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How To Collect Local Businesses Data For A Location Based Startup?

Q&A  |  2020-6-9 07:52 21368

How Google MyBusiness Is Important To Get More Customers To Your Business?
Google Maps lets you show up in search results when peopleare looking for you online. It’s free, which makes it affordable and the bestmarketing tool for small and big businesses.
The search is digital. Even if you run an old fashionedbrick and mortar shop, your customers and prospects are online. Customers gethelp from Google Maps to search for almost everything now.
Whether you’re looking for foot traffic or web traffic,Google Maps is the ultimate search referrer. A Google My Business accountensures that when someone looks at your company up on Google Search and GoogleMaps, they find it. Once they do, your listing shows searches where and how tovisit your shop, whether you have a web or physical address. Google Maps alsoimproves your local SEO show you up on page one—not page two or worse.
If your business listing rank in Google Maps, you can get a crowd of traffic to your business.There are thousands of businesses listed on Google Maps with their phonenumber, physical address, working hours, and many more. You can collect allthese details manually. But, copying pasting thousands of business listings isnot an easy task. You can collect all these details with just a click of abutton by using this Google Maps WebData Extractor.
Collect Location WiseAnd City Wise Data From Google Maps With Google Map Extractor
With the help of the Google Maps Data Extractor, you canautomatically extract the name, email, address, and telephone number for eachbusiness you would like. Just tell your web scraper what information you wantand sit back while the software collects it all into a convenient spreadsheet.
Google Maps Scrapercan be configured to extract required business listing details for multiplesearch keywords and locations. The Keyword Scraping feature of Google Maps LeadExtractor is used for this purpose. During data mining, Google Maps Contact Extractor will load search results for eachcombination of search keyword and location, and scrape business listing detailsfrom multiple pages of search results.
With Google MapExtractor, you can easily extract any data you need to generate maximumlocal leads for your business and boost your sales too. Business name, businessaddress, phone number, ratings, reviews, etc.... Any data you see on thewebpage can be extracted with GooglePlaces Scraper software, no coding required.  Just enter the URL or keyword and configure alittle, and get thousands of potential lists within minutes from millions ofbusinesses!
After configuration, simply run the task and get data instructured formats such as CSV, XLSX, or getting it delivered directly to yourlocal computer.
The best thing about using Google My Business Extractor for scraping Google Maps is thatconfiguring the scraper is incredibly easy. You can start extracting data fromthousands of businesses within minutes you install the software.
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Software Link: Google Map Extractor
Phone Number: 03084471774

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Pankaj verma 2 #

very nice
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