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Hello T-Fans,
Using Android devices, everyone is used to the traditional three-button navigation or two-button navigation having the home button, the back button, and the task manager button at the button of the screen. But as a philosopher once said “Change is constant” which means the world is forever evolving and creating more advanced and high-tech features are the order of the day in the technology world. Tecno manufacturers are aware and ever mindful of this, thus always doing the best to make sure phones come with the latest in technology and features. This brings about the Gesture Navigation which is a new advancement from the Traditional Three-button Navigation or Two-button Navigation options.

Gesture Navigation is a tool which uses gestures, majorly swipes, and other actions to control your phone, rather than tapping on buttons. It's a cool tool for navigating through your phone's interface and apps. Gesture Navigation is available on the latest TECNO devices with HiOS 6.0.1 which is found on Android 10 pie phones.


How to activate Gesture Navigation.
You have to take the following steps to activate Gesture Navigation on your phone:
1.        Go to settings.
2.        Click on Systems Navigation.
3.        Select Gesture Navigation.

ges1.png ges2.png

How to Use Gesture Navigation
After setting Gesture Navigation, it is very important to know how to use it. A Gesture tutorial is available on some phone models such as Camon 15 series, Spark 3 Pro, and Spark 5 series.

The Gesture Tutorial teaches you how to use the Gesture Navigation by giving you instructions and asking you to do it; when you do it correctly it, it applauds you.   

If your phones don't come with a gesture tutorial, you don't have to worry. The Gesture Navigation is very easy to learn how to use.

There are four major instructions you need to learn:
1.        You have to Swipe up to return to the Home Screen.
2.        Swipe Up and Hold to see recent apps.
3.        Swipe from the Edges to go back.
4.        Swipe up from the lower edges to activate Google Assistant.

Easy and cool right? Yes, as simplest as A.B.C!
As you keep using the Gesture Navigation, you'll get so used to it, you'll not need to necessarily remember these instructions anymore.

Asides learning how to use the Gesture Navigation, you can also adjust additional settings.

Additional Settings.
In additional settings, you have two options:
•        Back sensitivity
•        Google Assistant


Back Sensitivity:
This helps you to regulate how sensitive you want your phone to be to your back gesture. Options for this Ranges from Very low, Low, Medium, and High.

Google Assistant:
You can choose to turn on or off using Gesture Navigation to turn on Google Assistant.

You can see that with Gesture Navigation, your phone doesn't just become more exciting and fun to use but also more tech-savvy. I'll encourage you to try out Gesture Navigation today, a very super amazing tool to make usage of your phone more exciting and doper.

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Wow nice
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