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TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-07-0725698

Dear T-Fans, We really need your help to be better! Kindly take 1 second to let us know how likely would you recommend TECNO to your friends❤ Click here to rate Click on the number, then click on submit, then you are done! Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!
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Twitter Drops the Use of Racial Programming Terminologies.

yusufaliu | 2020-07-050115

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2020-7-5 18:40 Hello T-fans. Twitter has decided to drop the use of programming terms; Master, Slave, & Blacklist, with an origin of decades ago. In programming, "Master" refers to the main version of code that controls the "Slaves," or replicas. "Blacklist" is used to describe items that are automatically denied, typically forbidden websites. The move to do away with such terms according to twitter, was to encourage an all inclusive language that fosters togetherness where all can thrive, doing away with racism of any form following the death of George Floyd. Google has also encouraged developers on its Chromium Web Browser Project and Android Operating System to do away with the word "Blacklist" & "Whitelist". Google's Chromium web browser project and Android operating system have both encouraged developers to avoid using the terms "blacklist" and "whitelist". Last month, the world's biggest site for software developers, GitHub, owned by Microsoft, said it was working on changing the term 'Master' from its coding language. With the heated events following the death of George Floyd, social media platforms have been under so much pressure over hate speech/contents allowed to air on their site. Facebook seems to be hit the most, with a widespread of ad boycott from the Stop Hate for Profit Campaign. Ford, Adidas, Coca Cola, Unilever and Starbucks have all added their weight to the campaign, aimed at removing hateful content on social networks. Let us hear from you over this in the comment box. Don't forget to leave a like, and you can also follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

Camera feature: Bokeh

266575390177 | 2020-07-060150

Spark 4 Series
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Do Not Disturb on Android: All You Need to Know

ahiadzro | 2020-07-062421

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-7-6 02:22 Our smartphones command our attention several times every day. Some people even check their phones in the middle of the night. Why do we allow this endless torrent of incoming notifications, which are often unimportant, or worse, email spam, to interrupt us? If you can’t resist that blinking LED or that buzzing in your pocket, then you need to get to grips with the Do Not Disturb mode on Android. Don’t let your smartphone addiction win. Set some ground rules with your phone and ensure that it doesn’t bother you at meetings, whiles you are working or when you are sleeping. Let’s look at how to use Android’s Do Not Disturb mode. How to access Do Not Disturb on your phone:Go to Settings > Sounds > Do Not Disturb > Turn On or simple draw down the Quick Settings menu (Notification Panel) and click on Do Not Disturb Features and configuration of Do Not Disturb BehaviorIn the Behaviors section, there are two options. Sound & vibration which lets you add exceptions for what should be muted: Alarms, Media, and Touch sounds. Toggle each one on, to make sure they work in Do Not Disturb mode. The second option is Notifications. Here, you can customize how Do Not Disturb works. You can hide just sound from notifications (they will still show up on your device), or you can hide visual and sound interruptions (the default). Tap on the gear icon next to Custom to tailor the feature even further. You can toggle off things like don’t turn on screen, hide notification dots, and more. ExceptionsIt is the second section, which allows you to white-list certain contacts or callers. In the subsection called Calls, you can configure exactly who can reach you while Do Not Disturb is turned on, and there’s an option to make it starred contacts only. You can customize starred contacts in the Contacts app of your phone, or just look below to the Starred contacts section to set it up. There is a toggle for allowing repeat callers to get through as well, in case you get a call from someone more than once within a 15-minute period. ScheduleIn this section, there are two different subsections: Duration, and Turn off Automatically.If you tap on the Duration tab, a popup will appear allowing you to enable Do Not Disturb until you manually turn the feature off, set a defined time limit, or have the system ask you each time you wish to enable Do Not Disturb. The Turn on automatic section is a little more robust. It allows you to automatically turn on Do Not Disturb during sleeping hours and meetings. You can also set custom rules in this section, based on events or time of day. Tap on Add rule to create a rule, choose whether it’s an event or a time, add a name, and then follow the instructions on the screen to configure it further. See Also:1.Android Reset Options: All You Need to Know (Updated)2. Focus Mode (Digital Wellbeing): All You Need to Know Read all >>

