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Hi Theme on HiOS


HiOS Official Account | 2020-07-0171035

Hello T-Fans, Are you tired of the boring home screen, or too used to the same design and Colour on your screen? Do you want something stylish and cool, worry no more for there is a special feature that will help you change the look of your phone which include the theme, wallpaper, font, and even DIY. Have you heard of Hi Theme, or have you used it before? below are info and tips on how to achieve the maximum aesthetics of your mobile phone through the use of Hi Theme. HI THEME: This is a feature of the HIOS launcher which controls the look, feel, and design of the apps, wallpaper, and fonts of a mobile phone. With its functions, users can get to change the theme, wallpaper, and fonts of their phones with ease. Hi Theme provides users with tons of Wallpaper, themes, and fonts to choose from. When you open the Hi Theme app it has four Categories; 1) WEEKLY: under the weekly category is made up of themes, wallpaper, and DIY ready for different week, theme and wallpaper are been selected as best for each week and displayed in the weekly category to enable user see the best theme and wallpaper for the week and also download it to use for the Particular week they are in. 2)WALLPAPER: The wallpaper categories are made up of series and different types of Wallpaper ranging from nature to technology, business, fashion, sports, etc. The Wallpaper section has other sub-features to enable users to choose the right and perfect wallpaper easily and fast. They include the • Ranking icon • Category • Local ~The Ranking feature: you get to see the wallpapers that are ranking highest either for the week or total. ~The Category feature: arranges wallpaper according to different genres and types, we have different categories like business, fashion, technology, animal, car, photograph, etc. So you get to choose which category you like the most, for instance, I want to have a wallpaper this is a photo of a grasshopper, the easiest way to get that Wallpaper is by going to the nature category and look for it there...very easy and fast. ~The third sub-feature which is the Local, helps you see your phone's internal wallpaper and also downloaded wallpaper and also live wallpaper if you have any. To set any wallpaper of your choice, click the Particular image and download it, and after downloading you can now set it as your wallpaper, either as home screen wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper or both. 3)THEME: Themes beautify the appearance of a phone screen, it makes a phone appealing to the eye, changing the designs of the application icons and even the wallpaper too. Difference between a wallpaper and a theme is, a wallpaper describes only the background say, of your phone screen while a theme is a broad color/style scheme that affects not only the wallpaper (background) but the color of app folders, the search engine, and your layout, overall fitting the whole aesthetic of your device into one style There are hundreds of themes in the Hi theme store where you get to select the best theme appealing to you. The theme is grouped into the ranking and the category sections where you have, romance, technology, nature, etc. and they are ranked weekly and Total. Still, under the Theme section, we have the DIY button, DIY meaning DO IT YOURSELF is a special feature that allows you to create your own theme from your collection, you have the opportunity to choose the icon style and the wallpaper you want to enable you to create your own theme. The DIY feature has to do with Creativity where you are allowed to create any theme you want using your downloaded collections. You also have the opportunity to upload your DIY to the Hi theme store for other users to download. You can also click on the Local Icon on the Theme section to access the themes you have downloaded and also the internal themes and from there you can apply them to beautify your phone. 4)FONTS: All most everyone is tired of their default font or system font, but you can make your phone look stylish with the Hi fonts from the Hi Theme App. Fonts styles also add to the aesthetics of a phone, it makes the phone look cool. So to change your font style open the Hi Theme and Click on the font icon and select the Font you want, download it, and apply it. voila, your phone becomes classy. Another wonderful feature in the Hi Theme app is the Magazine Lock screen, this feature basically displays random photos and quotes as your lock screen wallpaper, and it auto-updates itself from time to time to grab new photos. You can turn it off if you don't like it. In the Hi Theme app, we have the settings button where you can set to receive the theme update notification, set religious preference, see user feedback, and agreement. Lastly and most importantly, before you can access all these features of the Hi Theme, you have to login or register, there are many methods of Login, either via Facebook, or Google account, or HIOS account. With this Wonderful App/ Feature of HIOS, phone users can now customize the look of their device to their taste and also make their device look stylish and Beautiful. This is one more reason to patronize Tecno mobile. Thanks to TECNO and HIOS Team for their efforts to make us enjoy the new style, look, and designs in our Mobile phones.
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CyBlinks | 2020-06-293105

