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AHA Games: Mobile Data User Survey!(Everything is about wanting to serve you better.)

AHA Games

Aha Games | 2020-08-12198167

Dear T-fans: In order to better serve you, please help us answer the following few questions. This survey is anonymous, and we absolutely protect your answers. Click Here To Do the Survey By the way:The new episode of gaming-king competition is about to start soon, please get ready and stay tuned! - You also get the chance to be invited into a Global gaming community where you get access to exclusive game offers and a chance to interact with gamers from around the world . . #survey #research #gamelobby #gaming #mobilegaming #ahagames #mobilegamer
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MhiztaAmazing | 2020-08-116107

TECNO Gallery
“Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to god, and keep your face to the raising sun”. Kanye west #AugustPhotography #AugustContest Read all >>


Youngmoney | 2020-08-11075

AHA Games
I want to say a very big thank you to techno for this give.I really appreciate it.Long love techno.Read all >>


ts7013507125 | 2020-08-11239

AHA Games
A big thanks to aha games Read all >>

Semi-final of the Europa League

Abraham Sidy Diomaye Faye | 2020-08-11144


The Tecno Camon Family !!

Abraham Sidy Diomaye Faye | 2020-08-075747


TECNO Daily Chat #5 Favorite Game

TECNO SPOT | 2020-08-115189

Hi T-Fans~ Today we still want to hear your voice. Making T-SPOT a family of mobile phones is our purpose~ Mobile Games has become one of the main demand of using smart phone. Today we want to know which game is your favorite~ Tell us the reason and rate the user with same answer as you~ You voice does matter! Read all >>

[Announcement] Meet Photographer of July !

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-08-0947724

TECNO Gallery
Hi T Fans! Thanks for all T Fans who participated in the “TECNO Gallery Vol.3— Food Temptation”. We received so many amazing pictures from you all! After several rounds of tough selection among all our highly talented candidates, today we want to present to you our 3 lucky T Fans who win T-spot Audience’s choice and become Photographer of July! Thanks for 9384 T-Fans ❤❤❤ who joined the voting and help us to make these tough choices! Click here to see all voting results Photographer of Entry NO.5Photographer of Entry NO.7Photographer of Entry NO.13 Important:All winners please go to your album and screenshot your entry info, send to T-spot administrator charles.enwere@tecno-mobile.comby July 12nd 00:00. If above info can not be provided as required on time, the prize will go to the next winner who complies with all the rules. Screenshot as follows:① Timing of the photo being taken② Click on top right corner to get photo info③Photo info that matches with the photo If you see anyone who cheated in the competiton, please don’t hesitate to report to us. Once we confirmed cheating behavior, the candidate will be disqualified in TECNO Gallery event. Thank you for your cooperation on ensuring the integrity of this event.❤❤❤ Click here to join August Photographer Contest Read all >>


MhizFortune | 2020-08-083186

TECNO Gallery
All I See Is A Beautiful Blue Sky. Shot On TECNO CAMON 15 #AugustPhotographyContestRead all >>


lummyfinest | 2020-07-243105

Hi TFans, The handy Your Phone app in Windows 10 will soon give PC users the ability to control music and sound playback on their Android smartphone. The new feature, currently being tested on preview versions of the desktop operating system, places the app bar, title, source, and album art in the app. The feature will also allow users to switch between multiple sources using the dropdown in the audio player. Microsoft claims the app works with audio services such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Xiaomi Music, and Google Podcast. You will need an Android smartphone with OS version 7.0 or higher and a Windows 10 PC with October 2018 updates or later. The Your Phone app has become a key part of Microsoft's efforts to bring mobile-to-desktop interoperability in the post-Windows Phone era. The application already makes it easier for smartphone owners to access their photos, messages and other notifications, calls, and even broadcast the smartphone screen to a PC monitor. The new feature is simply an addition to all of these capabilities. In a blog post, the company wrote: “We are pleased to present another exciting feature that will allow you to control your music and audio applications from the Your Phone app. Now you can access and control the audio apps playing on your smartphone directly in the app, without having to split your attention between devices or disrupt your workflow. Your audio tracks will be synchronized between your smartphone and PC, and you can switch between multiple sources using the drop-down list in the player. " Also the Preview Build 19619 update adds the Bing COVID-19 tracker to the search box. This is just in case you want news about the coronavirus. Read all >>

Contra Returns Mobile Game May Be Getting a Worldwide Release

Obigwe | 2020-08-093182

Contra Returns, the mobile version of the iconic 90's game, may soon be getting a worldwide release, or at least a wider release as per the tweet by developers TiMi Studios. Contra Returns was originally released in China in 2017 and then in Taiwan in 2018. Then, an English version of the game was released in Southeast Asian countries later in 2018. Now, looks like the game will be getting a wider release and the developers are looking for feedback from fans of the franchise to make it “the best that it can be.” TiMi Studios tweeted that Contra Returns has been quite successful in parts of the world that got to play it and following this success, the developers plan to have a “wider release.” The studio did not share a timeline for when the game will be released and which regions will have access to it. Contra Returns has pretty much the same gameplay as the original game from the 90's. It has been adapted for mobile and plays like most other side-scrollers. It is currently listed as Garena Contra Returns on the Google Play store but is unavailable for download in India. TiMi Studios partnered with Garena and Tencent to release the game back in 2017 and will likely continue this partnership to bring the game to the rest of the world. Further, the developers have asked fans to give them some feedback to help improve the game. From the survey, it seems like they want to get an idea of the market for the game and what section of people will play it and on what kind of device. This will help the developers adapt the game for its audience. As of now, there is no release date or timeline for Contra Returns but it is possible that the “wider release” will happen within this year. TiMi Studios has developed games like the highly popular Call of Duty: Mobile, Arena of Valor, and Honor of Kings. Source: www.gadgets.ndtv.comRead all >>


