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How much do you miss the City?

Mancity  |  2020-5-22 03:47 61098

Hey guys,
How much do you miss the City?
Do you have any collection related to Mancity?
Or do you have any special story about you and the City?
Tell us, we are eager to hear that!

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fb242160152801 8 #

Me and my family lived in a big and noisy city for many years but in some point we just couldn't live there anymore because of big flow of noisy people and cars. I moved from the big city to the suburbs with my husband and 2 children 3 years ago and have no regrets. We really like to live in the suburbs, where it is so quiet and we have enough time to spend with our kids, friends, family and we have time for ourselves. I found a great site with its services when I was looking for independent living in Minneapolis. And me and my husband thought about moving in Minneapolis. It doesn't cost you much and it's worth it.
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269723462669 7 #

2020-6-25 11:09 Like(0)

267161466722 5 #

I love it
2020-6-11 11:54 Like(0)

258729731839 4 #

very much
2020-6-3 01:12 Like(0)

CovenantOyetade 3 #

I missed City so much! ♥
2020-5-24 21:21 Like(0)

LembaElvis 2 #

Very much
2020-5-24 02:14 Like(0)



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