A beautiful girl named Bella was found dead in her room. The door was locked and the room had no window. The only 4 people who had a key to the room were questioned. Sophia the maid: “I was in the kitchen washing plates and didn’t see anything.” Jack the cook: “I came to tell her that her food was ready; when I saw her dead, I screamed!” Sarah the governess: “When I heard the scream, I ran into the room, turned on the light and saw Bella with a knife in her neck.” John the butler: “I rushed up alongside Sarah; when she turned on the light, the room was all bloody.” Who did it?Read all >>

Multitasking on Tecno Camon 15: The Split Screen Feature.

yusufaliu | 2020-06-30182

CAMON 15 Series
This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2020-6-30 06:52 Hello T-fans. Quite a lot makes the Camon 15 unique, not just by design but features, and functionalities inclusive. One of which is the split screen feature, which lets you multitask in a whole new way. You can watch a movie while chatting at thesame time, check your emails whilebrowsing through other sites etc. To enable split screen for compatible apps on your device, click on the recent button at the bottom left of your device, next to your home button. You will get a list of your recent apps. Move through the list by scrolling left or right to find your target app (e.g chrome). If the split screen feature is compatible with your target app, you will see the split screen icon above it as shown in the photo below. Click on the icon and the app will take over the top half display of your device. After which you will be presented again witha list of your recent apps at the bottom. Move through the list by scrolling left or right at the bottom where it is displayed. Select from the list of apps the split screen icon for another of your target app or click on the app itself (e.g Youtube). You will get a display combination of both, seperated by a middle slide as shown in the photo below. So if for example I'm a student going through an electronic course material of Mathematics on Rational Exponents. And I would like to have my phone calculator with me while working through examples or practice problems within the course material. All I need to do is to ensure that the course material and calculator is on my recent apps. To do this, I need to launch both apps seperately which would add them both to my recent apps menu when I use the recent button. Next, I click on the split screen icon on my calculator app from the recent apps menu as shown below. This will leave the calculator display at the top half of my device, and the bottom half with a list of my recent apps. To fill the bottom half, all I need to do is scroll through the list and select my preferred reader which in this case am going to be using adobe reader because the electronic course material is a pdf file. Once I locate adobe reader, I can either click on it directly or use the split screen icon attached to it to pin it to the bottom half of my display as shown below. Doing this will give me a combination of both apps on a single display seperated by a slider at the middle which I can use to either make one appear bigger than the other or use to exit the split screen mode for any of both apps by dragging it towards the app to the very end. Do you use the split screen feature? Share with us your thoughts in the comment box, and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

What Would You Like to See in the Next Tecno Device?

yusufaliu | 2020-06-30496

Hello T-fans. Standing as the number one preference in the country today, when it comes to high-end smartphone technological designs, features and functionalities at a remarkable price, Tecno Mobile has evolved from just a brand to a home for all mobile users. Innovations from the brand which has broken boundaries, and limits to technological possibilities has opened up the heart's of many to a new found love. At first, when we thought a photo studio was the only place, best for photography, and the only tool worthy of making that happen was a digital camera, Tecno proved us wrong with the Camon Series. Moving from a single camera, to dual camera, triple camera and now, a quad camera armed with Taivos (Tecno's Artificial Intelligence Optimization Solution) that sees beyond the night with its supernight mode. Bringing the very best of photography to anyday, anytime, anywhere. With the epileptic power supply in the country leaving us down on charge and most times unreachable via mobile for days, putting halt to business communication, inability to reach out to love ones, an in entirety, away from the digital life, came the Pouvoir series with a 5000mah battery capacity to the recent 6000mah with a count down time of days for battery drain. Taking beauty as paramount, reflecting on youthfulness, built on a foundation of forever young, Tecno gave birth to the Spark Series. Adding splendour and flamboyancy to a wealth of mobile features. Centering the very best of modern day technology, from amoled to an in-display fingerprint, massive ram, and rom etc came the Phantom series. All of these devices came with its own uniqueness that has added and improved on the very best of smartphone technology. But, here's the question, what would you like to see in the next Tecno device? Let us hear from you in the comment box and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

