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[Reviews] How to Enable Freeform Windows on HiOS 6

CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-6-5 17:18 6496

Hey T-Fans.

Ever thought of using calculator app while calculating on another screen, chatting on WhatsApp while working on another app, or just simply opening two, three or more apps on the same screen without using split-screen function?


Here comes Freeform Windows on HiOS 6, it works just like the game floating window but let's you use more apps on the same screen even when nog playing game, it doesn't even require game mode turned on. It is as simple as enabling your Freeform Windows from the Recent panel.

Freeform Windows let you open any number of apps on your screen without any ado.

How Enable Freeform Windows
• Open Settings
• Click "System"
• Enable Developer Settings
• Scroll down to click on "Enable Freeform Windows"


How to Open Multiple Apps with Freeform Windows
∆ Lunch the app your want
∆ Open the Recent/Overview Panel
∆ Tap on the App Icon
∆ Tap on Freeform


You can drag the app to reposition it or as well draw from it's edge to resize the window and also make use of the toolbar to expand or close the window.

That's how to open Multiple apps on your Tecno Device running HiOS 6, Android 10 and later. Don't forget to follow me for more tips like this.
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Its not working how come?
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