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HiOS Official Account | 2020-06-0327715

Hello T-Fans, We recently conducted a quiz for our fans to test their knowledge to see how much they know about us. While some excelled, a lot more performed woefully. This has made us realized that a lot of our users don't know about our features! So, we have decided to be conducting this quiz regularly and reward handsomely our users that perform excellently. For this maiden edition, we want you to help us congratulate the following users from all around the world for their excellent performance in the quiz. They are as follows: WINNERS S/N T-Spot ID Country REWARD 1 JamesGbenga Nigeria $5 2 Hoilakes Nigeria $5 3 521667 Nigeria $5 4 ts08155900295 Nigeria $5 Second Place 1 ts08057318864 Nigeria $3 2 Ts08102722155 Nigeria $3 3 417376 Nigeria $3 4 Ajibadefavouravour Nigeria $3 5 517965 Nigeria $3 6 557089 Nigeria $3 7 ts08074892774 Nigeria $3 8 493366 Nigeria $3 9 203200 Ghana $3 10 193613 Nigeria $3 11 507890 Nigeria $3 12 541577 Nigeria $3 13 Exceptional Nigeria $3 14 497993 Nigeria $3 15 CLEVER Ghana $3 16 193613 Nigeria $3 17 497931 Nigeria $3 18 539864 Nigeria $3 19 496895 Ghana $3 20 SupaMan Ghana $3 Third Place 1 Qwaro Nigeria $2 2 490589 Ghana $2 3 Nelson BYN Nelson Ghana $2 4 Cookiey Nigeria $2 5 557464 Nigeria $2 6 Xuccessful davizzy xb Nigeria $2 7 2.64268E+11 India $2 8 SumitVerma India $2 9 earnest Nigeria $2 10 yusufaliu Nigeria $2 11 Malcom Nigeria $2 12 472615 Nigeria $2 13 Rejoice Nigeria $2 14 M.Fahad Nigeria $2 15 KDSY Nigeria $2 16 MaleekiBerry Nigeria $2 17 Fatimah Nigeria $2 18 Nafcy Sultan Nigeria $2 19 S.Akinpelu Nigeria $2 20 A_Fatai Nigeria $2 21 Ozone Nigeria $2 22 EYahSW Nigeria $2 23 Reel Nigeria $2 24 T-Spot Caporal Cameroon $2 25 474837 Ghana $2 26 532435 Tanzania $2 27 504658 Nigeria $2 28 557086 Ghana $2 29 490945 Ghana $2
Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2020-05-311173

