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TECNO Gallery

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-07-03853672

Dear T-fans, Thank you T-Fans for participating in our monthly TECNO Photography Contest. We have collected so many amazing photos during the contest taken by TECNO Phones! Thanks a million to all of you for sharing such amazing photos. It was our pleasure to check them all but the hardest part is to select only 3 of them to win Photographer of June and get audience’s choice prize ! It is now your time to vote for the best ones and help them win the prize! #01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #06
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A Thank You Message To AHA Games!

jarose | 2020-07-0238529

AHA Games
Hello T-Fans! I am Jarose from Ghana and one of the Gaming King Competition winner. It's a great opportunity as a Tecno smart phone user to have T-Spot account as there are a lot of campaigns that are ran on the T-spot Official website that could win you goodies and exciting prizes. Well, let me quickly take this very moment to thank AHA Games and Tecno Mobile for their initiatives that won me this awesome Tecno Pouvoir 4 smart phone. Having unboxed the phone include; the Device (Pouvoir 4), Transparent Back cover, AC Charger Head, USB Cable, Earphones, Warranty Card and Sim Ejector Tool. I'll like to recommend all the game lovers on this Tecno-spot to follow AHA Games for daily updates on the games to play and win. AHA Games, play and get paid! Win through gaming! #AhaGames #Pouvoir4 #GamingKingCompetition #GamingKingChampion Read all >>

The 2nd round voting will start in a few days!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-07-024277

TECNO Gallery
Dear T-fans, Thank you all for your participation in June’s photography contest. We are always amazed by you guys!❤❤ The most difficult part for us is that we can only choose limited beautiful entries to enter the global poll. The filtering process has already started, and we’ll choose the ones that match with June’s themes and posted under the right tag. And we have sent messages to the ones who have a chance to join the 2nd round. Please check your inbox and reply to us on time! Good luck everyone ! Read all >>

The Best 3 Android Apps to make phone better For 2020

PhoneMaster Official | 2020-07-01121940

The Best 3 Android Apps to make phone better 1、Offline Transfer-XShare Often in college or university and also in our working place, we need to share important files with others. Sharing video files, photos, ebooks, PDF, or DOC files become essential sometimes. But often, WiFi connection or mobile data is not available around us so that we can share those files while being online. If you are facing such a situation often, I suggest you try XSharewhich developed by Shallytry Group. l It can transfer files preserving the same quality of the original one without data.l It scans the QR code or open Bluetooth find your partner’s ID within a few secondsl You can discover trending video in this app Download Link: XShare 2、Cleaner apps to clean RAM & Cache-PhoneMaster Routine maintenance is a good idea to brush up your Android phone from time to time to boost performance, enhance battery life, and get rid of junk files. PhoneMaster is one of the best phone cleaning apps, no wonder it has over one million downloads on the Play Store. l WhatsApp Module for viewing WhatsApp media files at one placeWi-Fi security feature to detect dangerous Wi-Fi connectionsl Deep cleaning of storage for removing junk files, cache files, and temp filesl App manager for managing rarely used apps Download Link: PhoneMaster 3、Private files management-Msecret The vault app is one that can keep your private photos, videos, and messages safe from prying eyes.To access this app, the user must input a password. For example,once you move photo into the vault app, those private photo will not show up in phone gallery.Msecret -Hiding sensitive photos prevents friends from accidentally (or not so accidentally) swiping past the photos you want them to see and stumbling upon that awkward selfie that's for your eyes only. To hide photos:l Open the Msecret appl Select the photo or video that you'd like to hide.l Tap Hidel To see your hidden photos, go to Albums > Hidden Download Link: MsecretRead all >>


Gishman | 2020-07-01190

July 1 is the 182nd day of the year (183rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 183 days remain until the end of the year. It is the last day of the first half of the year. Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2020-07-021149