Secure Start-up Lock: All You Need to Know

ahiadzro | 2020-06-300116

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-6-30 21:57 Secure Start-up Lock, once enabled will ask for your password or PIN during the system boot-up process before loading any network or disk related functions making it impossible for a potential hacker to break into your device and steal any data. Until your device starts-up, it can not receive calls, messages, or notifications including alarms. It helps protect data on locked or stolen devices. How To Enable This Feature: 1. Navigate to Settings and then click on Security and Location (Security on Android 10 devices)2. Select Screen Lock and then choose either the PIN or password. (Do not click on the setting icon)3. On the next screen, (Secure start-up would take over; you should click YES)4. Enter the PIN or password, you have decided to use to protect your device and proceed.5. Now if you restart your device, it will ask for the PIN or password at the starting screen and refused to go any further until you enter the right one. PS: To deactivate this service follow the same process and click NO. Please refer to number 3. However, if your device gets lost, you should know you would not be able to trace it with this service enabled. See Also: 1. Smart Lock: All You Need to Know 2. Screen Pinning (The Security Benefits) Read all >>

AHA Games Community Survey

Aha Games | 2020-06-2915499

AHA Games
It's our desire to serve you better so you can keep having enjoyable gaming moments with us. We would like you take this 1 minute survey so we can learn more about you and how we can our serve you better Click here to do the survey - You also get the chance to be invited into a Global gaming community where you get access to exclusive game offers and a chance to interact with gamers from around the world . . . #survey #research #gamelobby #gaming #mobilegaming #ahagames #mobilegamer Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-06-29274355

Hello T-Fans, Yes, Father's day is over! Or is it? Remember we told you that we got so many amazing entries, and it was difficult picking just 10... Well, we went a step further and created an album of all the amazing entries we got! Yes, an e-album... Click on this link to view it! What page is your entry? Father's Day Album Read all >>

Quick Camera Access on Camon 15

ahiadzro | 2020-06-282253

CAMON 15 Series
This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-6-28 05:05 One problem most photography lovers face is locating their camera in the presence of something beautiful. But with your Camon 15, there is always a quick opportunity to take something beautiful within the blink of an eye. How Does This Work? Step 1: To quickly have access to your camera even when your screen is locked (or incase a friend ask to use your camera but you want to protect your privacy), just tap on the power button,and drag your hands from your punch hole camera to the middle of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below. This would quickly grant you access to your camera. Step 2: With Micro Intelligences Quick Start enabled, all you need to do is to trace the letter 'C' on your locked screen and you would quickly have access to your camera. See Also: 1. The Best Mobile Photography Tips For You 2. Receive Calls Beautifully, Try This! 3. Punch-hole Camera Phones: All You Need to Know Read all >>

Tips And Tricks: Some Magical Android Tips And Tricks

Sumit Verma | 2020-06-292141

Hi T-fans! Keeping your files safe doesn’t have to be a difficult task! Follow these tips for phone security You may not realize it, but without proper security, someone can access the personal information on your Android smartphone­­ your credit card numbers, personal photos, and location information. So, how do you keep yourself safe? Here are a few tips: Add a Password Be sure to set a lock­screen password on your phone. Yes, it may seem like a pain, but this simple step can help keep prying eyes away from your data and images, especially in the case of loss or theft. Look under the “Settings” option to make this change. Password Strength If your phone is stolen, you don’t want thieves to access information about you and your loved ones. Instead, take the time to make your passwords tricky. One option is grouping separate, unrelated words, like “mop,” “gear,” or “flower,” to craft your password. Fill the blanks between these words with random letters and symbols. Use different passwords for every network, and keep track of your passwords offline. Automatic Wi­Fi Networks and Bluetooth Disable the option to automatically connect with available Wi­Fi and Bluetooth networks. This way, your phone won’t send your data elsewhere without your knowledge. Online Scams Chances are you’ll someday receive an email that says your bank account needs attention, or that you need to check on an undeliverable package. It will ask for your account information, and even your credit card number, to verify. Before sending any personal information, look closely. Hover over links to see if they are from the bank, or an imposter. Make sure it’s legitimate before sending anything. Watch Your Phone Keep an eye on your phone when you’re in public spaces. Leaving your phone behind may put your data in the wrong hands. If you have added a lock­screen password, it will be more difficult for someone to access your personal info. Without this password, your unattended phone is an invitation for trouble. Be Secure PSafe TOTAL is a great way to keep your information safe and secure, no matter where you are or what you are doing. With PSafe TOTAL, you will gain antivirus protection with the highest score in AV­TESTING, having received top marks for its easy use and comprehensive protection. It’s a win­win when it comes to smartphone security. Safety First You can enjoy the convenience and portability of your smartphone, without the security concerns, by keeping these tips in mind. Read Also: How to fix OTG connected PopUp error How to transfer Facebook photos to Google photos Some Magical Android Tricks like see notification even after cleaning them,or know phone Info just dialing a number and one more very danger :) How To recall sent email in gmail Read all >>