Tips And Tricks: How To Connect Your Smartphone To TV Using USB

Sumit Verma | 2020-07-033153

Hello T-fans, There a lot of reasons why you might want to hook your smartphone up with your TV or other bigger monitors: to play games, for a more immersive movie experience, to access files, pictures and other multimedia etc. True, Miracast and other wireless methods are convenient and less messy. Using hardwired connections, however, comes with its advantages: reduction in lag, low-latency signal etc. To add, it is relatively easier to set up compared to wireless routes. As easy as it is though, the method to adopt will vary according to the type of smartphone you intend connecting to your TV (iPhone, Samsung, or other Android), your TV’s display input (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort) as well as why you need to connect to your TV. Connecting as a Storage or Media Device Should you just need to share a couple of pictures from your phone with your family and friends, and your TV has a USB port, the connection can be made inserting a regular micro USB or USB-C charging cable directly to your TV. This method also works if you need to charge your phone. Otherwise, if you intend to twin (read: mirror) your smartphone’s display onto your TV using USB, read the methods below to see how to about it. Mirroring your Smartphone with USB using MHL MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) is a technology that allows smartphones, tablets, and other MHL-compatible connect to TVs, projectors, and other displays. To foster this connection, the following are required: A USB-to-MHL adapter An HDMI cable A TV with an HDMI connection Your Smartphone NOTE: USB to HDMI MHL adapters vary according to the model of your smartphone. Before buying one, ensure the cable you’re purchasing is compatible with your device. Google “MHL cable ” to find the best adapter for your device. MHL adapters help convert the signal from your phone’s USB port to a format the HDMI port of your TV can read an interpret. These MHL adapters usually come with a dongle which requires a power source. The process Plug-in the MHL adapter to your phone’s USB port Hook the adapter up to a power source. Some newer adapters do not require an external power source, though. Connect your phone to your TV by inserting an HDMI cable into the adapter and to your compatible TV That’s it. You can proceed to start watching movies and playing games on your TV. Mirroring your Smartphone with USB using SlimPort Like MHL, SlimPort is another technology that allows you send audio and visual signals from your smartphone to your TV using a wired connection. However, compared to MHL, SlimPort is better in that its supported video output isn’t limited to HDMI only. SlimPort supports the transfer of signals to TVs and monitors with DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA input. To add, SlimPort adapters and converters do not require an external power source as they draw needed power from the connected smartphone. The requirements for this method include: Smartphone Slimport adapter/cable A Television HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA/DVI cable The Process Insert the SlimPort cable or adapter to your smartphone Link your smartphone to your TV by inserting one end of the appropriate (HDMI/DVI/VGA/DisplayPort) cable to the adapter, and the other end to your TV Change the input source of your TV and you should now see your phone’s screen on your TV. Read all >>


