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3 Signs That Your Current Relationship Has No Future

Feedback  |  2016-3-15 11:52 14779

Many of us are in relationships with no future; as a matter of fact we don’t know why we are dating.People just date because they have to, or because the guy or girl is helping with a need. This is why marriages these days are over before it even starts.

Sadly nowadays people in relationships can’t even tolerate each other, it’s funny because relationships are often happy at the beginning but over time they become negative without even realizing it. Relationships require hard work and effort to make it work.

These below are signs to show you your relationship may not last.


Everyone has their good and bad sides and a good partner will accept all of your flaws. Your partner doesn’t have to watch football with you but they should accept the fact that you like watching football and leave you to enjoy it without judgment. If your partner doesn’t like your career choice or the way you walk or eat it is time for you to leave. Being unable to accept one another for who you are is one of the biggest signs that the relationship won’t work out.
Accepting each other works both ways, it is only natural that if your partner loves you for who you are you should be able to offer them the same. If there are things your partner does that you hate or cannot come to terms with, why are you with them?


My truth is love is not enough, sometime ago I left a good man and a relationship because he didn’t trust me, probably I had given him reasons to distrust me he couldn’t forgive me or let it go completely so we kept having issues and moving back and forth. I took the bold step and broke up with him because I realized there is no future and that if we fought so much in the relationship how are we going to survive in marriage. The worst decision you can make is choosing to stay when you don’t trust them. If you find yourself checking his/her phone which I am sure a lot of us do when they leave the room breaking up and moving on may be the best option for you. When trust is broken in a relationship it can’t be recovered.


This is very important, if I am going all 100 for you I expect to get 100. Relationships are give and take both partners need to give and take, and sometimes a partner may give more or take more. This can cause a problem as you should both be putting an equal amount of effort into the relationship. If one of you doesn’t care enough to meet the other halfway, it could be a sign that the relationship has become unhealthy and negative.

If you are confused about your relationship this should help you make a decision on moving forward.

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AdeOluwaTomiwa 4 #

I'm a reverend :D
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Strawberrycustard 3 #

Another sign is not being excited about each other. You're supposed to be crazy abt that person, miss them, check up on them, feel butterflies in ur stomach as oyinbo would say.You cant truly love someone n hv 'I dont care' attitude towards them.  Its a little sign that many ppl overlook and then they end up bored of each other, avoiding each other n looking 4 excitement outside, which leads to cheating.
2016-3-15 13:42 Like(0)

OyinDebrah 2 #

+You say I love you first and your partner never did
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