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How to Save Your Wet Cellphone…with Rice!

General  |  2020-5-26 10:04 4206

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YES UNCOOKED RICE... tspot contents.jpg Just leave the phone (and its disconnected battery) submerged in a bowl of grains overnight. If you're worried about rice dust getting inside your phone, you can instead use the packets of silica gel that often come stuffed in the pockets of new clothes. But acting fast is far more important than avoiding a little dust, so don't waste time shopping if you don't already have a drawer full of silica gel.

The most important thing to remember is to avoid heat. That means no hair dryers, ovens, microwaves, or extended periods in direct sunlight. While heat will certainly evaporate the moisture, it could also warp components and melt adhesives. Those fragile glues are also why you'll want to avoid dunking the phone in rubbing alcohol (an oft­-prescribed tip on the Web). Alcohol is a solvent and can dissolve the internal adhesives. (If you drop your phone in the toilet, it's okay to wipe the outside with alcohol to disinfect it.)
One final, perhaps surprising, note: If your phone gets soaked in salt water, you should probably flush the whole thing in fresh water before it dries. When salt water evaporates, it leaves crystals that can damage a phone's fragile components. Just be sure to remove the battery before flooding the device...


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Aftab Nazir 4 #

I tried but this method did not work
2020-5-29 00:31 Like(0)

7033806314 3 #

For devices with removable battery. Those of us with none removable has to be careful.
2020-5-28 18:24 Like(0)

Olubukola.Ola 2 #

wow, interesting information.
2020-5-28 14:00 Like(1)



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