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Hello T-Fans,
A wise man once said, “The photograph is determined by the photographer, not the camera.” And he was right. Now it is time to once again reward the creative minds!

We have a simple task for you. Really simple.

All you need to do is take a creative picture of your Tecno device! It’s that simple!

Not so fast!

We also need you to take it in a creative way. So, before you click on the shutter button, think of a creative way to take the picture of a phone…

Let the game begin!


Activity Guidelines:
The first round of the activity would be selected based on creativity. The judges would select the 18 most creative pictures from all of the 11 countries represented on T-Spot (Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, Ghana, Mali, India, Senegal, Guinea, Tanzania, Bangladesh) and put them up for voting.

The Top 5 with the highest vote is the winner!

Submission of entries is from the 5th of June to the 14th of June, 2020.
Voting for top 5 starts the 15th of June and ends 16th of June, 2020
Announcement of winners on June 17th, 2020
Rewarding of winners on June 20th, 2020

Terms and Conditions:

•        Your entry has to be under this thread
•        The device has to be a Tecno device.
•        The picture has to be unique to you. Internet pictures would be disqualified
•        You must be following HiOS on all Social Media Platforms and also on Tecno Spot. (@HiOSGlobal on all social media except Instagram, @HiOS_Global). We would ask for proof before winners are rewarded
•        Get your friends to like your post. Highest likes do not equal winning. Zero likes cannot qualify
•        HiOS reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow the rules
•        HiOS reserves the right to change the rules at any time during the competition

Make sure you are following HiOS Official for latest updates

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275360026405 43 #

2020-8-9 06:45 Like(0)

RubyAGL 42 #

Here we go. I need to show my friend this.
2020-6-14 12:25 Like(0)

RubyAGL 41 #

Here we go. I need to show my friend this.
2020-6-14 12:25 Like(0)

ts8146325224 40 #

like mine too

2020-6-14 06:53 Like(0)

Timmyb 39 #

2020-6-14 06:02 Like(2)

Bolademi1 38 #

2020-6-13 14:04 Like(4)

jarose 37 #

Creativity wins
2020-6-13 02:08 Like(0)

Teras 36 #

Here's mine
2020-6-12 04:39 Like(1)
  • Brooks : hey boss I've finally seen you

    2020-6-13 19:45

266971705617 35 #

2020-6-10 11:37 Like(1)

266971705617 34 #

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