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Recreate Famous Works Of Art With Household Items! Excellent

Activities  |  2020-5-8 05:36 51295

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Hello, T-Fans!

Welcome to the new month of MAY! This time we would like to invite you to take part in our new activity and challenge you from a whole new perspective.

we are here to challenge you to recreate famous works of art with common objects in your homes. During this quarantine time, we hope this challenge will spark you a new interest in art and of course uplift your joyous energy to face up with this special time.

Now our two office staff are recreating the same work as the following:



so which one do you think will be better, please vote your choice and expect your own work, thanks!

Recreate Famous Works Of Art With Household Items! (Choose 1)

  • T-Boy
    10 66.67%
  • Reindeer
    5 33.33%

A total of people voted Has ended

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JettLewers 6 #

2020-6-30 12:04 Like(0)

yassine19 5 #

why her name is Tboy ?
2020-5-19 13:10 Like(0)

Mustafa10750 4 #

2020-5-11 12:24 Like(0)

KondoCapital 3 #

I thought the guy is supposed to be the Tboy
2020-5-10 13:10 Like(0)

yusufaliu 2 #

Ok just a quick question before I vote. Why is her name Tboy when clearly she's a girl? Just wondering sha
2020-5-8 10:19 Like(0)



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