Roman Verma | 2020-07-045326

As it happens, our devices do have battery-management systems, which reduce damage from overcharging and shut down automatically if the battery gets too low. Nonetheless, to maximize the battery capacity in the future we should avoid that 0% battery mark altogether, while also keeping those batteries at least partially charged if storing them for a prolonged period of time to avoid deep discharge. Extend charging times Many of today’s mobile devices have a fast charge option that enables users to supercharge them in minutes rather than hours. This is convenient when we’re in a rush, but should be avoided otherwise. Why? Because charging a battery too quickly reduces its storage capacity. Physically, the shuttling of lithium metal and lithium ions between the electrodes in lithium-ion batteries is a slow process. Therefore, charging at lower rates allows more complete shuttling to occur, which enhances the battery’s charge capacity. For example, charging a phone in five minutes compared with the standard two hours can reduce the battery capacity for that charge cycle by more than 20%. Keep the temperature just right The exact range in which lithium-ion batteries can be stored to maintain optimal long-term charge capacity is between 0℃ and 45℃. Below 0℃, the amount of power available within the battery system is reduced because of a restriction in the movement of lithium metal and lithium ions within the electrodes and through the electrolyte. Above 45℃, the amount of power available is actually enhanced compared with lower temperatures, so you can get a little more “juice” from your battery under hotter conditions. However, at these temperatures the degradation of the battery is also greatly accelerated, so over an extended period of time its ability to store charge will be reduced. As a result, phones should be kept out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods, especially in summer when surface temperatures can increase to above 70℃. Use battery-saving modes They concluded there are a handful of simple software and hardware strategies that can be used to preserve battery life. Reduce screen brightness. The easiest way to conserve battery life while maintaining full function is to reduce the brightness of the screen. For devices that have an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, you can also use the “light on dark” option for viewing. Turn off the cellular network or limit talk time. The connection to the cellular network uses the global system for mobile communication (GSM) module. The GSM is the most dominant energy-consuming component in a mobile phone, so it is beneficial to turn it off altogether or at least limit call time. Use Wi-Fi, not 4G. With Wi-Fi being up to 40% less power-hungry than 4G for internet browsing, turning off cellular data and using Wi-Fi instead will help your battery life. Limit video content. Video processing is one of the most power-consuming operations on a mobile device. Turn on smart battery modes. All modern mobile devices have a smart battery saving mode (for instance, Android has Power Saving Mode and iOS has Low Power Mode). These software features modify central processing unit (CPU) usage for different apps, screen brightness, notifications and various hardware options to reduce energy consumption. Use Airplane mode. This mode typically disables GSM, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and GPS functions on your devices. When turning off all such auxiliary functions, the device will use only up to 5% of its usual energy consumption with the screen off. For comparison, simply having your device in idle can still use more than 15%. SOURCE:- GOOGLERead all >>

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides now support a dark theme on Android

OKayode | 2020-07-06032

Last month, it was discovered that Google was working on bringing a dark theme to its suite of office apps. Not just for the front page of the apps either, but full dark themes that extend to the editing view. Today, Google officially announced the dark themes are rolling out to Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android. As was previously revealed, the dark theme applies to the document browser front page and the actual editing view. The dark theme in the editing view only applies to Docs and Sheets, though, as Slides already supports changing background colors. The dark theme itself is the typical dark gray that Google uses and the apps all maintain their respective accent colors.The theme for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides respects Android’s system-wide setting. Users can also adjust the theme in the apps individually by going to Menu > Settings > Theme > Dark. If you’re using the dark theme you can always quickly preview a document in the light theme by using More > View in light theme. Google has begun rolling out the dark theme today for all G Suite customers and anyone with a personal account. Users should see the new theme in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides over the next couple of weeks. It’s likely that this will be enabled via a server-side switch like many of Google’s past dark themes. Regardless, editing and browsing documents at night is about to get a lot easier on the eyes. Google Docs Price: Free Google Sheets Price: Free Google Slides Price: Free Source: XDA Developers Read all >>

Camon 15 Premier Pop-up Camera Effect

HiOS Official Account | 2020-07-063112

CAMON 15 Series
Hello T-Fans, Do you own the Camon 15 Premier? Then you must be familiar with the Pop-up camera on the device. Yeah right, we know you love it! Do you know there are 5 camera effects when popping up the Camera? See the 5 effects below! Camon 15 Premier Pop-up Camera Effect 1 Camon 15 Premier Pop-up Camera Effect 2 Camon 15 Premier Pop-up Camera Effect 3 Camon 15 Premier Pop-up Camera Effect 4 Camon 15 Premier Pop-up Camera Effect 5 Read all >>

Game Mode: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience!