Despite recently dropping a bombshell on Microsoft, Google Chrome has been running into an increasing number of problems, both on Windows 10 and macOS. But potential Chrome quitters should listen up, because Google has quietly released its most compelling reason in years to keep using the browser.   Spotted by Windows Latest, Google has quietly released a new version of Chrome which looks set to radically reduce the amount of memory the browser needs to run. The benefit will be felt both by power users, who like to have lots of tabs open, and those with older computers who desperately need Chrome to become less of an infamous resource hog.  Google’s Chrome redesign plans so no sign of slowing. Alongside the major internal changes detailed below, Android Police has spotted that Google is also quietly testing a fundamental redesign of Chrome that will bring tab switching to the browser on smartphones for the first time. A new tab button will open a cascading strip of browser tabs, allowing users to quickly switch between / close them. This looks set to work alongside the existing, if lengthy, current process of swiping down the whole browser window and scrolling between full-size vertical browser pages. For power users, in particular, this new system will be a productivity boon. To test it, you will need Chrome Beta, enter chrome://flags/#enable-conditional-strip into the address bar, enable the feature and restart. As a limited test, this is not yet showing up for all beta users, but expect availability to increase soon. What brings about such a big change? It’s a technology called Segment Heap, which Microsoft introduced in its Windows 10 May 2020 update. Segment Heap optimizes memory management and Microsoft said early tests on Chromium-based browsers immediately saw memory consumption reduced by as much as 27%. Google engineers concurred saying: “Experiments with per-machine opting-in to the segment heap for chrome.exe suggests that this could save hundreds of MB in the browser.”  But the shock here is how quickly Google has got this working, with Chrome programmer Bruce Dawson revealing “This change made it into today’s Chrome Canary (Version 85.0.4182.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)… I can confirm that the segment heap is enabled.” Chrome Canary primarily targets developers, so I would not advise you use it as your primary browser. That said, this is no either/or situation and those keen to discover the benefits of Segment Heap can run Chrome Canary alongside the standard version, keeping any essential tabs away from the developer edition.  But the most exciting aspect to all this is it’s just the start. Google expects memory savings to increase as code is optimized and, while it can come to all Chromium browsers, the biggest beneficiary will be Chrome as there are already leaner Chromium browsers (like Brave, which is happy to block ads by default) which are starting to gain traction.  One word of warning: the Windows 10 May 2020 update comes with a long list of known issues, so be sure to check these before installing it (Settings > Windows Update > Check For Updates). Despite this, the long term roadmap is very exciting and anyone tempted to quit Chrome might just want to stick around.  ___Read all >>

Marvel Contest of Champions Celebrates Canada's Day With New In-Game Characters.

yusufaliu | 2020-07-02273

AHA Games
Hello T-fans. Celebrating Canada's day yesterday, July 1st, Marvel Contest of Champions teased us with two new characters (Sasquatch and Guardian), probably coming to the action superhero this month. It also released a motion-comic trailer, titled 'Hooray for Canada' which celebrates Canada, featuring a Cameo of Deadpool. For those who may not know, Marvel Contest of Champions is a superhero battler and gacha game where you collect all of your favourite champions from across Marvel’s expanded universe, create an ultimate fighting force with your characters, undertaking quests to topple super-villains and all manner of nefarious scheming. Click here to download from Google PlayStore or Visit AHA Games Store to search for it and download. Read all >>


lummyfinest | 2020-07-02058

Hi T-Fans, The Google Area 120 experimental product development team has announced a new Android app called Keen. The idea came to CJ Adams, co-founder of Keen, after he and his wife noticed that they spend a lot of free time watching channels on social networks. After that, they thought about the idea of ​​collecting ideas, links and resources based on their own interests and hobbies, which would allow them to spend more time on their common interests. Adams proposed the idea to the Google Area 120 team and, in collaboration with another Google team called People and AI Research (PAIR), which is engaged in research and development of machine learning systems, Keen was created. To describe what Keen is for, Adams writes: In Keen, an Android web app, you say you want to spend more time and then select content from the Internet and people you trust. You make “keen”, which can touch on any topic, whether it’s baking delicious bread at home, a passion for birds or studying typography. Keen allows you to select content that you love, share your collection with others and find new content based on what you’ve saved. ” In short, you create a “Keen” for each of your interests, name it, add your own content to it, and carefully organize your “keen” in your profile. You can also invite friends to collaborate and exchange ideas, even create a community that meets your common goals and interests. Android users can try Keen by downloading it from Google Play. No iPhone version is currently planned.Read all >>


lummyfinest | 2020-07-02051

Hi T-Fans, Smartphones have become as powerful as low-cost PCs, but there are definitely some tasks that they still cannot perform. Heavy graphics, especially for games and visualization, is one of them. At the same time, the entire graphical ecosystem on mobile devices is significantly different from its desktop counterparts. For example, graphics drivers on smartphones often depend on firmware updates. However, things will change soon - ARM is proud to announce a new system that allows drivers to be updated as if you were updating the application. Drivers are a way for an operating system, such as Android, to interact with hardware, such as touch controllers, or, in this case, GPUs. In most cases, drivers for the hardware are delivered through firmware updates, which must go through a long testing and certification process. However, such a system is suitable for the stability of a smartphone, but not for mobile games, which often need a faster pace of fixing errors and problems of the GPU. ARM announces that future Mali GPUs will have drivers installed that can be updated as soon as they become available. Instead of waiting for it through OTA firmware updates, these drivers can be downloaded from Google Play, which will help reach millions of users. This is actually not a completely new opportunity. Qualcomm announced its own updated drivers for Adreno GPUs, which came with Snapdragon 865 and 765 mobile platforms last year. However, few were able to take advantage of this opportunity. ARM updates will cover chips that use its Mali GPUs, including processors from Samsung Exynos or MediaTek Helio, although it is not indicated which GPUs will receive this feature. For end users, this feature may seem obscure, but it can help increase the popularity of mobile games, especially on Android. Please make sure you follow and comment.Read all >>

Gaming Lover's...