McKenzie | 2020-06-293289

CAMON 15 Series
This post was last edited by McKenzie at 2020-6-30 00:14 The TECNO Camon series has been one of the TECNO best smartphone series second best to the Phantom Series, popularly know for their camera centric nature. The Camon series exclusively focused on acquiring quality camera especially the front facing aspect which has seen a lot of advancement over the years. Over the years, we have witnessed evolution of TECNO Camon Camera. First launched in the year 2015, The TECNO Camon C5 was the first Camon phone. The Camon C5 comes with a rear camera of 8MP. Although in size the primary camera is 8MP, it's effectiveness and productivity are boosted by its glass and dedicated camera technology. A front camera of 2MP is also available for selfies. Also in the year 2015, the TECNO Camon C8 was launched which proves to be an upgrade of the TECNO Camon C5. The Camon C8 has an improved 13MP Rear camera which enables the device to provide stunning recollection of scenes. The camera can be activated by voice or a dedicated camera button. The front camera is 5MP for better selfies and video conferencing. A year after in 2016 came its successor The TECNO Camon C9. It comes with 13 Megapixel rear and front camera with dual LED flash and other features like deep skin beautification and Auto focus. Auto focus is a camera feature that fine - times the focus of the camera. Soon after in March 2017, Then came the successor to the Camon C9, The TECNO Camon CX. The Camon CX comes with a 16MP rear camera and not one, but four rear LED flash to help brighten the photos in low light conditions. It has a 16MP front cameraalong with a dual LED flash on the sides. In January 2018, TheTECNO Camon CM was launched. The evolution took a step backward by launching the Camon CM as it comes with a 13MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera with Quad flash compared to its predecessor's 16MP front/rear camera. But it was a minor setback for a major comeback, just before the end of 2018, TECNO bounced back with the launch of the CAMON X and X Pro. The Camon X pack a 20MP front camera and a 16MP rear camera while the Camon X Pro comes with an even larger 24MP front camera and also a 16MP rear camera. Just when we all taught that was the end for the Camon Series, toward the end of 2018, TECNO bedazzled us with the launch of Camon 11 and 11 Pro, shifting the camera world to a Dual camera. The Camon 11 comes with the 13MP AI dual rear camera ( 13MP + 2MP) and also a 16MP AI clear selfie camera, while the Camon 11 Pro comes with AI selfie camera of 24MP and a 16MP + 5MP Dual rear camera which enables itsusers to take impressive studio quality photo . Then in 2019, The Camon 12 Series was launched, unlike it's predecessor, the Camon 12 comes with a triple AI camera. The Camon 12 comes in three forms; The Camon 12 Air, it has a 16MP triple rear camera with quad flash and a 8MP front camera . The Camon 12 has a 16MP AI triple camera and a AI clear selfie camera of 16 MP . While the last device The Camon 12 Pro is exactly the same of the Camon 12 triple AI camera but had a AI selfie camera of 32MP . Now to the latest mobile device in the Camon Family. In April, 2020 TECNO launched The Camon 15 Series. It was the first mobile online launch in Africa. The Camon 15 Series is a total upgrade of the Camon 12, switching from the triple AI Camera to the Quad Ultra Camera with the newly introduced TAIVOS (TECNO Artificial Intelligence Vision Optimization Solution). Just like its predecessor the Camon 15 comes in three devices. The Camon 15 Air has a 48MP Ultra Quad Camera with quad flash 48 MP Main Camera 2MP Secondary Camera 2MP AI Bokeh Effect and AI Lens. It also hasa 8MP front camera with dual flash. The Camon 15, which comes with 48MP Ultra Quad Camera with quad flash 48 MP Main Camera 2MP Secondary Camera 2MP AI Bokeh Effect and TAIVOS/AI Lens and a 16MP front camera. The Camon 15 Premier which comes with 64MP Ultra Quad Camera with quad flash 64 MP Main Camera 5MP Secondary Camera 2MP AI Bokeh Effect and TAIVOS/AI Lens and a 32 MP POP UP Camera, the first of its kind Now aside from the camera which we all know is going to be exceptional on the next Camon device which other specs do you think the next TECNO Camon device will have? What name would it be? Let us know in the comment section down below.Read all >>

