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[Daily Wallpaper] Do you know where is this in Africa?

HiTheme  |  2020-5-26 06:56 61269

My friend is a photographer and also a extreme sports lover.
He loves diving and surfing.
This is a photo taken by him last year in Africa.
I'll give you guys a challenge~
Do you know where is this in Africa?

Photo credit to: Xiao Dong

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ts7039588434 6 #

@tecno how can I monetize my wallpapers on hi theme
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ts7039588434 5 #

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fb242160152801 4 #

I think it's in Madagascar, there is such a beauty there. This is a stunning shot from above. I also do photography, which is my hobby. I also love surfing. I often have to take photos on the water of various athletes and just people like me who love to surf. When I was in Africa I couldn't find good surfboards so I spent a long time looking for any sites where I could buy surfboards. I found one site with discounts where you can buy good boards. And there are also a variety of colors which impressed me a lot. Here is the site is you need it https://standuppaddleboardworld.com/roc-paddle-boards/
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264355304330 3 #

obe cool
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lawalgustavo 2 #

Fine one
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