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Hello T-Fans,
Battery usage is one of the important factors a lot of users consider when purchasing a new device. Most people would rather go for a device with a large battery MaH than for a high performing device. The poor electricity in the country is a contributing factor.

But having a large battery capacity is one thing, having a system that can fully optimize battery usage is another thing. A system that can fully optimize battery usage is better than just having a large battery without proper optimization. On HiOS, there is a feature called the Battery lab.


What is Battery Lab?
The HiOS battery lab is a feature that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to properly optimize battery usage on a device. The feature has various functions that help improve battery consumption on a device. The following are some of the features of the HiOS Battery Lab.

This is a smart power-saving function powered by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which learns and understands the usage of battery by apps and restrict power consumption of rarely used apps. There are two options under this function; Smart Power Saving and AI Smart Strategy Reminder.

The Smart Power Saving function’s main work is to help restrict the power consumption of rarely used apps in the background. These would help extend the battery life of your phone. It would also learn how you use your device and find the best battery saving method for you.

The AI Smart Strategy Reminder when powered-on on the other hand would, first of all, learn and understand your phone usage habit or pattern and then activate the airplane mode automatically when you are not using the device. You can also set a start time and an end time, for example, you can set 10 pm as your start time and 6 am as a stop time. This means the phone automatically goes to airplane mode by 10 pm and comes back to normal mode by 6 am.

This function allows you to choose which type of restriction you want for a particular app. When you select this feature, you are shown all the apps running on the device and you can select what restrictions you want on it. The option available include:
•        App Smart Power Saving
•        No Restrictions
•        Smart Shut it down in the background
•        Background running is prohibited

This feature offers you professional settings like; the Battery Saver Mode which restricts some heavy battery features on your device like video calls; The Power Management Feature which lists all the power-consuming apps and a function that allows you to set a reminder to close such apps when they are running in the background; the Advanced Settings which allows you control low power reminder, screen off push block, screen off sleep, screen off schedule push and battery optimization.

This function displays the battery usage time of each app on a device. It itemizes the app one after the other and shows the percentage of battery they have consumed.

This function also shows a graph of the battery last charge, drainage pattern, battery left, and the estimated time left before the battery goes off.

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j'ai un souci quand je me connecte mon premier message reçu, mon téléphone reste comme si je reçois toujours des message,
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khantkoko2152001 11 #

Thank you.
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272885043488 10 #

Batter backup not ni hai
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successobaro 4 #

my phone gets hot when I use it for about three hours, I don't know what to do.
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