????????????✈️* 1. Lebanon ???????? July 15, 2020 2. Bahrain ???????? June 10, 2020 3. Qatar ???????? June 10, 2020 4. Jordan ???????? July 15, 2020 5. Iraq ???????? (Air Corridor) August 1, 2020 6. Iran ???????? August 1 7. Egypt ???????? August 1 8. Saudi Arabia ???????? August 1, 2020 9. Tunisia ???????? August 1 10. sweat Baghdad ???????? first of August month 11. Japan ???????? June 15, 2020 12. Northern Macedonia ???????? June 15, 2020 13. Lithuania ???????? June 15, 2020 14. Hungary ???????? June 15, 2020 15. Poland ???????? June 15, 2020 16. Romania ???????? June 15, 2020 17. Serbia ???????? June 15, 2020 18. Netherlands ???????? June 20, 2020 19. Kazakhstan ???????? June 20, 2020 20. Albania ???????? June 22, 2020 21. Bosnia and Herzegovina ???????? June 22, 2020 22. Denmark ???????? June 22, 2020 23. Estonia ???????? June 22, 2020 24. Finland ???????? June 22, 2020 25. South Korea ???????? June 22, 2020 26. Ireland ???????? June 22, 2020 27. Kyrgyzstan ???????? June 22, 2020 28. Latvia ???????? June 22, 2020 29. Norway ???????? June 22, 2020 30. Slovakia ???????? June 22, 2020 31. Australia ???????? July 1, 2020 32. Belgium ???????? July 1, 2020 33. Belarus ???????? July 1, 2020 34. China ???????? (Beijing only) July 1, 2020 35. Sweden ???????? July 1, 2020 36. Canada ???????? July 1, 2020 37. Colombia ???????? July 1, 2020 38. Kosovo ???????? July 1, 2020 39. Malaysia ???????? July 1, 2020 40. Moldova ???????? July 1, 2020 41. Uzbekistan ???????? July 1, 2020 42. Republic of Taiwan ???????? July 1, 2020 43. Turkmenistan ???????? July 1, 2020 44. Ukraine ???????? July 1, 2020 45. Indonesia ???????? July 10, 2020 46. India ???????? July 10, 2020 47. Pakistan ???????? July 10, 2020 48. Algeria ???????? July 15, 2020 49. Morocco ???????? July 15, 2020 50. Philippines ???????? July 15, 2020 51. South Africa ???????? July 15, 2020 52. Georgia ???????? (only for Georgia City) July 15, 2020 53. UK ???????? July 15, 2020 55. Kuwait ???????? July 15, 2020 56. Libya ???????? July 15, 2020 57. Cyprus (Turkish side) June 1, 2020 58. Russia ???????? July 15, 2020 59. Bulgaria ???????? June 10, 2020 60. Brazil ???????? August 1 61. Armenia ???????? August 1, 2020 62. France ???????? August 1 63. Greece ???????? June 10, 2020 64. Germany ???????? June 15, 2020 65. Spain ???????? August 1 66. Italy ???????? August 1 67. Austria ???????? June 15, 2020 68. Azerbaijan ???????? June 15, 2020 69. Czech Republic ???????? June 15, 2020 70. USA ???????? September 1, 20 71. Switzerland ???????? June 15, 2020 Data source quoted ICAORead all >>


kaderlg | 2020-06-017230

Spark 3 Pro


CyBlinks | 2020-04-144145

Dear T-FANS, Are you tired of the lockdown? Are you bored at home? Here's a puzzle to keep you busy. Can you spot the hidden LOLLIPOP among the ice-cream? how many minutes did it take you to find it? hint: The lollipop is pink Screenshot and circle your answer using your phone's editing feature. #TECNOPUZZLE #STAYSAFERead all >>

Camon 15 Mobile Phone Experience #CamonCEO

ts08034673305 | 2020-06-02089

CAMON 15 Series
6.6'FHD+ Real Fullview, true big screenWhile most of the competitors are equipped with 6.2" or maybe to 6.5" as the largest, the TECNO CAMON 15 Premier's screen has a 6.6" Perfect Full view, giving me a wider, clearer, and more colorful visual experience. The 91.2% super screen ratio and design helps actualize the dream of an immersive, full view, cinematic experience. I'm enjoying a truly boundless screen. The super big screen enables the 115-degree Super Wide-Angle visibility to be fully viewed. While taking photos with the 115° Super Wide Angle, it is needless to worry about failing to fully capture the grand scenery. The anti-distortion feature allows the scene be recorded as seen in reality. Read all >>

Tecno CamonCEO: Camon 15 gift claimed and unboxing

ts7013507125 | 2020-06-029244

CAMON 15 Series
A big thank you to tecno once more, for this priveledge to be amoung the 100 CAMONCEOs announced. the camon 15 device have been claimed successful by me and unboxed this morning. see pictures: 23309[/ atta Read all >>

GARENA FREE FIRE: Latest Game Patch Set for Release Date (June 3rd).

