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HiOS Official Account | 2020-09-3031342

Hello T-Fans, We have something BIG coming! Make sure you follow and invite all your friends to follow the HiOS Official Page before the 8th of October… Put their user name in the Comment section and wait…
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5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories For Your Business Showcase your business through

Hoilakes | 2020-09-222164

Images inputted instantly into Instagram. Now, say that 5 times fast. No really, say it and think about in that time how many friends, bloggers, organizations, and businesses are using their Instagram accounts to not just share their personal interests, but to leverage others to view their profile…in just a few seconds.In the past few years, Instagram has stepped up their game with features like album posts, Stories (we approve the copycat approach), LIVE, the ability to tag an account on your Instagram story, and the linking of hashtags; making the capability of leveraging these tools to captivate your audience, that much easier. We’ve created a list of 5 ways to showcase your business – specifically through the new trend of the season; your Instagram Story: GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Social media in general is very personal.People show off their clothing, food, even bad hair days, so why not use it get up close and personal with your products! This is a great time to zoom in, literally, on your products whether it be your new coffee line, a new t-shirt brand, or even a close up of a puppy’s face at your animal shelter. Many customers want to see a preview of what they are buying before actually make the purchase. So, throw on that awesome hat you’re selling and shoot a short video – giving your customers a preview of what the hat can look like on them. TELL YOUR STORY This is your chance to showcase some company history and where it all began. Interviews are a great tool. Go around to some of your employees or even the founders who have been there from the very beginning and ask them their story; where are you from? What idea sparked the beginning of this company? Move on to making a little collage of old photos or products, and tell your viewers how far your business has come over the years. MAKE PERSONAL CONNECTIONS Connect with your viewers! This has to do with the new features that Instagram has rolled out including the new tagging feature on Stories. This is a great way to engage your audience by using a photo they have tagged you in and posting it on your story, tagging their handle, and thus giving them 24 hours of fame! They will be so excited to show all their friends that they have some type of “in” with your company. And hey, maybe they’ll return the favor! Mi followers es su followers. Engaging with your followers also encourages tagging and tagging on other pages to create an even more expanded audience. GO LIVE! Even though it seems intimidating – this is one of the best ways to engage your audience.They get to see exactly what is going on at your company, event, or daily happenings.Going LIVE can be for giving real time updates, showing your company atmosphere, or even to show the fun people who are the brains of the operation. We encourage that you form a game plan ahead of what you’re going to cover, how it will flow, and who will be in the shot. So, throw your most entertaining employee in front of the camera and let your audience enjoy, ask questions, and engage. LET YOUR AUDIENCE SELL YOU WITH A TAKE OVER Ever heard of a take-over? This is when you give a gung-ho fan or an Instafamous blogger who uses your product/service, your username and password and let them take over your Instagram story for the day! They can give your followers a “day in the life” of what it is like using your product. Not only will viewers be interested because you have a “celebrity” on your story, but this way they will pay a little more attention since it is a change of pace for your typical Story. The key to audience engagement on Instagram Stories is to mix it up and take risks! One day showcase your break room, the next get up close and personal with your new product, then switch over to a day of take-overs! Keeping your brand fun and exciting is what will keep an audience engaged and wanting to keep viewing more @getfused.comRead all >>

Which Combat Game Will You Download First?

Aha Games | 2020-09-279160

AHA Games
Who else is a lover of intense combat games? Which of these two combat games will you like to download and play . . . Head on to AHA Games and choose from a wide collection of Combat games to Download and Play Read all >>

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Auto Fanatic 13 | 2020-09-271119

Spark 4 Series
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beri | 2020-09-293163

