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[Winner Announcement] Congrats to WorkFromHome winners!

Work from home  |  2020-5-22 02:46 242888

Do you wonder what other T-fans’ WorkFromHome life is like?
Who are they?
How do they feel about work from home? Is working from home life the same as you expected?

Congrats to winners of WFH challenge &check out what they have been doing!

❤Chosen  & Diamond_E! have a very neat home offices,
❤CyBlinks is a young and energetic student and she LOVEs working from home,
❤Fortunate Lane got a business contract during lockdown, very impressive~~ maybe share with other T-fans who are interested?
❤T-fan Ts8109113714 ,BennyAmin, tsoptimist & Airstarblaq really make the most of their time at home, they have tried out a lot of new things at home, like designing ,cooking, even making clothes!
❤Yelewaves here is busy engaging herself with the role of being a big sister and she really had fun with it!
❤And Tori, we look forward to read your writing !
TECNO SPOT really gathered lots of wonderful and talented souls!

Above winners please PM Tecno spot official with your Region + Email
For example: Nigeria  , XXXXXXX @ XX.com
For those of you who didn’t win this time, don’t worry, we have unlimited events on the way for you to show different talents~~

Good luck next time!
We love you !

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BennyAmin 8 #

Thank you TECNO, I'm forever greatful
2020-5-22 07:56 Like(3)

Chosen 7 #

wow... Thank so much TECNO.
Tecno will forever be the best
2020-5-22 06:53 Like(3)

Airstarblaq 6 #


Thanks so much for this TECNO!
2020-5-22 06:24 Like(3)

yelewaves 5 #

Wow. Thank you so much TECNO.
2020-5-22 06:09 Like(2)

CyBlinks 4 #

Wow! Thank you soooo much
2020-5-22 05:46 Like(2)

Fortunate Lanre 3 #

Special thanks to TECNO.. I won
2020-5-22 05:09 Like(3)

Mickeyyy 2 #

Congratulations to the winners...
Pls check my message Tspot official
2020-5-22 03:56 Like(2)



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