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Want to feature in our Official Video? Participate in The Spark Squad Now! [Closed]

Activities  |  2020-6-11 23:47 1114958

Hey T-Fans!

The times are such that one cannot help but get bored out of their mundane lockdown time. Don’t you wish you had some SPARK in your life? To energise your day, keep you excited and make you look forward to the coming times?

Well, you are in the right SPOT!

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Tumhara time is HERE to tell the world what keeps you charged up and get a chance to be featured in THE SPARK SQUAD video!

What do you have to do? SIMPLE hai!


To PARTICIPATE, post a comment below with:

        1. Share a Spark Pic of yours with what keeps you charged up. It can be a picture of you dancing, drawing, exercising... You get the drift, right!

        2. Tell us why it keeps you charged up.


  • 1. Register on TECNO SPOT.
  • 2. Comment keeping in mind the above Steps!
  • 3. Make sure your picture is high quality & does not have a watermark.
  • 4. Deadline: 20th June 2020 (9 PM IST).
  • 5. Best 30 pictures & answers to be shortlisted by the TECNO team for the video.
  • 6. TECNO reserves the right to reject/delete any image deemed as inappropriate or unusable.
  • 7. Final video to be released on TECNO Spot & TECNO Social media. Date to be announced shortly!
  • 8. Multiple entries are allowed but choose the best ones that express what keeps you charged up.


Share your best entry below and get maximum likes on your photos to increase your chances of getting featured!

Here’s a sample comment for you to get started with an awesome entry:

Exercising refreshes me and keeps me charged up for the day. It is my ME time! (2).png

Here’s your opportunity to live the exciting SPARK life with the SPARK SQUAD!

Don’t wait, participate NOW!

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oefemi 89 #

picture and video
2020-6-29 01:50 Like(0)

263667338139 88 #

2020-6-28 05:30 Like(0)

Kvng 87 #

2020-6-26 03:27 Like(0)

269766046572 86 #

2020-6-25 16:24 Like(0)

favour cash 85 #

2020-6-21 10:00 Like(0)

Obigwe 84 #

I love art work and it charges me up everyday to keep my mind and heart in one piece creating images to its uniqueness.
2020-6-20 15:54 Like(2)

268877271190 83 #

this fone is the best I really love it ❤️????????
2020-6-20 13:46 Like(0)

shinchan 82 #

Photography keeps me charged everyday, love clicking photos of nature
2020-6-20 10:24 Like(1)

ts9098856660 81 #

Festivals with friends keep me charged up!

2020-6-20 05:21 Like(1)



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