yusufaliu | 2020-06-021126

AHA Games
Hello T-fans. The latest patch to the world's most popular battle royale "Garena Free Fire" is set to arrive tomorrow June 3rd. The latest update to the battle royale hit promises "Wolfrahh", a new playable character announced last month, arriving alongside Free Fire's first-ever flying pet "Falco". Arriving with this patch is also an update to the first season of Free Fire's Clash Squads-Ranked, set to kick off on June 4th, shaped by a pre-season feedback from those who took part in it. It will include a new leaderboard tracking kills and win rate, and a career performamce page of in-game profile, in addition to a temporary ban for early leavers during matches which will surely have a positive impact on rage quitting. More seasonal rewards has also been added. Survivors who reach Gold III will be rewarded with a Clash Squad - Ranked season 1 exclusive Desert Eagle gunskin, The Golden Eagle. Anti hack measures have also been put in place to ensure no edge over another through cheating of any form. Players caught using third party programmes to seek advantage will be permanently banned from the battle royale. A move similar to PUBG "Project Ban Pan". The Bomb Squad mode will also receive changes, with new updated objectives and weapon presets. Training Grounds will include some features that players have been asking for too, including vehicles and gloo walls. The shooting range and practice zone will also be separated. Purgatory will lose Rush Hour with the return of Classic mode. A new weapon is also set to drop with the new patch, the M82B sniper rifle to counter gloo walls in the end game. The SKS, SVD, M1887 and M14 will also receive balance changes on installation of the update. Click here to read more on these, and don't forget to follow me on Tspot as well. Read all >>

YouTube: Rolling Out Video Chapters to Desktop, Android & IOS.

yusufaliu | 2020-05-29183

Hello T-fans.If you are a conversant navigator/visitor of the Google service "Youtube" you must have come across splitted video timelines of popular Youtubers. And hovering over sections of these videos, you get to see a brief description of what it contains in that timeframe. Quite helpful in seeking specific contents in lengthy videos. Lately, Youtube has announced that it will be rolling out the feature to the public on desktop, Android and IOS. Though optional, the feature is quite easy to use, allowing contents splitted to at least three timestamps, broken up into chapters of a minimum of 10 seconds starting with 0:00. Creators can also include chapter titles as a description to each timecode. If a creator doesn’t want to enable video chapters but still wants to mention specific time codes in their video, they just need to start with any timecode other than 0:00 in their description. Simple enough, we believe this will go a long way to effect how contents are created and digested by consumers (viewers). And hopefully the inclusion of gesture navigation between chapters as reported by "verge". You can check out the video below for more info. And also this on how to activate/use the feature. Share with us your thoughts in the comment box and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Related Topics: Youtube to Remove Contents Linking 5G to Covid-19. Youtube Music now Available for Nigeria. Read all >>

SLAY THE SPIRE: Mobile Port Update.

yusufaliu | 2020-06-02138

AHA Games
Hello T-fans. Anthony Giovanneti, the developer behind the roguelike card battler "Slay the Spire" which first launched on PC in 2019, earning a universal acclaim for its incredible and moreish gameplay, has announced in expectation that the team would have something to say concerning the eagerly anticipated mobile port "within the next 30 days." "Slay the Spire" currently available on PC, PS4, Switch & Xbox One, has prooven to be a success. Thanks to a more fluid gameplay which sees you through a spire, battling your way in a CCG fashion. The game contains a massive number and variety of cards to collect, as well as several playable characters, creating a huge amount of possible gameplay variation. It keeps you glued to your screen with each failed attempt immediately spurring you to try again with a different approach. Its been close to 5 months now since January when the port to mobile was announced to be going through a question and answer pass. A delay which has been capitalized on by clones and many other titles inspired by the game. Though Giovanetti's tweet doesn't say much, we hope the announcement turns up to be a confirmation in prep for a solid launch date. See also GAME OF SULTANS: Gamers Review. And dont forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>


yusufaliu | 2020-06-02133

Hello T-fans The quest for dominance in the the world of social media just got better, as Facebook experimental team, NPE launches "Collab". A music collaboration app which enables users watch, record and remix video clips maxed at 15 seconds. “Collab” allows users the fusing/synchronisation of three independent videos, with the ability to change videographic arrangements by adding in own recordings or replacement of a part within the video with anotherby choice. Users can also browse through existing clips and get to do a remake of its contents as so desired. As explained by Facebook, "Once you've created a collab, you can publish it for others to watch, mix and match further. You can can also share yours or others' creations to Instagram, Facebook Stories, or any other platform, with just a few taps." A move which to me seeks to tap into the success story of TikTok, by taking aim at engagement behaviors within the app, though in a more creative way, and without the lure of popular tracks to underline trends. Indeed a welcomed approach to sharing your stories and getting more fun time especially with the lockdown in place. Though not accessible to all, the app is strictly only invite. Click here to join the waitlist and here for more on the app and don't forget to follow me on Tspot as well. See also FACEBOOK: Expanding Verification Requirements to High Reach Profiles. INTRODUCING CatchUp: From Facebook's NPE Team. FACEBOOK SHOP: Consolidating e-Commerce. FACEBOOK: The Drive for Innovation in Data Portability. Read all >>