Ālphā Ūmār | 2020-08-091124

CAMON 15 Series
Hello dear t-fans, Many of us are familiar with connection sharing related to WiFi and Hotspot, but only a few know that you can do the same only through Bluetooth. For those who may not know, tethering on Android allows you to share your mobile device's internet connection with other connected devices. Such connections can be made through wireless connectivity containing WiFi or through a physical connection (a USB cable). These possibilities have been stretched even further, enabling such via Bluetooth. To do this on your Tecno device, you must first make sure that your mobile data is activated, then go to “Settings”> “Network and Internet”> “Access point and modem”> “Bluetooth tethering” (flip the switch to the right to activate). Now here's a tip to all of this that I noticed. In order for your device to be visible, allowing pairing with any device with which you wish to share your Internet connectivity via Bluetooth, after having carried out the above steps concerning “Share with bluetooth”, you must use the back button / back button to return to the “Settings”, then go to> “Connected devices”> “Bluetooth” so that it is visible to the other device with which you want the pairer. Once done, all you need to do is search for your device via bluetooth from the other one you want to pair with. For successful connectivity, you need to go through the whole process by clicking on pair and connect, don't forget to leave a comment below. And, you can also follow me on Tspot to find out more. #TecnoCamon15 # 48mpUltraclaireDay&Night #TecnoMobile #ExpectMore #Alpha_oumarRead all >>

Google Chrome Adds a New Option for Scheduling Downloads.

yusufaliu | 2020-08-092182

Hello T-fans.Android most used browser, Google Chrome, has included an option in its canary build for scheduling downloads. A welcomed development which would very much aid Android users who find themselves in situations of restricted data plans or unlimited data, to catch up with available online contents during their schedule convenience timing. Though unavailable in the the regular version of Chrome, you can access the feature via its canary build, which is a bleeding-edge version, run side-by-side with the regular chrome to accelerate iteration and bug-tracking. It’s Google’s name for Chrome’s experimental model. It contains quite a lot of under the hood features that may or may not make their way into future Chrome release. Many of which may or may not work. The latest addition to the canary build that lets you schedule downloads can be accessed via chrome://flags. Click on the link, scroll down to find the option which reads "Enable Download Later" or use the search bar to find it. Click on the default option menu just below it, and then click "enable" from the options available. With Google Chrome standing as Android most beloved browser, there's no doubt the addition of this feature will add to its popularity. Leave a like or comment below, and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

25 Things You Shouldn't Be Doing With Your Android Device

ahiadzro | 2020-08-10514708

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-8-11 22:42 In our day to day activities, we end up doing a whole lot of things with our phones we ought not to be doing, which leads to frustrations. Below is a list of things we shouldn't be doing with our phones: 1. Don’t constantly swipe away recent apps,you end up losing much power to reopen them. 2. Don’t save your contacts to only your phone. Consider saving your contacts on your SIM card or your Google account to serve as a backup 3. Don’t leave your phone unsecured. Leaving your device unlocked would leave your privacy in the hands with anyone that gets in contact with your phone 4. Simply don’t root your device 5. Don’t use task killers or battery boosting apps. Current android versions are able to manage its resources on its own 6. Don’t download apps without researching or from unknown sources. Blindly installing apps may come with its own effects 7. Don't make calls or play games with your phone whiles it's plugged in 8. Don't use unoriginal charges or accessories. These may end up doing more harm than good 9. Don't ignore app permissions. Get to know what permissions you are granting, so these apps don't secretly monitor or use your data for unscrupulous activities 10. Don't ignore system or security updates. These bring you security and improve your device as a whole 11. Consider restarting your phone periodically. Never restarting your device would build up cache and temporary data which is stored on your phone and that leads to full storage and poor performance. Restarting your device at least two times a month is advisable 12. Don't leave apps like Facebook continuously running in the background or open a lot of tabs on Google Chrome. You would end up losing more data, battery, and RAM 13. Don't use your phone in the scorching sun. You would end up overheating your device 14. Don't leave your phone plugged in to continuously charge for hours 15. Don't use more than one antivirus app on your device, they would end up slowing your device, use more RAM and battery 16. Don't put your smartphone in your chest or back pocket, you might end up sitting on it or bend down for it to fall 17. Don't use an earpiece or a headset while charging your phone 18. Don't sleep on your smartphone, especially under your pillow, or putting it nearby your head while asleep 19. Don't use the ports of your phone with wet hands or in a wet environment 20. Don't charge your phone under your pillow or on your bed or on an uneven surface or put your phone on the bare floor 21. Don't exert pressure on your phone 22. Don't repair your phone with a roadside engineer or technician. They might not know what they are doing and end up damaging your device 23. Not clearing the cache and data of your device. Periodically, this should be done 24. Not using a screen protector or a back cover case. These end up giving your phone a layer of protection 25. Putting your phone face down or screen down would not be advised. You might end up damaging your screen NOTE: If I missed anything, feel free to add up in the comment section. See Also: 10 Things To Do When You Get A New Phone Read all >>
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