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Google app for Android and iOS gets official dark mode, rollout starts today

General  |  2020-5-20 08:36 TECNO CC7 5325

Google has been rolling out dark mode to its various apps for over a year at this point, but the Google app’s dark mode never fully stuck on Android or iOS. Today, Google has confirmed that rollout is finally happening for all users.


In a tweet, Google confirmed that starting today and over the next week, the Google app for Android and iOS is getting dark mode officially. On Android 10 and iOS 13, this follows the system setting/toggle as most other Google apps do. Like other Google apps, too, the app has a mostly gray design.

On older Android and iOS smartphones/versions, dark mode is still accessible through an in-app setting. Heading into the Google app’s settings brings up an option to choose your preference. This setting can also be used on Android 10/iOS 13 to force one mode or the other if you don’t want the app to match the system setting.

When the rollout does hit your device, you may see a pop-up on the main screen that says “Dark theme is available” and links to the settings for changing the app’s theme.


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Patterns 4 #

This dark mode saves battery too
2020-5-24 15:01 Like(1)

Patterns 3 #

How can one get this now. I need this dark mode
2020-5-24 14:59 Like(1)

lawalgustavo 2 #

Nice one bro
2020-5-21 17:27 Like(0)

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