GOOGLE MAP TAKES ON A NEW LOOK: A Redesigned Real Time Location Sharing UI.

yusufaliu | 2020-05-12368

Hello T-fans. Google's most underrated feature (real time location sharing) which was introduced back in march 2017 allowing users share their location with contacts now takes on a new look. The new look coupled with a server side update celebrates the app's evolution from helping you get to places to helping you discover the world, bringing to you a much more modern look better aligned with its service. Carrying more detailed information, the update to its location sharing now comes with a snazzy floating action button, giving the menu's material aesthetic a more appealing user interface. The blue bar at the top within the location sharing interface has been replaced by a white one, with contacts and links details vertically displayed. The location sharing prompt now comes with a rounded edge and a drop down menu which opens to exactly the same mutually exclusive radio buttons we have on the old. Your current location within the sharing interface is now displayed with your details (address) and device charge level as a floating card. There's also a dedicated section explaining more of its location sharing feature. It appears to be rolling out on Google Map 10.40.2/via a server-side flag. So the next time you use the location sharing feature, expect to be greeted by these improvements. Source: Android Police. Read all >>


yusufaliu | 2020-05-111126

Hello T-fans.After the launch of the still expanding 'Facebook Messenger Rooms' last month, which enabled users create a video chat room via the app, with no call time limit, plus an invite up to 50 people that could join even without a social media account via link, the Facebook owned messaging service 'Whatsapp' is doing the same to its web version. A feature also very much present on the android beta version of whatsapp 2.20.139 and above. Though still under development and not made public yet, it promise to be added to the Whatsapp Web update (2.2019.6). Once available, users can access this feature on the action list>messenger rooms shortcut (see photo below). After which an introduction of the feature will be displayed to educate users on it. A shortcut to this is also said to be available on the main menu. A click on 'create room' will give users the option of redirecting to messenger. The feature is yet to be available with no known release date but once it is, we hope to see its presence on Android, IOS and definitely Whatsapp Web. Follow me on Tspot for more. See also Whatsapp Chatbot to Debunk Coronavirus Hoaxes. Read all >>

Camon15 battery experience. #Camon15

Kwyn | 2020-06-02037

CAMON 15 Series
This post was last edited by Kwyn at 2020-6-3 00:30 BATTERY LIFE We could argue on important smartphone features but we must all agree that a phone that can last long is a definite winner. No one wants iPhone. People problems of running to a charger at midday after leaving their phones plugged in all night. The TECNO Camon 15 does a stellar job with surviving throughout the day. My test has been limited to staying indoors with small outsiding here and there but I am happy to report that the phone would easily last one and a half days without needing to charge – and this is with constant usage. On days with less phone usage, it would stay on for two full days before hitting that 15% mark and you start worrying about charging the phone. When it comes to charging, it does well as long as you use the included fast charger and you will get from zero to 100 in around 90-minutes. ever since I started using the camon15, i misplaced my power bank. Truth is, it's no longer needed for real. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-06-025681

