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Hi Theme on HiOS

HiTheme  |  2020-7-1 08:38 2610134

Hello T-Fans,
Are you tired of the boring home screen, or too used to the same design and Colour on your screen? Do you want something stylish and cool, worry no more for there is a special feature that will help you change the look of your phone which include the theme, wallpaper, font, and even DIY.

Have you heard of Hi Theme, or have you used it before? below are info and tips on how to achieve the maximum aesthetics of your mobile phone through the use of Hi Theme.

hi theme.jpg

HI THEME: This is a feature of the HIOS launcher which controls the look, feel, and design of the apps, wallpaper, and fonts of a mobile phone. With its functions, users can get to change the theme, wallpaper, and fonts of their phones with ease. Hi Theme provides users with tons of Wallpaper, themes, and fonts to choose from.

When you open the Hi Theme app it has four Categories;

1) WEEKLY: under the weekly category is made up of themes, wallpaper, and DIY ready for different week, theme and wallpaper are been selected as best for each week and displayed in the weekly category to enable user see the best theme and wallpaper for the week and also download it to use for the Particular week they are in.

t1.png t2.png   

2)WALLPAPER: The wallpaper categories are made up of series and different types of Wallpaper ranging from nature to technology, business, fashion, sports, etc. The Wallpaper section has other sub-features to enable users to choose the right and perfect wallpaper easily and fast.

They include the
•        Ranking icon
•        Category
•        Local

~The Ranking feature: you get to see the wallpapers that are ranking highest either for the week or total.

t3.png t4.png

~The Category feature: arranges wallpaper according to different genres and types, we have different categories like business, fashion, technology, animal, car, photograph, etc. So you get to choose which category you like the most, for instance, I want to have a wallpaper this is a photo of a grasshopper, the easiest way to get that Wallpaper is by going to the nature category and look for it there...very easy and fast.

t5.png t6.png

~The third sub-feature which is the Local, helps you see your phone's internal wallpaper and also downloaded wallpaper and also live wallpaper if you have any.

t7.png t8.png

To set any wallpaper of your choice, click the Particular image and download it, and after downloading you can now set it as your wallpaper, either as home screen wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper or both.

3)THEME: Themes beautify the appearance of a phone screen, it makes a phone appealing to the eye, changing the designs of the application icons and even the wallpaper too. Difference between a wallpaper and a theme is, a wallpaper describes only the background say, of your phone screen while a theme is a broad color/style scheme that affects not only the wallpaper (background) but the color of app folders, the search engine, and your layout, overall fitting the whole aesthetic of your device into one style

There are hundreds of themes in the Hi theme store where you get to select the best theme appealing to you. The theme is grouped into the ranking and the category sections where you have, romance, technology, nature, etc. and they are ranked weekly and Total.

t9.png t10.png
Still, under the Theme section, we have the DIY button, DIY meaning DO IT YOURSELF is a special feature that allows you to create your own theme from your collection, you have the opportunity to choose the icon style and the wallpaper you want to enable you to create your own theme. The DIY feature has to do with Creativity where you are allowed to create any theme you want using your downloaded collections. You also have the opportunity to upload your DIY to the Hi theme store for other users to download.

t11.png t12.png

You can also click on the Local Icon on the Theme section to access the themes you have downloaded and also the internal themes and from there you can apply them to beautify your phone.

4)FONTS: All most everyone is tired of their default font or system font, but you can make your phone look stylish with the Hi fonts from the Hi Theme App. Fonts styles also add to the aesthetics of a phone, it makes the phone look cool. So to change your font style open the Hi Theme and Click on the font icon and select the Font you want, download it, and apply it. voila, your phone becomes classy.

t13.png t14.png

Another wonderful feature in the Hi Theme app is the Magazine Lock screen, this feature basically displays random photos and quotes as your lock screen wallpaper, and it auto-updates itself from time to time to grab new photos. You can turn it off if you don't like it.

t15.png t16.png

In the Hi Theme app, we have the settings button where you can set to receive the theme update notification, set religious preference, see user feedback, and agreement.

t17.png t18.png

Lastly and most importantly, before you can access all these features of the Hi Theme, you have to login or register, there are many methods of Login, either via Facebook, or Google account, or HIOS account.

t19.png t20.png

With this Wonderful App/ Feature of HIOS, phone users can now customize the look of their device to their taste and also make their device look stylish and Beautiful. This is one more reason to patronize Tecno mobile. Thanks to TECNO and HIOS Team for their efforts to make us enjoy the new style, look, and designs in our Mobile phones.

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276855872407 25 #

2020-8-4 17:01 Like(1)

276855872407 24 #

2020-8-4 17:01 Like(1)

RustyRSa 23 #

can you change the icon background colours
2020-7-25 07:10 Like(2)

ts3036854967 22 #

I've installed What's app on my Tecno Spark 4 but I can't find it on any of my on-screen folders. Every time I need to open it from play store each time. How to fix it?
2020-7-22 12:08 Like(1)

Goldmakdon 21 #

please how can I clone an application on Tecno camon 11 pro
2020-7-20 20:19 Like(1)

Nicklo 20 #

Can't keep calm when it comes to themes????,i'd be singing themes all day long, how i love tecno features.

The themes of all thing make me want to cry, the rate of love i have for sweet theme plus sweet font makes me fall in love with my phone view over and over again
2020-7-20 09:43 Like(1)

Guddy-Osama 19 #

please, where can I put in for the photography monthly contest
2020-7-20 04:27 Like(1)

274050557200 18 #

why can't I change the font type , in all apps apart from the home screen
2020-7-19 14:40 Like(1)

Quty 17 #

My HIOS account refused to sign in or register a new account it keeps saying server error
2020-7-18 08:51 Like(1)

273430593593 16 #

quero ativar o Tecno no meu telefone como administrador
2020-7-16 06:37 Like(1)

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