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Reality is the most important thing to face here today, in this fast-rising world. Technology keeps moving the world to its best place and giving individuals a convenient life. The internet is part of what makes this place called earth conducive for men.
And to enjoy the internet you need to purchase data, data might be too expensive for some. These could make it hard for some to enjoy the internet.
But the lovely thing about this is that, even if you don't have data to surf the internet, or you can't afford to use your airtime to browse. There is another means of browsing the internet which is through Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is inbuilt software that allows a computer, smartphone, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly in a specific area.
Now imagine having access to free Wi-Fi and its meant for only one user but you wish to share with your friends.

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You are in your favourite restaurant with free access to the internet, but you have been finding it hard to share the internet with your other gadgets...

You have a lot to download on one device, and you need the other to do some things on the internet but you are tired of the process of adding passwords or because the one you are using is already connected to the Wi-Fi.

Not just that, Seeing the kind of name that people use in savings their Wi-Fi in order to scare people away from connecting to it. Or the kind of heavy password that is longer than two paragraphs which might even have to recheck before sharing your Wi-Fi...

It is already clear to the man that one of the benefits of technology is solving human problems. Therefore, it is time to smile because Tecno has come with a super feature on their new products. The Tecno Camon 15 series, Spark 3 pro and Spark 5 series will be coming with a beautiful Wi-Fi share feature.

You already know that product from Tecno is always the best and affordable for users. This Wi-Fi share feature will answer all the questions to your hearts concerning the sharing of Wi-Fi.
TECNO devices like Camon 15 series, Spark 3 pro, and Spark 5 series, which is already endowed with more features also come along with this Wi-Fi share. Now to make things easier for you on how to use the Wi-Fi share. Follow the normal way of going through your phone settings, click on the Wi-Fi share, and let your other device or devices to scan your QRcode. That's all, easy and simple, right? No need for cramming the password again or using some funny passwords.

Now through this new feature, everyone will have access to browse the internet everywhere, anywhere at any time. That office unlimited Wi-Fi which was shared with you but you need to share it with your other gadgets. Just grab one of the mentioned Tecno new devices, click on your settings, and enjoy your Wi-Fi share through simple scanning of QRcode. Tecno is really making the internet world better and easier!

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ts31361197 14 #

Please , I have no wps button in my tecno spark 6 go
2021-5-17 02:33 Like(0)

275360026405 13 #

2020-8-9 07:08 Like(1)

270094920821 12 #

please in my Tecno spark 5,I don't have WPS push button.please why???
2020-6-27 15:27 Like(1)

Patterns 11 #

2020-6-21 07:06 Like(0)

Mustafa10750 10 #

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Mazen Alshehab 9 #

please in my tecno spark 3 pro  when i want to scan any network to add it
it doesn't  add the network and type check your internet connection
please help me
2020-6-17 18:33 Like(1)

254006297668 8 #

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Queen AAA 7 #

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CovenantOyetade 6 #

Thats good. ????????
2020-6-17 07:15 Like(0)

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