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When you talk about the function of a mobile phone, there is no way you won't talk about Gaming. A popular quote says "All work and no play makes John a __". A mobile phone without a game installed in it. Maybe the person was born in the 30's.

Ever wonder where you can download quality games of different genre and categories for free. Then you haven't come across AHA Games.

AHA Games is a distribution platform providing you with an unlimited library of mobile games. With over 15,000 free games to download and 20 millions users globally. AHA Games is Africa Number 1 Gaming app.


Originated back in Nigeria as a local gaming community. AHA Games expanded to 3 other countries which are; Kenya, Egypt and India. AHA Games comes pre-installed in 3 major brand phones (TECNO, Itel and Infinix).

AHA Games has different genre and style of games like the action, sports, adventure and the rest and they can be downloaded for free and you also have the chance to rate, review an manage all your favorite games on the AHA Games platform. The platform support both APK and H5 Game format and also local payment and in- game purchases.


AHA Games has taken another step further in the evolution of gaming by introducing the game Lobby which allows its users to play game online without even downloading it.

AHA Games also provides all games developers the opportunity to see their games being included in the AHA Games app. They also offer diversified advertising sources which provide monetization on the website and the app.

AHA Games is platform for all either you are an active gamer or a game developer, AHA Games got you covered.

Feel free to hit the like button and also tell us your review about the AHA Games app and also the Game Lobby
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