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AHA Games: All You Need To Know

AHA Games  |  2020-6-26 03:13 17193

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How many of you have seen AHA Games on your Tecno devices but paid little or no attention to it? Well, I was one of those but with the consistency of AHA games on this platform, I have discovered my new found love.  I hope after reading this and checking it out, you would find it as interesting as I do.

AHA Games is a distribution platform providing you with an unlimited library of Mobile Games (APK & HTML5). With over 15k free games to download and 20 million users worldwide, AHA Games is a platform where you can feed your entertainment pleasure until the very last drop!

AHA Games is committed to being the largest game distribution platform in Africa. First developed in Nigeria, AHA Games operated a local gaming community and gradually spread its influence to Kenya, Egypt, and India. The app is pre-installed on every Tecno device. As global game developers and publishers operate together through its platform, AHA Games ends up rendering service to a large number of users combined with local community activities.


Key Features of AHA Games

There are more than 15k free games of different genres to download! From hardcore Action to brain-teasing puzzle games, you can find a whole set of games to satisfy your entertainment needs.

2. Manage your AHA Games  Store:
You can rate, and give feedback to your favorite games on the platform! You can also view reviews and comments from other users of the platform.

3. Share your Games:
If you a game developer, then AHA Games is the best platform for you to publish and distribute your games.

PS: To download AHA Games, click here. If you are in the mood to kill some time while having fun,  make AHA Games your new playground.

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Brooks 10 #

the games there are fun and fast to download but they need some updates
some are just still old style
2020-6-28 14:14 Like(0)

Bolademi1 9 #

2020-6-28 07:41 Like(1)

Bolademi1 8 #

AHA games are great.
I got to know more about it through the gameking competition and I so much love the games.
2020-6-28 07:41 Like(0)

Dalitso 7 #

just got in to it through the gaming competition and the game's where very neat and good though some where just intro to the main games but it was the best
2020-6-28 07:01 Like(1)

Dalitso 6 #

it's tots awesome thanks for the information ????????????
2020-6-28 07:00 Like(0)

Kaleem Akhter 5 #

wow, i never knew about these features in AHA Games, i love gaming.
2020-6-28 02:45 Like(0)

caaqil22 4 #

we have play store we don't need
2020-6-27 23:38 Like(0)
  • Brooks : A-ha has fun games I mean alot a lot of them they just need some updates

    2020-6-28 14:10

  • ahiadzro : Seriously

    2020-6-28 02:43

mikosians 3 #

If you are ready just dm me on this platform
2020-6-26 07:19 Like(1)

mikosians 2 #

of course Aha games are the best, I got to know through the gaming competition, the nine games I played are still wowing me up to this day, you can also join me in playing these games today or dm me let's see who will defeat each other on Aha games, is anybody ready to take the challenge?
2020-6-26 07:18 Like(1)



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