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Take That Step of Success

Palm Store | 2022-02-0761366

Palm Store
Happy Monday, Palmstore Lovers. Take your first step to success by not been a bondage of your environment. Your environment could be your friends and people who want you to remain where you are. Sometimes, your success lies outside your environment. Take that step of success. Read all >>

Guess The App

Palm Store | 2022-02-03173602

Palm Store
Hey Palmstore Lovers. Tell us the name of this App in the comment section. Read all >>

Helo App - Our App Crush

Palm Store | 2022-02-02135983

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, Our App Crush for today Helo App. Meant for your friends and loved ones. Connect with them and win prizes. Wanna know how? Then download now on Palmstore. Read all >>

Social Media Recommended Apps

Palm Store | 2022-02-0102170

Palm Store
Hey Palmstore Lovers, have you use this cool social media apps? Check them download them now on palmstore. Read all >>

Valentine's Day Survey

Palm Store | 2022-02-0181558

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers. Welcome to February, the month of Love. Tell us the best gift you can give on Valentine's day? Read all >>

What are those HiOS innovations in 2021? - Year in Review Part 2

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-27338955

Smart, Smooth and Simple. Explore Ahead, Experience Ahead. These were the powerful HiOS innovation themes you came across in 2021. You want to know the 'how come' of these themes? While forging ahead, let’s do a quick recap of HiOS existence in 2021. Hello T-Fans, It is a pleasure to welcome you into a great year 2022, with an exciting improvements, designs and polished digital features and events to roll out in the coming weeks ahead of us. 2021 was quite a special year. We had many amazing activities, with the launch of super-extraordinary innovations- HiOS 7.5 – top of the aesthetic pleasing design with richer and more fun experience. Updated HiOS 7.6 & The Hi0S 8.0. The journey with HiOS invention has thus far, reached a stage we can boast of. Among the many features we introduced in 2021 in response to the feedbacks, survey requirements, and the advancement of technology in the smartphone industry which are designed to continuously adapt to the needs of our users, we are featuring just a few for this review. On a very solid foundation and a right path, we worked on the super cool improvement of HiOS 7.0 with new interface, improved Micro-intelligence for a better and efficient user experience. These includes: 1. New level of UI customization: from the color to the shapes, light and motion. HiOS 8.0 is becoming more expressive, dynamic and personalized than ever before. 2. New design for notification bar and control center: re-designed and split position to help users get things done faster and smoother. 3. Weather Broadcast: bringing the weather to the users living room. Stay ahead on the know of your weather conditions. 4. Highly security with Za-Hooc 2.0: top-notched security system to protect user’s privacy and security i. Vault: Hide important data with a password ii. Anti-theft: alert users when there’s sense of theft while charging and interrupted. iii. User High-risk Privacy and Security Permission: Grant apps access on what kind of information to access on your phone, behavior record and information in one place iv. Peek proof: Hide part of your phone screen from prying eyes 5. Always-on Display: Urgent information at the face glance such as time, dates, and specified notifications without waking or tapping the phone. 6. Smart Cards (AR Card): a smart reminder of important dates, events, business trips and meetings. With Additional features such as: 7. Master of all language: real-time interpretation of languages while conversing with strangers or people. No more need for an interpreter 8. Ella: A virtual personal assistant- do more like call, music and other offline activities with voice assistant. 9. Video Editor: creativity made simple – create and edit stunning videos on the go without installing third party video editor app 10. Visha Player: simultaneously play your videos in high resolution with all the necessary player tools 11. Film Album (Pic Film): turn your pictures to cinematic effect movies 12. Voice Changer: prank professionally – let the caller hear your voice as a woman, old man, girl or boy 13. Phone Cloner: easily move your data from an old device to another without stress 14. Document correction: scan or snapped a document? No need to worry about the positioning- this smart tool got you covered 15. Improved AI Gallery – with this, the experience has gone from wow to woah. Got it right? Never mind. This means, it’s beyond expression how the feel of your beautiful pictures is on your phone. The tool intelligently arranges your pictures in different albums following the image information as shot. Now you can access many elements in the AI Gallery such as a more improved i. Vault: ii. PIC Film: iii. Photo collage, compressor and many others. 16. Custom Timing Dark Theme: relax and let the feature work for you- go dark at night and light during the day without you activating all the time 17. APP Twin: own up to 2 of same social app on one device using different accounts without conflict 18. Chat Bubbles: Stay ahead with multitasking while having important chats floating on the screen 19. Video Assistant: hate distractions? This is the tool to let you have an uninterrupted movie stream. 20. Improved Game Mode: activate various features while gaming such as, block calls, floating window, and game optimization. These and many others are the various innovations HiOS introduced to the TECNO smartphones last year. – Still, at HiOS, we are desperate to making your experience smooth, smart and simple. To stay ahead on our devices thus – the theme above. Together we will continue to do much more. Read all >>

