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Camon 15 screen colours needs software update

CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-6-14 00:17 TECNO CD7 3150

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i've bought two tecno 15 phones for me and my wife ...everything is more than perfect cameras,speed,screen size...etc BUT the only thing that need improvement is the screen colours (not the resolution) the colours is not charm at all with low colour contrast (pale) it needs urgent software update to increase contrast and make it more warm..something like miravision or add colour adjustment in setting or even improving this without adjustment for the user in an update..it is critical and i think it is easy to do in software update as it's not hardware issue (not the resolution itself) ...colour adjustment has been seen in many softwares even in old tecno phones ..this will make the experience extremely different and make it fully satisfying as it's the only thing that needs improvement ..i don't know if it's the right place to reach the techno tech team or for my suggestion to reach formaly ...(if there is better way to reach telle please)
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30078960 3 #

my camon 15 mistakenly fell down nd affect the screen
2020-11-12 14:11 Like(0)

ahiadzro 2 #

Change your wallpaper or navigate to settings > accessibility > color correction
2020-6-14 00:54 Like(1)
  • Ahmed.atef : color correction change the whole colour to greenish or reddish or grey ...not fine adjustment or increasing warmness or contrast

    2020-6-14 02:12



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