2160. Please do not leave watermark on your entry.
4. Each participant is able to upload only one photo.
5. Photos submitted after the submission deadline will not be considered in the challenge.

There will be 2 rounds.
1. 1st round winners will be chose based on the ranking of the sum of “view+comment”. Each regional site’s top 2 entries will enter the 2nd round.
2. 2nd round’s winners will be entering the poll by TECNO SPOT fans from all over the world. Top 3 entries will be the final winners.

Contact info on TECNO Spot Global:

1. All participants must at least 18 years old and if there is any personal issue that can not collect the prize, TECNO won’t have any responsibility of this. The copyright of the photo must belong to participant.
3. TECNO reserves the right to change the content on the TECNO SPOT and other details. All content is protected by TECNO copyrights.
4. TECNO reserves the right to change or delete this activity without prior notice.
5. TECNO will announce the final winners of this campaign in our Facebook and TECNO SPOT, when we finish the activity.
6. In case of any concerns or objections, TECNO reserves the right to make final decisions about the content or to change the award at any time. This promotional activity is not sponsored, supported or managed by Facebook.
7. TECNO reserves the right to use the content for other marketing activities and advertising, including but are not limited to , put the photos submitted by participants to HiTheme -Wallpaper store, T-spot homepage, TECNO social media etc.
8. If the personal information is not complete or identity cannot be verified, TECNO reserves the right to cancel the award without prior notice.
9. Candidate will take full responsible for the copyright issue of his/her own entry.

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ts09066315756 41 #

2020-5-30 15:24 Like(0)

ts08136632034 40 #

This is all I got, so humble and happy I got this phone and you can reach out to me via +23408136632034. This TECNO is super superb.
2020-5-26 22:27 Like(0)

DeyemiPresh 39 #

Nature's Pink Effect.
2020-5-25 11:23 Like(1)

Amarrisa 38 #

2020-5-21 14:54 Like(2)
  • Amarrisa : Topic :There is a sense of peace that comes with a smile

    2020-5-21 14:58

ts08120569355 37 #

2020-5-20 19:07 Like(0)

Wasi Mughal 36 #

2020-5-19 07:57 Like(0)

Wasi Mughal 35 #

bekeh effect
2020-5-19 07:57 Like(0)

ts743607817 34 #

2020-5-17 19:39 Like(0)

Asamoah Eugene 33 #

One entrant philz spams comments, not against rule?
2020-5-16 23:27 Like(0)

Asamoah Eugene 32 #

Is spamming comment allowed
2020-5-16 23:26 Like(0)



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