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[Others] Tecno spark 4 shows some spark ❤️ Excellent

Spark 4 Series  |  2020-5-9 04:43 TECNO KC2 173748

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30069667 16 #

new update KC2-H6113AI-P-201028V286

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30036698 15 #

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Jhesuhfehranhmih 14 #

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ashittu24139173881482240 13 #

SPARK 4, what a durable and powerful phone, you snap this with spark 4?
2020-9-22 23:11 Like(1)

ts7013507125 12 #

nice one
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ts7013507125 11 #

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Nzeh 10 #

please help me like my comments on AHA games (Godlive vigilant Nzeh)
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ts3453194022 9 #

Just a waste of money pathetic and worst customer care service, i don't understand who hired such peoples who don't know about customer care, is there any customer manager in this company or is company running on begging, i bought 2 Spark 4, after 3 months in both mobile proximity sensor and battery got faulty, called several times customer care help line but no one bother to pick the call.I don't understand why they open customer care.
due to corona 3 months waste, my brother visited Gulistan-e- johar karachi, Customer care center, told whole story to Customer care represented, they said u need to purchase battery company is not responsible you have to pay for battery. Bloody company than why warranty given if company not responsible, beggar company, customer care representative take mobile and provide receipt, call received from customer care center your issue is resolved after follow up almost more than 8 times in 2 weeks and every time new excuse made by representative, when he reached there mobile was still in same condition, and as per representative they had change the board.
This Techno company is a big fraud and beggar company, staff is illetare.

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ts975942337 8 #

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