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Supplements for men of 40-50

Health  |  2020-5-11 18:38 5402

What supplements could you give as an example for such a men of 40-50?
Need advices as my father suffers of weak joints and flabby muscles

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demon1991 6 #

I think that in such matters you can better advise a doctor because before taking any supplement, you need his advice.
My father takes Barley Grass now, he feels healthy and rested, which shows that it really has a positive effect on his body. I originally took this supplement, but later it was suggested to me that it is more relevant to older people, so my father was eager to take a jar of powder. I'm not greedy, if he's really better, I'm glad.
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yusufaliu 5 #

Pls visit a hospital to get proper advice from a medical practitioner.
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Andrew221 4 #

Hello, I see you want to be advised about supplements. These symptoms may appear due to low testosterone of your father. Your father should consume more vitamin D and zinc. Also he needs to consume fish oil, cause it increases level of testosterone. If it doesn't help, you may find a solution in Prime Male. I think it is good enough to help your father. You can read information about good men's testosterone booster here. I have also used it quite long time so I can ensure that really helps.
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fb223369330415 3 #

There are a lot of such supplements, but you need to find the most natural and safe!
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fb233534977997 2 #

Vitamin D3 This is often obtained from sunlight and is an essential part of the testosterone production process. If you’re not living in a sunny place then a supplement is a good idea! Testosterone is essential for making you feel manlier. It improves your energy levels and your libido. But it is also necessary for protein synthesis which allows your muscles to repair and grow. This improves your muscles and increases your fat burn; helping you to shed those extra pounds.
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