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FINAL FANTASY: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Coming to Android.

General  |  2020-5-28 15:02 7234

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Hello T-fans, the Japanese video gaming developer "Square Enix" has today announced the coming to Android of a remastered version of Final Fantasy, Crystal Chronicles, now scheduled for August 27.

The original game had its first launch on the Nintendo GameCube back in 2003 with over a million sold out copies. It is an essentially action RPG which takes place in an unnamed fantasy world inhabited by four races. The player takes control of a caravan of chibi like characters hailing from the village of Tipa, in which members of the world's four races comes together to help its mission in protecting the world's settlements from a deadly poison vapour called the Miasma, caused by an alien lifeform in a meteorite which shattered the world's sustaining Great Crystal prior to the gaming event.

The remastered version which includes enhanced graphics, new sounds, new bosses of levels/stages, character voice acting and cross platform online multiplayer, originally dated for January 2020, is now scheduled for August 27 with a more polished look to the game. This was made known today on twitter from an official handle (@FinalFantasy) by Square Enix.


You can check out the release date trailer below and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.

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JohnyJohny 7 #

The AI may be frustrating and the style can be cloyingly cute, but this engaging action RPG is perfect for a quick fix of fantasy on the road. Sadly the multiplayer options are a little disappointing.

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lummyfinest 6 #

I hope it's not online gaming
2020-6-2 11:46 Like(0)

Hoilakes 5 #

this should be interesting... thank you
2020-5-31 18:06 Like(0)

Gina 4 #

2020-5-31 14:37 Like(1)

RubyAGL 3 #

Interesting, I'm a video game lover
2020-5-31 09:50 Like(1)

Uc Best 2 #

2020-5-29 01:17 Like(1)


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