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Different Numbers Written On Memory Cards Explained!

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Hello T-fans!

Friends, though nowadays smartphones come with massive storage capacities, many of us still use memory cards on our smartphones. If you're in photography, you're using memory cards in camera as well. We have seen these memory cards millions of times, we have bought it but have you observed it carefully? Do you know what do the different numbers written on the memory card actually mean? Each memory card comes with different numbers on it. these determine the feature of the card. Well, if you don't know much, by the end of this thread you'll know for sure. So let's get started!

SD Card:


1.Maximum Read Speed – Here 30MB/s indicates the maximum read speed of the card. How fast SD card helps you to transfer data from and to the computer.
2.Capacity – In this image, 32 GB is the capacity of the card. It indicates the storage limit of the card. Capacity varies depending on the types of memory cards.
3.Type – You can identify the type of memory card, you are using. There are many types of memory cards, such as SD card, CF card and so on. Here it represents SDHC card.
4.Speed-Class Rating – This is an older speed-class rating. It is redundant to the UHS speed class, but many card manufacturers include it, as well, since many consumer products still recommend products based on the old standard. So in short, it represents SD card speed and comes with four classes 10, 6, 4 and 2. Class 10 represents the fastest and 2 slowest.
5.UHS Rating – he UHS rating of a card determines the maximum bus speed at which a card can read, assuming the memory in the card is fast enough to match it. UHS-I indicates that the card has maximum 104 MB/s read speed whereas UHS-II cards support maximum read speed of 312 MB/s.

Compact Flash Cards:

1.UDMA Rating - UDMA rating explains the maximum bus speed of the card at which a card can read. UDMA 1 supports maximum read speed of 16.7 MB/s and UDMA 7 supports up to 167 MB/s.
2.Write Speed – It indicates the speed at which images and videos can be written onto your card.
3.Max Read Speed – It determines the speed of the card at which rate transfer process will be carried out.
4.Capacity – The number shows how much space it has to store the data on it.

Sometimes you have seen written as 1000x type of numbers on compact cards, memory cards like this:

What does it mean? Well, this is a rather outdated way of expressing the max read speed.  It is based on the read speed of audio CDs at 150 KB/s. You can figure out how fast an 800x card is in KB/s by multiplying 150 by 800 and convert KB/s to MB/s by dividing by 1,000 (the answer is 120 MB/s) you could also just go by a card’s stated 120 MB/s speed in figure 5.

So, friends, this is all about the different kinds of numbers you see on the memory cards. Let me know in comments if your memory card has written any other number than this, or if you have seen any other type of number on any type of number. Share your thoughts on this thread/topic through your comments guys. See you soon with one more interesting tech thread. Till then, take care!

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