TECNO Gallery

HiOS Triple Collage Competition. 10$ Prize

ZonkDragonel | 2020-09-298148

CAMON 15 Series
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Android 12 Will Support Third-Party App Stores

lummyfinest | 2020-09-29196

Hi T-Fans, Don't like Google Play Store and Google's policies on how apps are distributed there? Then you won't need to use it. One of the differences between Android and iOS is that Google officially allows users (or smartphone manufacturers) to install third-party app stores, while Apple is against it. Now Google says the next version of Android "will make it easier for people to use other app stores on their devices." The announcement doesn't clarify many details, but Google says the update will be built into Android 12 when it launches next year. It is no coincidence that in the same announcement, Google notes that next year the company will also take tough measures against apps on Google Play that try to avoid using Google's built-in billing features. On the one hand, at a time when Google and Apple are being criticized for forcing app developers to play by their strict rules (and taking 30 percent of the revenue from app sales and in-app purchases), Google points out that developers are not required to use Google Play. On the other hand, the company says that if developers distribute their apps through Google Play, they must use the Google Play billing system and share some of their revenue with Google. Google says this is not a new requirement, and most developers selling digital goods through their apps are already using Google Play billing. But starting September 30, 2021, the company will be taking tough action on apps that aren't compliant. These include popular apps such as Netflix and Spotify, which currently allow users to purchase in-app subscriptions using a credit card rather than Google's. Google notes that companies have other options as well - they can allow users to sign up through their website and even offer discounts. But only without mention in the application. In other words, if developers want to offer a 30% discount to their streaming service, online guitar lessons, or gaming platform, they can do so without reporting it on an app hosted on Google Play. All of this means that Google still has a pretty strict set of policies for the Android app store that most people will likely continue to use. This may change when Android 12 arrives, which offers improvements for third-party app stores. Perhaps Google is just buying time by announcing this feature for those who will be unhappy with the company's new tough policy. Google understands that alternatives to Google Play are unlikely to attract a significant number of Android users anytime soon. Read all >>


Obigwe | 2020-09-29170

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters, is a more whimsical video game than we usually get from Ubisoft, the publisher and developer of the Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Tom Clancy video game franchises. As the headline suggests, it’s something of a mix between The Legend Of Zelda and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It takes the latter’s Greek setting, steeps it in a lot more fantasy, and then tosses in some dungeons, platforming and puzzles for players to solve. The formula here is very familiar to Ubisoft’s other big open-world games, though more similar to Origins and Odyssey than past Assassin’s Creed games. In my time with a preview build of the game, I explored one section of a much larger map, fighting a number of different enemy types, discovering hidden loot, mixing up potions, and platforming through dungeons that the game calls Vaults. You play as the titular Fenyx, a hero whose story is being narrated throughout the game by Zeus and Prometheus. The narration takes the form of a fairly goofy conversation between the two, and there is a great deal of fourth-wall breaking and joking around. At one point Fenyx has a flashback of an area and the gods joke that she must have seen the leaked demo. The game is aware that it’s a game, in other words. I found it funny; you may not. Players will need to solve quests, such as lighting Zeus’s Forge by setting chunks of coal on fire and then tossing them into four different openings, before proceeding on to a boss fight. There are many puzzles scattered throughout the game. Some require you to find little orbs and set them up to match a constellation. Actually finding enough orbs to do this can be surprisingly difficult—though my time with the game was limited. One puzzle had me use a magical arrow ability and guide my arrow through a number of rings, slowing it and speeding it up in order to make tough turns. It appears the game will have no shortage or variety when it comes to puzzles. Fenyx is equipped with the ability of flight, but only so long as her stamina lasts. Stamina is used when flying, fighting and casting spells, and you’ll want to make sure you dive to safety before it runs out—or have a potion to replenish it first. Platforming occurs largely in Vaults. These are dungeons, essentially, filled with a mix of puzzles—such as placing blocks on the right spot to make a platform come to you, or hitting targets with arrows—as well as tricky platforming sections where Fenyx will need to jump, double-jump and float her way across moving ledges, past spike traps and statues spitting fire and so forth. A tough fight often waits at the end of these Vaults, as does a reward. For more information visit: all >>


