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[Album] Let's show your lovely pet! Excellent

Photographies  |  2020-5-18 06:04 214946

today I want to show you my friends' cat, her name is "fatty",because her weight is so heavy, haha


so how about your pet?cat or dog?
Pet are human's friend and they bring us too much happiness
let's show it and kindly treat them, thanks!
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torinwrigh 16 #

Very cute pet, we have guinea pig, any pet creates a positive atmosphere in the house.
2022-3-10 00:55 Like(0)

SeunVirgo 14 #

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Benjamin Lopez 13 #

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gesi 12 #

so cut
2021-4-8 19:16 Like(0)

michaelpears 11 #

She is so cute. I have a cat actually. His name is Tom. I adopted it from a pet store, five years ago. I am not going to lie, he is my best friend. Furthermore, I want actually to get another brother for my cat, but I don't know how Tom will react to his new friend. Guys, is here someone that has more than 1 cat, and can give me any advice with the process of introducing the new cat? All I found on pets blog, was some simple general idea, so I hope that there is someone experience that can help me. Thank you in advance.
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demon1991 10 #

Hi, everyone I also have a cat at home and I love him very much and always buy something for him. The last purchase was a special cat tree for cats that I took from molly and friends cat tree review. Both my cat and I liked this tree. I especially liked the fact that it is wrapped with a special rope in 3 layers, and not, as usual, in 2. For me, the quality of what I buy is important, and here I was completely satisfied with it.
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280737812673 9 #

amazing cat
2020-10-18 05:17 Like(0)

Patterns 8 #

Very beautiful pet
2020-8-24 03:40 Like(0)

ts69251797 7 #

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265428145740 6 #

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