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Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Lagging Phone

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Hello Tecno Fanatics,

Let's keep this simple. If your phone lags, freezes, hangs or does not run smoothly (whatever the term maybe) or if you want to speed up your phone,  this post is for you!

These are 18 solutions to completely, solve your issues:

1. Remove and reinstall applications
You can remove and reinstall an application when it causes lag or doesn't run smoothly.

2. Close or disable unused background applications
To avoid multiple apps running in the background, click Menu, and close all the apps with one-click, or manually close them one by one.

3. Clear cache, data and do security scanning
Regularly clear cache and scan for viruses to secure your phone and free up more storage space, using Phone Master.

4. Download and use official applications only
Download apps from Google Play store rather than other sources.

5. Reduce the use of widgets
Reduce the use of dynamic wallpapers or small plug-ins with real-time refresh capabilities. They end up using a lot of RAM.

6. Update your phone and HiOS launcher
In simple words, updates are very important and they improve your phone.

7. Restart your phone periodically
Periodically restarting your phone could clean up broken or damaged caches and prevent bugs to make for smoother user experience.
You are required to restart your phone once a week to ensure its performance.

8. If your phone lags when playing videos
- For online videos, check if the network is in good condition and adjust the video's clarity
- For offline videos, make sure your file is not corrupt

9. Manage background data access for each app
This option stops all apps from using data at the same time and thereby slowing down your phone

10. Disable unnecessary animations and extras
Click here to find out how

11. Update only apps you need and use lightweight version of apps

12. If you are still using third party Task Managers, Antiviruses, and Battery Optimizers on your phone, get rid of them
Every Tecno device already comes with these services optimized into the phone

13. Avoid running multiple apps
If you are using a low-end smartphone, try not to run multiple apps at the same time.

14. Free up Space
Make sure you do not have a low memory both on your ROM or RAM by deleting unnecessary contents of your phone. You can also move apps or data to an SD card.

15. Overheating, wear, and tear can also be regarded as possible reasons for the device to slow down.
If your device is too old then slowing down is normal.

16. Turn off automatic app and content downloads
Turn off automatic app downloads from Google Play, and refresh rates of apps such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc

17. Perform a factory reset if everything fails
But before that, try out
reset options, one of the best features on every smartphone but mostly underused which solves almost every issue.

18. If your phone lags when playing games,
make sure you do all the above before replaying your game.

Note:  Visit Carlcare for assistance if all the above fails.

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Patterns 3 #

Thanks for this info. Helpful
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lawalgustavo 2 #

Nice one Boss
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