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Pouvoir 4 pro memory...

Pouvoir 4 Series  |  2020-6-26 18:04 TECNO CF7 4417

I noticed something with the Pouvoir 4 pro that I would like clarification on by anyone, especially a Tecno staff pls...

On the Tecno website the Tecno Pouvoir 4 pro is shown to have 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM

But on almost all the review videos on YouTube, they show the same phone but with 64GB of Storage and 4GB of RAM

I personally haven't had access to the device because it's not yet available in my country, Liberia but it's the device I would love to buy but I need to be sure what I am paying for...

Can anyone clarify this for me pls

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30780311 5 #

poor data connectivity
2021-3-21 11:18 Like(0)

geegzy 4 #

Yeah the pouvoir 4pro is dope
2021-2-25 17:19 Like(0)

FLETY. 3 #

The 4 pro is in 2 version one is 4GB 64GB and 6GB 128GB But the most common 4GB 64GB
2020-9-11 10:26 Like(0)

Kwyn 2 #

This phone is complete
2020-7-3 19:04 Like(0)



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