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TIKTOK: The ABCDE's of a Great Brand Content.

General  |  2020-5-28 10:49 4376

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Hello T-fans.
With varying controversies surrounding TikToK, which has lately kept many businesses away from making/continuing its presence within the app, there are still a few businesses who engages its audience, building connection with the app's features. To make it easy for others who seeks this path, TikTok has within the week published a set of basic pointers for brands looking to establish a TikTok presence.

Posted on Facebook through an official account (TikTok Ads), it reads "As a short-form mobile video platform with infinite possibilities and potential, TikTok is a creative playground for marketers and users alike. It can be challenging to come up with a great creative – but fret not, our mobile-first principles are here to guide you! Presenting: The ABCDEs of an appealing creative on TikTok. Browse the album to see how your brand can better dazzle and engage its audience."



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