Dalitso | 2020-06-302107

AHA Games
Hello T-Fans, I am sure we have got gaming champions amongst us, and Google Play Store has loads of bountiful choice of games to choose from, to keep game lovers entertained either at home or you are out and about. Tell us in the comments section below, what game are you currently playing on your TECNO phone?Read all >>

Gwent Expansion (Gwent: Master Mirror), Now Available for Download on Android & IOS.

yusufaliu | 2020-07-02254

AHA Games
Hello T-fans. CD Projekt Red has released a new expansion for IOS and Android to its game Gwent. The expansion Gwent:Master Mirror adds over 70 cards theme around Witcher 3 Baddie Gaunter O'Dimm and his role in the events of the Continent’s history. In amongst these new cards, you can find faction-specific ones and a new Legendary card type that evolves in both appearance and power as your fight rumbles on. The new update also introduces new statuses and abilities for strategies. You also get some new special card abilities (e.g veil, devotion etc)For those who may not know, Gwent is a turn-based card game that was initially playable in The Witcher 3 before it got a standalone release on iOS and then Android. Each game is played between two people and lasts three rounds. Each deck has at least 25 cards and comes from a different faction that affects your playstyle.Check out the expansion trailer below and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Click here to download on Android and here for IOS.Don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

Google Brings Smart Replies to YouTube Studio

yusufaliu | 2020-07-02240

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2020-7-2 19:05 Hello T-fans. In effort to provide quick response obtions based on machine learning index, Google is adding auto generated smart replies to YouTube Studio to help creators better engage with its audience. Though smart replies have been on some Google services such as Gmail since 2017, we never thought of its essence to the video streaming platform, YouTube. According to Google's engineering team, "In comparison to emails, which tend to be long and dominated by formal language, YouTube comments reveal complex patterns of language switching, abbreviated words, slang, inconsistent usage of punctuation, and heavy utilization of emoji." With regards to bringing smart replies to YouTube Studio, Google has this to say "We are now excited to share an updated SmartReply built for YouTube and implemented in YouTube Studio that helps creators engage more easily with their viewers. This model learns comment and reply representation through a computationally efficient dilated self-attention network, and represents the first cross-lingual and character byte-based SmartReply model." Let us know in the comment box your thoughts on this and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>


uncle dennix | 2020-07-02134

Pouvoir 4 Series

Xbox Series X Will not be the last Microsoft Console

lummyfinest | 2020-07-02242

Hi T-Fans, Back in 2016, when the company was going to release the Xbox One X, Microsoft executives spoke about the end of generations of console equipment in the form in which we traditionally know it. As Microsoft and other companies turn to cloud capabilities so that better games can be played on more devices and gamers' habits change, over time, the need for large hardware updates to consoles may decrease. However, if you are concerned that the upcoming Xbox Series X will be the last real generation of Microsoft consoles, the head of the gaming division of the company Phil Spencer has the news for you: "I do not think that the Xbox Series X is our last console." Spencer, in a Wired interview about the future of the Xbox platform, said that as long as enough people want to play video games on their TVs, Microsoft will continue to release “I like to watch TV. I like to play games on TV. I play there most of the time,” says Spencer. “I think that for a long time there will be a world in which people want to play on TV - we are committed to this, and we’ll provide a great console experience. I don’t think the Xbox Series X is our last console. I think we’ll do more consoles for this great TV experience to work and be amazing, ”says Spencer. Indeed, he believes that the future of consoles is largely dependent on both the future of television itself and the future of games. “Ultimately, for me it is a matter of the vitality of television,” he says. “This is the calculus, this chess game that we play. These are no longer checkers. We are going to focus on the player and the devices that he has and which correspond to his lifestyle. ” Microsoft, of course, insures its risks. The xCloud cloud game project should be implemented around the same time as the Xbox Series X. The company is also a proponent of multi-platform games where gamers do not need to be on the same platform to compete in multi-player online games. Its competitor, Sony, is conservative in this regard. “This world in which the device you bought doesn’t allow us to play together seems completely alien,” Spencer added. Source: MicrosoftRead all >>

WHAT Comes Next?

Aha Games | 2020-07-0111662

AHA Games
Predict what comes next, predict the game image. Do you know Sonic Runner's game or Virus Vs Virus game very well? Show us...............................… Read all >>

A Glimpse of Social Turbo's Peek Mode

ahiadzro | 2020-06-301244

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-6-30 14:19 For those of you who haven't actually seen howPeek Mode works, here is a screenshot. I was of the impression it didn't work but I guess I thought wrong. PS: Social Turbo App: Download it Here Read all >>
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