SocialTurbo #WhatsApp #CallRecord #HiOS6.0.1 #TecnoMobile

Abraham Sidy Diomaye Faye | 2020-06-26189

Have you tried the Social turbo app on your phone? Do you know you can record your WhatsApp calls without any hassles. Social Turbo let's you enhance your WhatsApp experience and make it all the more enjoyable. Have you tried recording your WhatsApp calls yet? #SocialTurbo #WhatsApp #CallRecord #HiOS6.0.1 #TecnoMobileRead all >>

Facebook is finally rolling out Dark mode

Gishman | 2020-06-30158

This post was last edited by Gishman at 2020-6-30 01:10 Facebook is finally rolling out Dark mode Facebook has revealed that "a small percentage of users globally" are getting a taste of Dark mode in the Facebook app. It's likely that Facebook will enable the feature for more and more users, both on iOS and Android, this week. So far Facebook's Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp received Dark mode and even Facebook Lite, but not the official Facebook app. If things run smoothly there's a good chance everyone will be getting a taste of Dark mode in their Facebook app in the coming weeks. Read all >>


Gishman | 2020-06-29274

This post was last edited by Gishman at 2020-6-30 00:41 Siku ya Tarehe 27 June 2020 ndio tuliyoenda kuwasilisha mahitaji mbalimbali pamoja na elimu husika kwaajili ya watoto katika kituo Cha Chanika Children Shelter Ahsante Sana @bintisalha_foundation , @herinitiative, @startimestz na wadau wengine wote walioungana na sisi kufanikisha swala hili ???? #Kwapamojatuwasaidie #kuwashujaawangu #TogetherWeServeThem S O U R C E Read all >>

The Top 10 Gaming Kings are Here!

Aha Games | 2020-06-25853905

AHA Games
We have our 10 Gaming Kings. Congratulations to all our Top 10 winners. You have won for yourselves a Brand New Tecno Pourvoir 4 Phone courtesy Tecno Mobile and AHA Games. The selection for the top 10 was tough but you are all Winners. Special recognition to the only female Gaming King among them : @cyblinks. We are pleased to announce the top 10 Gaming Kings in no particular order. They are: 1. jarose, user id:497402 2. Brooks, user id: 203200 3. Jaypee, user id: 497202 4. Olatunde Olu J, user id: 562802 5. Dani z9, user id: 563308 6. BasitHabib, user id: 543074 7. emranspy, user id: 565153 8. Exceptional, user id: 508034 9. Cy Blinks, user id: 502656 10.ts7013507125, user id: 501139 Kinldy send us valid details with your phone number, social media handle, country, address so you can redeem your prizes. Please Send all 'valid' details as a dm or inbox message "only" on or before 23:55 pm 30/06/2020. Failure to submit valid details on or before the stipulated time "23:55 pm" 30/06/2020 or sending incorrect details will lead to forfeiture of your prize. Good Luck! Read all >>

[2 DAYS COUNTDOWN] $38,000 left to be won!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-06-29355666

TECNO Gallery
Dear T--Fans, Last 2 days to join in June Photography Contest!$38,000 worth of prize left to be won! This time, the first round will be chosen by professional staff based on creativity, matching with the monthly theme and quality of the picture.Spark your creativity with TECNO device! Important rules:① Photos must be taken by TECNO device② Must take photos about June’s themes ③ You can use photo editing app to maximize photo’s visual appeal④ Must choose TECNO Gallery - June Photographer Contest ⑤ Must follow TECNO GALLERY Click here to post Read all >>


OKayode | 2020-06-260189

Hi T-Fans, Screencast lets you mirror your android device to the TV so you can enjoy your content exactly as you see it on your mobile, it only makes your content bigger. How to use SCREENCAST your Android to your TV1. Make sure your phone is running Android 5.0 or higher version and your TV comes equipped with Chromecast.2. Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network as your smart TV. 3. Open the app that has the content that you want to cast. 4. In the app find and select cast. 5.On your device select the name of your TV. 6. When cast changes color , you are successfully connected To stop casting, select cast >disconnect. Download the CarlCare app today to get more tips and guides. #CarlcareService #Tips Read all >>
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