HiOS Official Account | 2020-07-062155

Hello T-Fans, Staying at home is boring, right? What about playing an exciting game on your phone? Mobile games can be great time killers when you’re bored or waiting in line somewhere, but there are times when normal smartphone tasks interrupt your gaming session. This is why the HiOS team sees the Game Mode feature as one of its top priorities, and they developed a Game Mode Feature. The idea behind the Game Mode feature is to automatically apply various settings when you start playing a game on your device. Since different settings annoy different people, the Game Mode application lets you choose what you want to set when a gaming session has begun. Some of Game Mode Features include: o Restrict Incoming calls notification to the top of the screen (instead of the full screen) and you can choose to accept or reject the call. o Pop-up messages. o Off-screen gaming. o Change the Wi-Fi state. o Magic button. o Game Anti-Addiction. o Switch SIM data. When playing games on your Phone, unsteady graphics, network delays, incoming calls, notifications, and the accidental touching of keys are all common issues that may interrupt and affect your gaming experience. Game Mode provides the perfect solution by optimizing the performance, network connection, notification delivery method, and other key settings of your Phone, so you will always have smooth gaming experience. What is your favorite feature in the Game Mode? Read all >>

The Weekly Gaming King Competition Begins!Win Weekly, Win Big!

Aha Games | 2020-07-06738325

AHA Games
Dear T - fans The weekly Gaming-King is here! Starting from this week, we will be hosting weekly gaming-king contests, where the weekly gaming-king will have the chance to compete for the grand prize at the end of the year (cash +TECNO mobile)! Winner of the Grand Prize gets the latest Pouvoir smartphone (In India, goes by the name Spark Power Series). A different game will be assigned each week. Week 1 time schedule: 0706~0712This week's game name: Blind Hit To Find the game: Open AHA Games→Lobby→Blind Hit (as below) ↓↓↓ Rules for this week:1. Follow the AHA Games section on TECNO SPOT.2. Log in the AHA Games app every day and take screenshots of the login page.3. Play the assigned game of the week every day and take the screenshot of your highest score.4. Post screenshot of logging page + your highest score of the game everyday in TECNO SPOT→AHA Games, using the Gaming King Competition tag (#GamingKing July Week 1).5. The winner will be announced next Wednesday. Once found cheating, you can disqualify yourself from the election. Award selection rules:1. Open AHA Games check-in and post screenshots every day2. Play games every day and post the highest score of the day3. The highest score during the activity period will be the only indicator for the awardThis week’s winners will be announced next Wednesday Activity Prizes:1. The total prize pool is $50, and there are 5 winners.2. $20 for the 1st person and $7.50 for the 2nd to 5th people. TIPS:1. Please make sure you have installed the latest version of AHA Games, if not, Click on the attachment to Install(7Mb) ;2. To keep up to date on the Competition, please join the AHA Games community: Read all >>

Vote for the best photos & help T-Fans win audience’s choice prize !

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-07-031387684

TECNO Gallery
Dear T-fans, Thank you T-Fans for participating in our monthly TECNO Photography Contest. We have collected so many amazing photos during the contest taken by TECNO Phones! Thanks a million to all of you for sharing such amazing photos. It was our pleasure to check them all but the hardest part is to select only 3 of them to win Photographer of June and get audience’s choice prize ! It is now your time to vote for the best ones and help them win the prize! #01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08 Read all >>

The Weekly gaming King Challenge is about to kick off! Win Weekly, Win Big!

Aha Games | 2020-07-0239979

AHA Games
Dear T-fans: The Gaming-King Competition is back again, this time it will happen WEEKLY! Every week through out the year, there will be a $50 prize pool for the weekly gaming kings. The gaming king with the highest score among the weekly winners (Gaming King of the Week) will have the chance to compete for the grand prize at the end of the year. The latest Pouvoir ! TOTAL PRIZE POOL: $1200 + One Tecno Pouvior (Grand Prize) Please stay tuned.The competition will kick off soon! Helpful hints:Make sure you have the latest version of AHA Games installed in your phone, if not, touch to install(7Mb).The rules of the event will be announced on 07/06.The latest start time of weekly gaming-king will be held at 07/06~07/12, please look out for our updates. For more latest game information, you can join our facebook gaming champions group at: Read all >>