Have you seen this? -HiOS 8.0 Update is now on PHANTOM X

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-31514222

Hello T-Fans, You ask for it, we distribute it. We are thrilled to announce that Phantom X now have HiOS 8.0 update globally. This global update came at a very special moment for our users - the more improved experience of owning a cutting edge smart phone. With this, join the many users in enjoying the extra-ordinary features that comes with HiOS 8.0 Many thanks for journeying with us, and we look forward to pushing out more in the nearest future. Read all >>

Never Give up on Yourself!

Palm Store | 2022-01-3101089

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, as this month comes to an end, many people may have start benefiting and achieving their purposes, while others are still struggling to keep up. Always remember one thing: Never give up on yourself, even if the world fails you!! Read all >>

Guess the name of this app!

Palm Store | 2022-01-27152311

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, Who can tell the name of the blur app? First answer in the comment sections is the winner. Read all >>

A moment like this! Choke the world with your memories. #PICFILM

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-273920

Hello T-Fans, Let them not get enough of you. It's throwback Thursday 🎉💃🕺 Although the holiday may have passed, the memories will never fade away. This is one of the greatest pleasure from tech innovations in the digital smartphone; the glamour of the pictures taken during such a wonderful and special times, which you can look back on - properly arranged in your AI Gallery as memories. The imperfect but caring and loving times spent with family and friends. The entertainments, birthdays and other celebration that happened over these short periods. Won't it be wonderful to have this pictures in cinematic slide show, playing at the background, a yuletide soundtrack that uplift the soul while virtualizing the memories like you are right there in time, to share with friends and social media fans? This is also a very big opportunity for you to use these special pictures and the ones after by- converting them to videos using any of the soul-thrilling theme and submit it as entry to the New Year, Better Me Challenge that is ongoing on our Tiktok and Facebook Channel. You can also use the Photo Collage feature to pair 2 or more images and submit on Facebook as part of your submission. Be proud of your holiday. Show us the vibe Read all >>


TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-12-241154350986

Moderator Apply
Hello T-Fans, It's time to begin celebrating New Year across the world! To mark the occasion, TECNO Mobile will be giving away a host of prizes between December and February as part of our ongoing partnership with Premier League champions Manchester City! TECNO Mobile have been City's Official Global Tablet and Handset Partner since 2016, and will once again leverage the partnership to give TECNO customers and fans the opportunity to win great prizes over the New Year period. The giveaways will take place on each Manchester City matchday up until the end of February, starting from the Boxing Day fixture against Leicester City and finishing after the Everton match in late February. To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow the information posted on TECNO Mobile Global and Regional social media channels every Manchester City matchday. Then, confirm your entry via this T-Spot portal (you’ll need to register an account if you don’t already have one), comment below and you'll be entered into the prize draw! Prizes available include TECNO Mobile earphones, accessories, goodie bags and other fantastic products! And that's not all. There's plenty more to come from our Manchester City partnership in early 2022 - with a host of once-in-a-lifetime prizes and opportunities to be won. Stay tuned throughout January for something special! Winners will be announced on T-Spot.* The TECNO reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity. Read all >>

You got something new? We celebrate with you #NewYearBetterMe

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-261953

Hello amazing T-Fans, There must be a noticeble change in you since last year and now. We would like to celebrate in your change. A momentum occuredin your career, profession or emotionally; a great personal decision made. How is your personal life in 2021 versus 2022, any significant progress? Let's share insight together in the comment section below. Read all >>

