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ESSAY WRITING:Advantages of E-learning to physical learning(pros and con)

Campus  |  2020-6-30 13:28 TECNO BC2c 31928

Name:Abraham Goodness Olapade
Institution:Federal polytechnic Nasarawa
Dept:Chemical Engineering Technology

In this digital era, the education sector is undergoing a

massive transformation. Students and universities across

the world are not relying on the age-old, uni-dimensional,

chalk and board methods of learning anymore. Instead,

they have started to embrace a variety of online tools in

order to facilitate, simplify and contextualize the entire

learning process like bringing in e-learning in higher


Not only students and trainees use e-learning. Today, even

primary school children have smartphones, which means

that electronic learning begins with our little ones. In the

meantime, e-learningofferings have progressed so far that

learners feel almost like they are in the classroom. We will

explain what e-learning means and give you an overview of

the advantages and disadvantages.

That’s what e-learning means

E-Learning is the abbreviation for “Electronic Learning“. It

means electronic or self-determined learning. E-learning

includes all types of learning that use electronic and digital

media for all forms of learning materials. In addition, they

often include platforms on which teachers and learners can

communicate with each other online. This is often done

through chats or message boards. For example, if a course

is broadcast live, it is called a webinar.

Advantages of E-learning to Physical Learning

1. It’s cheaper: Your users can learn with any device that is

connected to the Internet. There’s no need to rent a

building or pay for expensive utility bills that are required to

provide students with a learning facility. In addition,

students and teachers will no longer commute to class,

thereby saving them money as well!

2. It takes less time: Not only does eliminating the need to

commute save money, but it also saves everyone time.

Moreover, the teacher or trainer doesn’t need to give the

same class repeatedly to different groups of students. He

or she only needs to prepare the content once and then

share it with different groups at anytime necessary.

3. It allows for self-paced learning:Students or trainees can

take courses from their own devices anytime and

anywhere. So, those who don’t have time for traditional

classes can learn online when they have the time.

4. It’s modern: Most people today prefer to consume

content using the Internet. The very fact that you are

reading this article online is proof of that! We now use the

Internet to read the news, watch our favorite TV shows,

chat with friends, book appointments, shop, and so much

more. Considering all of the convenience the Internet has

added to our daily lives, why should education remain

strictly traditional instead of utilizing the advantages

provided by the Internet?

5. Mobility

Combining education with work or other activities can be

often challenging for many. One of the factors that has

brought so much appeal to learning methods influenced by

technology is the mobility involved.

**Fuller,C.,2009,Advantages and disadvantages of E-learning

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I agree that we live in the age of new technologies and e-learning is convenient for many students because you can study without leaving home being in a comfortable place and conditions. But I think that physical learning can provide much more benefits and knowledge than e-learning. First of all, it gives the student the opportunity to be in good shape, because he attends sports classes. Thus, it has a positive effect on his health. Besides, physical learning teaches students to communicate with each other, helps to improve leadership skills, etc. Anyway, I want to say that I liked your essay, it's a great job! By the way, if any of you have essay writing problems, then you can read an article about how to find high quality online essay writer. So, I wish you good luck in your studies!  
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