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FACEBOOK SHOP: Consolidating e-Commerce

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Hello T-Fans.
I bring you goodnews. The tech giant "Facebook" owners of Whatsapp and Instagram is taking a major leap into the world of e-commerce. This was recently made known to the public by the company, giving businesses the opportunity to set up free storefronts on Facebook and Instagram. The stores will appear on business pages, Instagram profiles and through targeted ads, designed to turn the social network into a top-tier shopping destination.

This is indeed good news for business owners especially with the impact of covid-19 which is very much likely to spark up an economic crisis. Some business owners who can't physically open up their shops during this time has recently taking up to electronic commerce, to take orders on goods and have them delivered. This move by facebook is in light of rebuilding the economy in contribution to the survival of businesses (big or small). The company has also said, payment for purchased items made available on the platform can either be done directly on Facebook or directed to the business website for transaction purpose. In addition, to customer support from businesses via Messenger, Instagram or Whatsapp.

Facebook is also working to integrate with shops its loyalty program, designed to encourage consumers to make more in-store purchases by giving access to discounts and loyalty points through a personalised QR code that can be scanned, in-person, at participating shops.

Though, this is not the first time of Facebook dabbling into e-commerce. In 2016 it introduced Marketplace, a peer to peer buying and selling destination within the app. After which two years later, Instagram owned by Facebook operated IG-Shopping.

Facebook shop plans to hit the United States first, and later on to be made available on Instagram.

Are you a business owner? Share with us your plans and strategies on how you intend to fit this into your business and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.

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KondoCapital 5 #

Facebook wants to copy from everyone
2020-5-24 14:04 Like(1)

KondoCapital 4 #

This is very cool.
2020-5-24 14:04 Like(1)

Z.Sujon 3 #

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lawalgustavo 2 #

Nice one boss
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