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Work from home  |  2020-6-23 09:21 TECNO KC8 3538

rice with chicken
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michaelpears 4 #

I don't really like the traditional restaurant chicken fried rice. It's always laden with lots of oil, so I prefer to cook it myself. I also prefer brown rice to white rice since it has more fiber, protein, and it's packed with nutrients like sodium and magnesium. If you want it to have that exceptional and authentic Chinese taste, you gotta put some mirin. Frozen vegetables work well, but I always tend to go for fresh veggies (usually broccoli, peppers). Also, make sure the pan is not sticky and preferably carbon steel, cause these ones usually give better heat dispersion. I ordered mine online from diligent chef, and I loved it!
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ts68848986 3 #

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Rice with chicken is a great meal in my opinion, you can mix a lot of stuff. There is a secret on how you can cook it faster, and it's with countertop burner. Those things are really helpful, and anyone that likes cooking should have one. The reason for that is that when you have to cook for a party, you always need an extra cooking place for your food. I had problems, because my stove is a small one, and I really needed something like this. You can read about the best burners on homegarden website. They have good reviews, which help you but the thing you need.
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fb230508522409 2 #

hey, what do you prefer, cooking on a countertop burner or on a gas plate?
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king Alulu


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