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How To Impact The World While You Sleep

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How many of you Tecno Fanatics know that you can make an impact in the world in your own special small way using your
Tecno devices? Well, this post is here to throw some light on this.

How can you impact the world while you sleep? DreamLab is the answer!

What is DreamLab?
DreamLab is a multi-award winning app that uses the collective power of smartphones to fast track research. With cancer, and now COVID-19 being one of the biggest causes of premature death worldwide, finding answers through medical research is incredibly important. DreamLab exists to help us get there sooner. And the more people who use the app, the faster it works.

How does it work?
Researchers need supercomputers to scan DNA in immense detail and crunch complex data. When you plug your phone in and power DreamLab, it downloads tiny parts of a huge research project from the cloud to calculate and sends the results back to the research team. The more people who power DreamLab, the faster we can complete critical research. All you need to do is set up DreamLab once and it will get to work each time you plug your phone in.

We’ve all been touched by cancer and COVID-19. Our best chance of beating it is by working together. And while sleep has always been good for you – with the DreamLab app, it can be good for others too.

Powering Change.jpg

Simply download the app and choose which Project you’d like to support. You can also track the Contribution you’ve made and keep up to date with News.

Dreamlab supports cancer, COVID-19, and other projects globally and is powered by the Vodafone Foundation.

A compatible handset may be required. Once downloaded, DreamLab can be used when your device is connected to a charging source and has a mobile network or WiFi connectivity. Mobile data to use DreamLab is free for Vodafone customers on their local Vodafone network.

PS: Although DreamLab is Zero rated for some users, how much data DreamLab uses is up to you.
On your mobile network, you can choose to give up to 50MB, 250MB or 500MB a month. For WiFi, you can choose to give up to 250MB, 1GB, or ‘unlimited’ a month. You can change how much data you contribute at any time in the DreamLab app Settings.

As a guide, 50MB is about the same as uploading 25 photos to social media a month. 500MB is approximately equivalent to streaming a video for 1.5 hours a month. 1GB is similar to streaming a video for 3 hours a month. You can see how much data DreamLab has used in the app settings, and when your DreamLab month will restart.

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This app should be racking in awards
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That's good.
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