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GOOGLE CHROME: A Better Ad Experience (An Intervention on Resource Heavy Ads).

General  |  2020-5-17 04:14 3188

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Designed to be fast and reliable, Google's browser 'Chrome' is the go to app for a lot of android users. In line with the better ads standard from the open source browser project, which identifies ad experiences that falls beneath the threshold of consumer acceptability, the tech giant is taking steps to reduce the impact of ads on user experience. This action targets a fraction of ads which consumes a disproportionate share of device resources, such as battery and network data, without users knowledge. According to Google's findings, these ads (such as those that mine cryptocurrency, are poorly programmed, or are unoptimized for network usage) can drain battery life, saturate already strained networks, and cost money.

In response to this, Chrome is placing limits on what display ads can do before users explicitly interact with them. This will see to alert users when an ad reaches its limit. When this happens, the ad's frame will navigate to an error page, informing the user that the ad has used too many resources. An example of which you will find below of an unloaded ad.


According to chrome, the threshold limit for unloading was developed based on extensive measurements in determination of egregious ads using more CPU or network bandwidth than 99.9%  of all detected ads for that resource. Chrome is setting the thresholds to 4MB of network data or 15 seconds of CPU usage in any 30 second period, or 60 seconds of total CPU usage. In consnance with Chrome, while only 0.3%  of ads exceed the threshold today, they account for 27%  of network data used by ads and 28%  of all ad CPU usage.


Though still undergoing further research, hopefully, Chrome’s heavy ad limits and blocking will launch in the stable channel at the end of August, so as to give appropriate time to ad creators and tool providers to make adjustments in preparation and incorporation of the thresholds in their workflows.

If you are an advertiser, click here to know more on the impact of this intervention on ads display and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.

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Z.Sujon 4 #

also best chrome
2020-5-17 18:14 Like(1)

KondoCapital 3 #

Does pluggings work with chrome on mobile phones?
2020-5-17 14:53 Like(0)

KondoCapital 2 #

Google Chrome is a powerful tool. Thanks op
2020-5-17 14:52 Like(1)



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