How to Record Internal Audio Only, on Your Tecno Device.

yusufaliu | 2020-07-040189

Hello T-fans. If you do game a lot on your device and have been wanting to record only, the internal audio of your gaming session without external sound or noises coming from your mic, this article provides you with a solution to do so without the need of rooting your device. Recording internal audio alone of your device activity is one that a lot of screen recorders out there don't give you the option to. Infact, I have never come across any screen recorder that lets you do this without having to root your device. Not the ones on PlayStore nor those that comes preinstalled on Tecno devices. But, with a few tricks, you can actually do this. Please note that, for this to work, you must have launched the game already and have it on screen before proceeding. First you will need your Tecno device with the game installed on it already. You will also need an earphone with a voice command button and masking tape of any sort or colour. Most earphones comes with three buttons (the voice command button, the volume up button, and the volume down button). Our concern is the voice command button which is the only one needed to make the internal audio recording a possibility. And, if you are lucky enough to have a Camon 15, you won't have to worry about the volume up or volume down button as it only comes with the voice command button. • So, launch your game, and with it on display, • plug in your earphone. • Use the masking tape to wrap round your voice command button, pressing it down hard that it doesn't bounce back up when pressed. Proceed to record using any screen recorder of choice and any external sound won't appear in your game. I recommend AZ screen recorder, Fooview or that which comes preinstalled on the Camon 15, available on swiping on your assistant panel in Game mode. Share with us in the comment box if this worked for you, don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

The Most Effective Method To Recuperate A Lost Android Smartphone

lummyfinest | 2020-07-040183

This post was last edited by lummyfinest at 2020-7-4 11:59 Hi TFans, Losing a smartphone is a terrible dream for any modern person. The amount of information that it contains in the hands of an attacker can cost you both money and reputation. Yes there, even a missed call can greatly ruin your mood. In fact, not everything is as scary as it might seem: it is quite possible to return a stolen or lost smartphone, since the current versions of Android (4.4 and higher) have built-in protection mechanisms. In addition, we will tell you what else you should pay attention to protect yourself. If in the case of the iPhone we talked about the fact that you should protect yourself in advance, then on Android the remote control function is turned on by default and it hardly makes any sense to turn it off. In order to check this item, you need to go along the path Settings - Security and Screen Lock - Find a device (the names of some items may vary slightly, depending on the shell of your device). From the same submenu, you can activate the search for any other smartphone. So, to search for a device, you need to go to the site from a smartphone or PC. You can get to the same page if you simply enter the query “ Find device ” in the search bar . Upon transition, you need to select the account to which the lost smartphone is attached and confirm the entry with a password. On this page you will see all the devices tied to the entered account (for example, a smartphone and a clock or tablet), their place on the map, if the devices include geolocation and battery level. From this menu you can perform all the necessary manipulations: 1. Try to call the device - it will beep for 5 minutes, even if the silent mode is specified in the settings. 2. Deny access to all functions of the device, on the locked screen of the smartphone, the message you entered or your contact phone number will be displayed. 3. Erase data. An extreme, radical measure, which must be resorted to when there is no longer any chance of returning your device. It initiates a factory reset, erasing all data on the device. There will be no going back. After activating this function, account linking and smartphone blocking will disappear. The problem can only occur with an external memory card, the full cleaning of which is not guaranteed. This method is offered by the operating system itself. As you can see, it is simple, thoughtful and effective if properly configured. If for some reason it does not suit you, you can use third-party applications. Many antiviruses have similar functionality, but you need to use them with caution and only if you trust a particular developer, because you have to give him full access to your device. An example of such programs is Avast or Kaspersky antivirus for smartphones. Of course, these applications greatly facilitate the life of the user, but do not forget about the banal vigilance. For example, if your smartphone has an unlock function on the face, scan of the iris or fingerprint - it’s a sin not to use it. Since the smartphone and account are more difficult to reset, the likelihood of a return increases by several times, especially if using the second paragraph of our instructions you promise to return a fee that exceeds the price of the same smartphone, disassembled for parts. Even a commonplace graphic key, although more difficult to use, is reliable enough. That's all, and you can tell about your experience of returning lost gadgets down in the comments section. Read all >>

