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[Announcement] WIFI SHARE ON HiOS 6

HiOS  |  2020-5-7 06:41 147948

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Hello T-Fans,
Ever been in a situation where you are in a building with public Wi-Fi but each user is only limited to one device and you already connected your phone, but remember you have a very important email to send and you also need your phone to connect?

Tough choice, right?

How about you went on that dream holiday with your family and you lodged in this hotel with your family of 6 and each room Wi-Fi connection is limited to 3 users… Now you have to keep calling the front desk to reconfigure your router to accommodate more people, which of course would attract extra cost.

Picture this… Your boss shares his unlimited Wi-Fi with you. But you later realize you need to forward an important email to a client on your other phone and you can’t go back to meet your boss because he is quite busy in a meeting.

A fix, right?

The truth is, we can never get enough of free Wi-Fi, or can we?

Introducing the Wi-Fi share option on HiOS 6. With this feature, you can connect to an external Wi-Fi and still share that same Wi-Fi to other users or devices.

Cool right?

This feature is the next level and game-changer in the way we use Wi-Fi. It makes it easy to share a Wi-Fi connection to other devices while connected to wifi. The connection is seamless and devices are paired by a barcode generated by the host device.

Other devices would just need to scan the host device and are automatically connected.

For step by step method on how to use wifi share, read our article on How To Use Wi-Fi Share On Camon 15 Premier

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herbzbeibe 13 #

can it work for every TECNO smart phones in Uganda
2020-7-2 15:01 Like(0)

lawalgustavo 12 #

2020-5-20 04:00 Like(0)

74753974 11 #

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Patterns 10 #

That's great.
2020-5-10 13:19 Like(0)

Abraham Sidy Diomaye Faye 9 #

2020-5-8 07:21 Like(0)

Tanvir 8 #

2020-5-8 04:46 Like(0)

Doss Coulibaly 7 #

2020-5-8 04:26 Like(0)

259395986530 6 #

nice one
2020-5-8 03:01 Like(0)

sikphoenix 5 #

Très belle innovation avec cette nouvelle méthode.
2020-5-7 13:22 Like(0)

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