Hoilakes | 2020-09-29358

Before AFTER wallpaper mock-up Read all >>

Release Dates For PS5 And Xbox Series X Feel Like They’re Playing With Fire

Obigwe | 2020-09-29254

I sincerely hope that I am going to spend mid-November thoroughly enmeshed in the crush of new games and consoles. I certainly could. We’re getting Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077, Demon’s Souls, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War, and more, not to mention, naturally the releases of the Xbox Series X and PS5. That is my hope: that I will be overwhelmed by what is clearly one of the biggest weeks of gaming news in years. But I’m worried that won’t be the case. The Xbox Series X releases on November 10, the PS5 on November 12. These are, respectively, 7 and 9 days after the US Presidential Election, on November 3. And I can’t help but believe that both these release dates are playing with fire. For most of my life, we’ve known who won the presidency on the night of the election, with one major exception—Bush vs. Gore, in 2000. We can spend our time prognosticating the results of the election this year—and we will—but one outcome seems vanishingly unlikely: that this will be a straightforward election where someone wins, the other person concedes, and we all think about the results the next day. A combination of counting time for a crush of mail-in ballots, widespread legal fights, general animosity and the President’s refusal to say that he will accept the results of the election all seem likely to factor into an extended, acrimonious, and potentially violent situation. The question at this point is less about whether or not we will have a problematic election, but at what scale. The thought that this election may not be settled by November 10 does not feel controversial: Bush vs. Gore wasn’t over until early December. Republicans have repeatedly predicted that the Supreme Court will somehow be involved, a process which could definitely stretch the proceedings out. Video games are an international industry, and the launch of the Xbox Series X and PS5 will be international events, not necessarily constrained by the result of a single misguided country’s political process. Still, Microsoft is headquartered in the United States, as is Sony Interactive Entertainment. Even as recent years have diminished the centrality of the United States in terms of global economics and politics the international Black Lives Matter protests in June reminded us that what happens here resonates throughout the world. A genuine crisis in the United States is an international event, like it or not. That means that attempting to market and launch fun new consoles against the backdrop of a constitutional crisis, violent or not, could be a major problem for both of the companies involved. Sales for the launch window are already locked in through pre-orders, so that won’t necessarily be a problem. It could still impact early perceptions of the new machines, and just generally provide a deeply unpleasant disconnect between what’s happening in the world writ large and the world of video games. Nobody wants their shiny new product associated with bad news. There’s no easy fix at this point. The releases are locked in and systems of global manufacturing, shipping, and distribution are all churning. But anyone in 2016 could have told you that the 2020 election was bound to be contentious, perhaps explosively so. I can’t help but wonder if Microsoft and Sony should have pushed the release out of the traditional holiday season in order to avoid potential problems. It’s worth noting that the Nintendo Switch came out in March, and nobody can really argue that it suffered for it. I hope this isn’t a problem, I really do. But somehow I doubt it. Source: www.forbes.comRead all >>

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’ And ‘Warzone’ Season 6 Patch Notes