What kind of a person are you; detail-oriented? -NewYearBetterMe

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-18351964

Hello T-Fans, As a way of communicating and connecting with you in the new year, we want to hear from you. Let us see how much HiOS means to you and the relationship you've develop with us over the past few years. On this note, kindly share with us in the comment section below the noticeable differences in our past and recent developments. 1. What are some of the features you think are missing from HiOS 8.0? 2. Can you spot any changes in HiOS 8.0 that aren't on 7.6? 3. We would love to see how you've grown personnally, career and professionally. Tell us what are those things you've outgrown recently. Let's go fans... Read all >>

Don't forget them! Write it down in your Notepad.

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-2411790

The year is upon us with alot of task, to-do list, events, plans, things to buy, people to call, places to visit and many other life curriculum calling our attention at one point or the other. While the plan for the new year has been inscribed on the board, these daily activities cannot be ignored as they seem to be the step towards the big goal. To keep note is to stay smart. Every little information is worthy of noting down to avoid the circumstance of forgetfulness. With the improved notepad on HiOS 8.0,you can be rest assured of keeping up with this year's day to day activities. The notepad comes with various improved features that support the many needs you'll require to note down. This include, a reminder tab which gives you the ability to set a reminder that will notify you at the time and date in which you are to execute a plan, meet a friend, wish him/her a happy birthday or go take your exams. It also comes with the ability to insert images to your note, customize your text with highlights, bold and color for titles and paragraphs. Create categories for this notes such as, entertainment, events, meetings, ideas and many more as you like. Unlimited resources and pages for you to write down that book content or article while on the go as inspirations flow. This enriching and life saving tool on your Camon 18 is a thing you cannot do without for a productive year as this 2022. Have you started using this or will start? Let us hear from you in the comment section below. Read all >>

Tuesday Survey

Palm Store | 2022-01-2511489

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, Which yearly events are you looking forward to, this year 2022? Tell us in the comment section Read all >>

Have a wonderful Monday

Palm Store | 2022-01-2411367

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers, We want to wish you a wonderful Monday ahead. Keep working hard, and you will succeed!! Read all >>

T-SPOT Internet celebrity recruitment plan!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-11-15396454609

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: T-Spot influencers to be announced soon! Do you want to become an internet influencer?Do you want extra income? T-SPOT will open a new model. As long as you can manage your T-SPOT account carefully, you are likely to become an Internet celebrity, which will bring you more gains in the future, which is likely to change your life. Let you have your own fans like a star and become the protagonist. With immediate effect, T-SPOT will start the recruitment plan. T-SPOT will recruit among its users, so if you would like to participate and haven’t registered yet in T-SPOT. Hurry up! Operating account requirements:1. Starting from today, must have an active role and participation in your T-SPOT account, by sharing and creating interesting content so that you can start getting more fans and increase your chances to be selected.2.Share daily life, such as clothes matching, makeup tips, fitness tips, food making, baby tips, etc., you can post or take a video;3.Maintain and manage fans to create the influence of T-SPOT APP;4. The posted post/video must be original and not plagiarized. How we will choose the winner?To become the T-SPOT influencer, you need to work in increasing your fans number. We will choose the users that its quantity of fans reaches the Top 3. The Top 3, will become the next internet influencers and will have the chance to work with T-SPOT and get extra income. T-Fans, come and join us~ Let yourself have a different life!!! Read all >>

Game Trivia

Palm Store | 2022-01-2192567

Palm Store
Today is Game Trivia, Palmstore Lovers. Answer the question correctly in the comment section. Read all >>

PHANTOM X industry-leading AI voice assistant

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-01-21114153348

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: PHANTOM X features an industry-leading AI voice assistant who has mastered English and the Hausa language and can respond to your instructions even when you are offline. Activate Ella by calling “Hi Ella” whenever users need to make phone calls, set up alarms, play music, initiate driving mode and more, all without lifting a finger. Read all >>

Guess this App?

Palm Store | 2022-01-2011852127

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers. Tell us the name of the app in the comment section. Read all >>
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