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Look, Zincheko's cute dogs were helping him with......

Mancity  |  2020-5-22 03:54 4490

Hi T-fans,
Even stay at home, the City stars are keep building their muscles. Laprote was at work on header. Mendy was training his six-pack. Look, Zincheko's cute dogs were helping him!
Have you strengthened your muscles at home? Post the photos!

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Jeffter 5 #

On my way to the pitch (football field) to build up my muscles
2020-6-20 19:45 Like(0)

ts79463119 4 #

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2020-6-10 08:26 Like(0)

Dr.Dremble 3 #

I am an owner of corgis and they get under control so easily
2020-6-9 14:48 Like(0)

CovenantOyetade 2 #

I love this. ????????
2020-5-24 21:21 Like(0)



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