CLASH OF CLANS: Top-down Strategic Game

Knimi | 2020-07-04075

AHA Games
This post was last edited by Knimi at 2020-7-4 13:04 Hello T-Fans, Clash of Clans is a top-down strategy game where players gather resources to create their own villages and forge an army. Strike the Goblin encampments or raid the bases of other players, join the clan and engage in epic warfare. Clash of Clans OverviewClash of Clans by Supercell is an isometric 2D village builder and strategy hybrid with a massive community and consistent popularity. Players accumulate gold, elixir, and dark elixir to construct a kingdom with the ultimate goal of training increasingly powerful troops to attack and raid in the single-player campaign or PvP. Defending one's kingdom is equally important and players must plan accordingly with walls, cannons, bombs, and more. Upgrade your mines to increase your flow of resources and unlock 18 types of warriors and heroes through the 4 tier troop system. Finally, join a Clan, combine forces, and take your battle to the global leader-board and make a name for yourself in PvP. What's New?● Upgrade to the brand new Town Hall 13 and devastate your foes with the Giga Inferno! ● An all-new Hero, the Royal Champion, joins your army with her trusty spear and crushing Seeking Shield! ● Feel the furry-ous might of the newest troop, the Yeti, and the horde-breaking defense, the Scattershot. Classic Features● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends. ● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against other players across the globe. ● Test your skills in the competitive Clan War Leagues and prove you’re the best. ● Work together with your clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic Items ● Defend your village with a multitude of cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls. ● Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm. ● Plan unique battle strategies with countless combinations of spells, troops, and Heroes! ● Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special events. ● Train unique troops with multiple levels of upgrades. ● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a mysterious world. PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans. Publisher: Supercell Playerbase: High Type: City-Building/Strategy Release Date: August 2, 2012 (iOS)/October 7, 2013 (Android) Current Version: June 26, 2020 (Andriod) Pros: Polished presentation. +Strategic combat. +Multiplayer clan wars. Cons: Reliance on in-app purchases. +Resource grind.+Network connection is required. Available Store: AHA Games Watch Trailer: Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2020-07-041266

Over the past months, WhatsApp has been working to implement new features and additions to the app. We’ve seen a WHO COVID-19 chatbot, Quarantine-life sticker pack and Dark Mode option. In addition to these are 5 new Whatsapp updates you may be seeing on your phones soon. The new Whatsapp features include a QR code option for saving contacts, animated sticker packs and video call updates; Table of Contents 1. QR Code for saving contacts 2. Animated Stickers 3. Dark Mode for Desktop 4. Video Call Improvements (Group) 5. Voice Message Update (Concept) 1. QR Code for saving contacts Whatsapp is giving you a personal QR Code that can be shared with new friends, so they can easily add your contact. Your new friends will just have to scan your QR Code to save your number. This offers a faster option to save new contacts rather than reading your number out to them. 2. Animated Stickers Whatsapp is currently rolling out a feature that allows you to download and share animated stickers. With this addition, you can bring life to your sticker packs. 3. Dark Mode for Desktop Whatsapp is extending the dark mode theme to computers. 4. Video Call Improvements (Group) Up to 8 people can now participate in a group video chat. Not only that, but Whatsapp also allows you to focus on and maximize a particular participant’s video to full screen. Whatsapp has also added a video icon for groups with 8 or fewer people to make it easier to start video calls 5. Voice Message Update (Concept) This one is a concept created by WABeta Info, so there’s no guarantee that it may be available in later updates. When you are listening to a voice note within a chat, you cannot switch to a different chat. Doing so will stop the voice note, forcing you to stay in the chat while you listen. This concept called Voice Message heads allows you to continue to listen to voice notes while you’re in a different chat.Read all >>
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