Obigwe | 2020-09-29262

Alongside all the new content, Infinity Ward has released patch notes for the update. The patch includes all this additional content, plus a number of tweaks and fixes and some much-needed weapon balancing. This includes a small nerf to C4 and increased damage to slugs in Warzone, making longer-range shotgun play slightly more viable in the battle royale mode. Whether this will be the last Modern Warfare season before Black Ops Cold War takes over remains to be seen. I still find myself baffled that Activision would just stop supporting such a popular title especially given the new revenue model that could, quite easily, extend the game’s profitability for many months to come. But old habits die hard, I suppose. Read the full patch notes below, via Infinity Ward. PATCH NOTES: New Operators, Nikolai and Farah join the fight. New weapons. New maps. New modes. More Battle Pass gear for you to unlock.  PLAYLIST UPDATE: MODERN WARFARE: Ground War Gunfight Blueprint Customs Face Off – Station Killstreak Confirmed Season Six Mish Pit – Season Six maps Broadcast and Mialstor Tank Factory in mosh pit game modes WARZONE: BR Quads BR Trios BR Duos BR Solos Plunder Trios Armored Royale Quads GENERAL FIXES: C4: Slight delay when performing a quick detonation. A beep will now play when quick detonation is triggered. Also reduced throw initial velocity by 30% Fix for a bug where, after reviving a teammate in Survival, there will be a 5 second delay before the user is able to use their weapon again Fix for an issue where players could obtain unlimited Stopping Power rounds Fix for an issue where the defending player had a long respawn timer after the HQ was taken back and all players were dead while in a Headquarters match Fix for an issue where it was possible to put a molotov or grenade into a planted bomb causing it to kill the defusing player WEAPONS: Fix for two issues where the player’s watch and/or Heartbeat Sensor would not be entirely visible when using the XRK Chainsaw attachment on the Finn LMG Fix for a bug where explosive and thermite rounds do not function as intended on the Chronic variant from the Blunt Force II bundle Fixed an issue where the muzzle selection screen for the Finn LMG was hard to view in the Gunsmith menu Fixed an issue where the player’s left hand will not properly grip the weapon when the 23.0” Romanian barrel is equipped on the AK Fixed a few bugs where the prone hipfire view model positioning was not appearing as intended and could disappear in certain circumstances Origin 12: Reduced very close damage in Warzone Shotguns: Increased damage of slugs in Warzone XRK ChainSAW - FiNN LMG: Adding a description in Gunsmith nothing the attachment does not allow for weapon mounting Increased brightness on the Tac Laser attachment WARZONE: Fixed a collision issue in the south corner of the Stadium Fix for an issue where a fence with a white tarp over it near the Hospital was allowing players to see through it on one side Fix for an issue where, on occasion, the train would appear as a white placeholder icon on the map Implemented fixes to help properly track Warzone wins Fixed a bug where players were unable to damage enemies with gunfire while on an ascender If a player has their minimap set to not rotate, they will see inaccurate pings on the heartbeat sensor. This has been fixed Fix for a rare issue where the Train’s supply boxes could vanish during longer rounds PC: NVIDIA Reflex is now available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, including Warzone, and will deliver latency improvements in GPU-intensive gaming scenarios on GeForce GTX 900 and higher NVIDIA graphics cards Improved stability and performance Source: www.forbes.comRead all >>


mikosians | 2020-09-29266



lummyfinest | 2020-04-0326963

Spark 4 Series
Happy Weekend T-Fans, Which year was SPARK series launched? 1. 2016 2. 2017 3. 2015 Participate in TECNO SPOT Quiz regularly for updates. Always make sure you wash your hands with soap thoroughly and avoid unnecessary movements. Don't forget to FOLLOW, LIKE and COMMENT.Read all >>

The Old TV Turned Off The Internet In The Whole Village

lummyfinest | 2020-09-29282

Hi T-Fans, In a remote area of ​​the UK, in the village of Aberhosan, the Internet has mysteriously begun to disappear at a certain time over the past year and a half. The villagers have been complaining for years that broadband internet access disappeared at 7 am every day like clockwork. In response to frequent complaints from residents over the past 18 months, dozens of engineers have been on call to Aberhosan. Among those suffering from internet problems was 79-year-old retiree Bill Childs. According to the Guardian, Childs says he has had broadband problems for as long as he can remember, with between 30 and 40 engineers visiting him in the past few years. The engineers at the Openreach provider were puzzled. Eventually, Openreach sent a team of engineers from the head office who arrived in the village to inspect and test each line, replacing cables in turn. Openreach engineer Michael Jones says the engineers wanted to see if the problem was caused by a single high-level impulse noise, where “electrical noise” from a device, including a TV and microwave, causes connections to fail. Standing in the pouring rain from 6 a.m., the engineers waited for the next hour, spectrum analyzer in hand, ready to track any electrical interference. At 7 am, an explosion of electrical noise was discovered, which led the group to a house belonging to a local resident. As it turned out, his old used TV was to blame. The villager turned on the TV every day at 7 a.m. and thus turned off the Internet connection of the entire village. Jones says the man was “upset” that he was causing the problem and, thankfully, agreed to turn off the TV and not use it again. There were no further reports of broadband problems in the village. Thus, any defective or misconfigured device can cause Internet connection failures. Read all >>


Mhiztafila | 2020-09-27281410

This is my entry for photography challenge #CAMON16SeriesGoExtreme. Read all >>
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