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Phone Master App, What's New

General  |  2020-5-1 03:10 71198

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Phone Master is the best choice to clean junk files and master privacy, with features such as  App locker, Data Manager, Junk Cleaner, Speed Booster, CPU cooler, Battery Saver, Smart Charge, etc. It brings to you nothing like you have ever seen in the app world.

It's new feature,  COVID-19 Screening brings to you, a quick self check-up button and a formidable way to learn the best practices in this COVID-19 world.

Unfortunately, this is only available for a few devices like the Camon 12 after an update, while work is in progress for other devices.  Below is a screenshot for your acknowledgment.


PS: The recent update comes with scheduled antivirus, reduced notifications, diverse festival themes, and a better experience.

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KondoCapital 6 #

I use phonemaster to clean junks
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lawalgustavo 5 #

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ts08133269333 4 #

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lawalgustavo 3 #

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Mustafa10750 2 #

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