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The TECNO Camon series has been one of the TECNO best smartphone series second best to the Phantom Series, popularly know for their camera centric nature. The Camon series exclusively focused on acquiring quality camera especially the front facing aspect which has seen a lot of advancement over the years. Over the years, we have witnessed evolution of TECNO Camon Camera.

First launched in the year 2015, The TECNO Camon C5 was the first Camon phone. The Camon C5 comes with a rear camera of 8MP. Although in size the primary camera is 8MP, it's effectiveness and productivity are boosted by its glass and dedicated camera technology. A front camera of 2MP is also available for selfies.
Also in the year 2015, the TECNO Camon C8 was launched which proves to be an upgrade of the TECNO Camon C5. The Camon C8 has an improved 13MP Rear camera which enables the device to provide stunning recollection of scenes. The camera can be activated by voice or a dedicated camera button. The front camera is 5MP for better selfies and video conferencing.
A year after in 2016 came its successor The TECNO Camon C9. It comes with 13 Megapixel rear and front camera with dual LED flash and other features like deep skin beautification and Auto focus. Auto focus is a camera feature that fine - times the focus of the camera.
Soon after in March 2017, Then came the successor to the Camon C9, The TECNO Camon CX. The Camon CX comes with a 16MP rear camera and not one, but four rear LED flash to help brighten the photos in low light conditions. It has a 16MP front camera  along with a dual LED flash on the sides.
In January 2018, The  TECNO Camon CM was launched. The evolution took a step backward by launching the Camon CM as it comes with a 13MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera with Quad flash compared to its predecessor's 16MP front/rear camera.
But it was a minor setback for a major comeback, just before the end of 2018, TECNO bounced back with the launch of the CAMON X and X Pro. The Camon X pack a 20MP front camera and a 16MP rear camera while the Camon X Pro comes with an even larger 24MP front camera and also a 16MP rear camera.

user_header.jpg Just when we all taught that was the end for the Camon Series, toward the end of 2018, TECNO bedazzled us with the launch of Camon 11 and 11 Pro, shifting the camera world to a Dual camera. The Camon 11 comes with the 13MP AI dual rear camera ( 13MP + 2MP) and also a 16MP AI clear selfie camera, while the Camon 11 Pro comes with AI selfie camera of 24MP and a 16MP + 5MP Dual rear camera which enables its  users to take impressive studio quality photo.

user_header.jpg Then in 2019, The Camon 12 Series was launched, unlike it's predecessor, the Camon 12 comes with a triple AI camera. The Camon 12 comes in three forms;
The Camon 12 Air, it has a 16MP triple rear camera with quad flash and a 8MP front camera. user_header.jpg
The Camon 12 has a 16MP AI triple camera and a AI clear selfie camera or 16 MP. user_header.jpg While the last device The Camon 12 Pro is exactly the same of the Camon 12 triple AI camera but had a AI selfie camera of 32MP. user_header.jpg Now to the latest mobile device in the Camon Family. In April, 2020 TECNO launched The Camon 15 Series. It was the first mobile online launch in Africa. The Camon 15 Series is a total upgrade of the Camon 12, switching from the triple AI Camera to the Quad Ultra Camera with the newly introduced TAIVOS (TECNO Artificial Intelligence Vision Optimization Solution). Just like its predecessor the Camon 15 comes in three devices.
The Camon 15 Air has a 48MP Ultra Quad Camera with quad flash
48 MP Main Camera
2MP Secondary Camera
2MP AI Bokeh Effect and AI Lens. It also has  a 8MP front camera with dual flash. user_header.jpg
The Camon 15, which comes with 48MP Ultra Quad Camera with quad flash
48 MP Main Camera
2MP Secondary Camera
2MP AI Bokeh Effect and TAIVOS/AI Lens and a 16MP front camera. user_header.jpg The Camon 15 Premier which comes with 64MP Ultra Quad Camera with quad flash 64 MP Main Camera
5MP Secondary Camera
2MP AI Bokeh Effect and TAIVOS/AI Lens and a 32 MP POP UP Camera, the first of its kind user_header.jpg Now aside from the camera which we all know is going to be exceptional on the next Camon device which other specs do you think the next TECNO Camon device will have? What name would it be?

Let us know in the comment section down below.
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ts09061790031 4 #

wow. now I know d history ????♥️
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Lekomchi 3 #

Nice one
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270964389244 2 #

I love this camera 15
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