Hello T-Fans, Social Turbo feature is a social media tool available on Tecno devices running on HiOS 5.5 and above. It provides a variety of functions that makes the use of Whatsapp much more exciting. In this article, we would be talking about 2 of such features. Remember when the only way of sending multimedia was MMS, which was slow and rigid. You only could send gifs and very low-quality images. It was impossible to see who you are communicating within real-time. Video calling is now becoming the norm these days and it is becoming more and more popular because of its usage. Most smartphone manufacturers now make sure their devices come with multiple cameras to enhance the video calling experience. AI VIDEO BEAUTY ON HiOS AI Video beauty is located in the Social Turbo feature on Tecno devices running on HiOS 5.5 and above. This feature redefines video calling. Before now, AI beauty Mode was only available when taking pictures. But with AI video Beauty on Social Turbo, you can apply AI Beauty to a live video during a Whatsapp call. So, no need to worry so much when you get that unexpected Whatsapp call from your boss or colleague. With the AI Beauty feature activated, you are covered. To activate this feature, go to Settings>>>Social Turbo>>>Video Beauty mode. Toggle it on and you are good to go. WHATSAPP CALL VOICE RECORDER Recording a phone call conversation can sometimes be very important and lifesaving. Imagine you are visiting a new area and you have to call someone for directions, but you find our you are out of airtime. But luckily for you, you have data, so you decide to make a Whatsapp call to the person to ask for directions. But as the person starts to give directions, it becomes complex and complicated. You wanted to record the conversation, but then you realize its Whatsapp call. Not cool right? With the Whatsapp Call Voice Recorder feature found in Social Turbo, you can record a Whatsapp call and listen to it later. You can activate it by going to Settings>>>Social Turbo>>>Voice Recorder. Toggle it on and you are good to go. Make sure you click on the follow button after reading! (Follow HiOS on Tecno Spot for more Updates) Read all >>

FACEBOOK: Expanding Verification Requirements to High Reach Profiles.

yusufaliu | 2020-06-016330

Hello T-fans. In ensuring authenticity of contents from verified sources on its platform, Facebook, has announced an expansion of its verification requirement which will see to identification checks on accounts with large followings. As stated by Facebook, made known to the public by its product managers (Anita Joseph and Michelle Paselli), "We want to ensure the content you see on Facebook is authentic and comes from real people, not bots or others trying to conceal their identity." This is an addition to follow ups on its authorization program launched in 2018 when it started the verification of identities of page managers with a large audience. This move added a new info panel on pages and ads, granting users access to essential page informations. Facebook took this a step further in April this year, with the addition of location markers on business profile posts, which highlights the primary location of managers to that page or account. The current steps seeks to verify the identity of people with a pattern of inauthentic behavior on Facebook whose posts on the platform are now viral contents in U.S. Possibly to curb the ongoing menace in the state. A key point of concern following the U.S presidential elections back in 2016, in which misleading posts and ads believed to be from Russian based groups, targeted voters. Failure to agree to this move from the tech giant in anyway or provision of ID's which does not matched the linked Facebook account, risks a reduction in outreach of contents distribution, in addition to unauthorization of page admins on refusal of verification of Page Publishers Authorization Process. A step which is a part of Facebook's ongoing efforts to create greater accountability and improved user experience. See also Facebook Shop, Consolidating e-Commerce. Introducing Catchup, from Facebook's NPE Team. Facebook's Drive for Innovation in Data Portability. Don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

Hi Translate: All You Need to Know

ahiadzro | 2020-06-0204257

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-6-2 02:13 I am sure many of you have seen Hi Translate on your Tecno phones and wondered what it was for! Well, it is one of the apps I frequently use and have come to love. Hi Translate is a free language translator for 88 languages. Hi Translate is far more powerful than imaginable. It is useful for text translation and image translation with only one click. It works both online and offline. Hi translate supports multiple application translations, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Tecno Spot, etc. You can drag the floating ball to the text or double click the floating ball to translate foreign languages into your language. Be confident anytime, anywhere with your translation partner, Hi Translate! How To Use Hi Translate 1. Bubble Text Translator: Drag the floating ball to the chat bubbles content, and with just one step, the content of the bubble will be translated into the targeted language. 2. Input Box Language Translation: Input any language in the input box of the dialogue, drag and drop the floating translation ball to the text in the input box, and the text would be translated into the language your friends used. 3. Entire App Page Translation: Quickly double-click floating translation ball or click on global translation, the entire app page would be translated into your native language. 4. Clipboard Text Translation: Copy the text, and click the floating ball to translate. In one second, the copied text would be successfully translated into your language. How To Access This Service To access this service, quickly click on your smart panel or follow this path, Settings > Accessibility > Hi Translate Below is a tutorial for you PS: Long press the floating translation ball to change the floating ball position. Do not forget to also grant the necessary permissions and network access before using the app. Read More: Glide Typing: All You Need to Know Read all >>
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